Crazy Sunday!



Here’s my training log for Sunday!

Hill Sprints with the team: 3 reps x 3
– So, it’s 3 consecutive sprints for a set, followed by a 3 minute break before the next set!
– I kinda died on the 3rd sprint of the first set, because I was busy pooping and didn’t have time to warm up with them. But it was all good for the second and third set! Okay lah, actually really very tiring. Mind fuck. Hahaha!

Followed by my gym session, which was rather impromptu! Did chest anyways,

1) Dumbbell Pullover, super set with 12 pushups, i.e. my rest time is just push ups.
– 12 reps  x 10kg (Warm-up)
– 10 reps x 12kg  x 3 sets

 2) Chest Fly, super set with 8 pushups
– 12 reps x 5kg (per side) x 4 

3) Dumbbell Press, super set with 8 pushups
– 12 reps x 7.5kg (per side) x 3

4) Bench Press on Smith Machine 
– 12 reps x 10kg (5 per side)
– 10 reps x 15kg (7.5 per side) x 3

And my chest.. died, and i’m happy that I did a total of 76 push ups, something which I can barely do, 2 months ago, because I’ve been only doing tricep push-ups then, so now.. I’VE GOT A STRONG CHEST, and hopefully A BIGGER ONE. :j

Finished off with some core work, which I haven’t done since November, and I felt surprisingly stronger than previously!
Planks x 5 sets (1.5 minutes)
Planks with swiss ball (2 variations) x 2 sets each (1.5 minutes)
And this other thingy that I did for 10 reps per side x 3 sets

Gonna start on my core workout after Tuesday, and RUN! (: Can’t wait for Tuesday to come and go, so I finally have some time for myself, and that means, I have to plan for my Hong Kong trip itinerary soon!

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