Updates (Like you guys care…)!


I have been doing a lot of typing today, sending in various sorts of applications for my internship, follow-ups and also, for applications to summer school and community programs. So since I’m typing, I might as well type this shit up. This is the first, and probably the last summer where I am so actively looking for things to do because for the past 2 years, I had YEP, and summer was basically that. This year, I have no YEP to commit to, and it’s finally time for me to find something interesting to do!

I want to do so much stuff, and I am just awaiting for the interviews to come once the deadlines to application ends. Here are the options I have on hand:
1) HSBC Summer Internship in Hong Kong
– Yes, it’s the one I previously talked about here. They finally called me back to offer me a 6 month internship there and found out that I was not eligible cause I do not hold a Hong Kong passport, so I have to re-apply for an international one, which lowers my chances drastically, but it doesn’t matter, I’m just gonna try to give it my  best shot cause you never try, you’ll never know!

2) Human rights/Youth development project at Cape Town.
– I’m still waiting for the organization to link me up and to skype me for more details on this! Can’t decide on which project to take up, and what opportunities that would come in my way before this!

3) Adidas Internship
– Just applied for this, but this ranks at the bottom of my priority list because I’m pursuing a career in clinical psychology and not exactly human resource, even though my interest lies in social cognition and human behavior. Applied it, just cause… Adidas. And it’s 6 months, so a gap sem maybe? Got to start looking for supervisors for my honors thesis and ask them if they would take me if my thesis starts in the second sem. Or I’d just have to delay by a year.

4) YFA internship
– This is another 6 month program as well, an internship at Pathlight, learning how to deal with children with autism. Something which I’ve always had a passion for, working with people who are cognitively challenged, and this is something which I hope I would get the most, because it’s local and it’s related to my field, and I could probably do my thesis on autism. A triple win, but I would really hope for an overseas opportunity though. Hmm.. Tough decisions.

5) Summer school at Kazakstan
– Uhh because… Kazakstan. If you know me, you know that’s the kind of place I would go, cause it’s eccentric and exotic like me.

Yup, that’s all the choices I hope to fret over in the next week! Meanwhile, I’ve really got to start on my paper and study for my midterm in case I screw this sem up really bad. Yeah.

& I’ve been on track (relatively) on my diet, with help of my personal chef, and ingredient shopper. Here are my meals for the week! And I had a mini cheat meal today because I was so stressed from work, and everything in life all of a sudden. I stopped by yellow cup coffee, a place where I’ve always wanted to pop by cause it’s so near by parents’ place, and I finally did! Got me a nice iced mocha (1st sin) and a pistachio chocolate croissant like pastry (2nd huge ass sin), but yes, it’s a really nice place to chill and do my work, and I’ll definitely be back there to do my paper one of these days! (: 20140327-154306.jpg

And I’m just being a proud little bitch here, trying to show off my leveled up cooking skills… Headed to the market at 6-ish on Sunday to get the ingredients for my meal prep! Think I should do this on a weekly basis cause I feel so productive for starting the day early, just like my good old crazy days. HEHE! But I woke up to an unexpected company to the market. Thank goodness, cause otherwise  I would be so lost, like a little girl hugging a doll in the middle of a huge ass shopping mall.. uhh.. Yeah.. That analogy sounds about right.


Hahaha! Here’s me, spending close to 2 hours in the kitchen like a noob, but managed to whip up my meals for the week and lunchner for the boy at work! I love the pictures cause it’s so colorful!! (: Hate meal prepping, because it’s so stressful to cook. I scared I’ll poison myself and die. Yeah, that’s all to my meal prep, and I like the initial progress of clean eating because it’s almost instantaneous. My obliques are coming back, and now I just have to work hard in the gym, do more cardio and keep eating clean, and by the start of summer, it’d be just in time for bikini season. Hahaha! No. I’m just kidding. I’m too shy.

Yeah, speaking of shy, I’ve got progress picture down below on my ass from legs day. Not a good comparison though, but visible progress. So, see it if you want to check out my ass (if you don’t, PLEASE DONT CLICK CONTINUE READING). No lah, actually not my ass, ass, but yeah, ass, glutes, ass. Yeah…

From all that squats and deadlifting I learnt that,

When people tell you that squats and deadlifts would give you thunder thighs, you’d better believe them.

But they forget that with thunderthighs comes with a perkier ass. 

Okay, yeah, squats and dead lifts are hella fun, and tiring at the same time, but I enjoy doing them all the same because it’s so challenging, and the ache after that is oh, so orgasmic. Hahaha! Taking a break from gym for 2 days or maybe the rest of the week, cause I’ve got to rest when I need to, and hopefully come back stronger the next week!

Progress Picture 1 (1.5 months) 20140327-144901.jpg


Here’s the progress picture for this post. I can’t wait for the next progress pic, and I hope it’d be abs. Okay, shoulders would be nice as well. Hmmm..

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