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My Weekend in Review


I can’t wait for the summer break, so I have the time to sit down with a cup of nice coffee and write up nice articles here, instead of boring you guys with my life happenings. Ah, kinda miss doing that, but guess what? Summer is just around the corner!

I’ve the urge to blog about the weekend because I had one of the most enjoyable weekends of the year. I guess.. My memory is pretty bad, you see. As much as the weekend was really unproductive academically, I am glad to have the opportunity to spend quality time with the people whom I love, especially during this time of the year.

Saturday (12/4)

It was an awesome day because for the first time of the semester, I woke up at 11-ish in the a.m., and skipped gym voluntarily. Even though I have been seeing his annoying face almost everyday, we have just been caught up with our own lives, me stressing myself out over the littlest things like tests and assignments, while the boy is just busy dealing with my tantrums (HAHAHA it’s true.), his project submissions cause of his lousy shit group mates and work (so that he can bring me for good food).

So, Saturday was just perfect for us. In fact, I didn’t even know where I was heading to the whole time, and not even when I was seated in The Bravery itself. I just followed blindly while secretly thinking that he was gonna sell me away to one of the factories or something, to get back at me for being a moron for the past week, no, for my life. I didn’t figure out where we were because the cafe was in the midst of the industrial area, and they had no signboards, no name, no nothing, I only realized when I was shown the name card…

We had to wait for quite a while before our food was served. Okay, he finished his food before I had mine. :/ Well, the food was okay but I was not really impressed. The saving grace was probably its interesting concept and a pretty cosy and chill interior. And of course, it’s the company that matters right? 😀

Brave Begedil, which consists of poached eggs with Turkey bacon and Avocado on Corned Beef Begedil Hash

Raunchy Eggs, which was basically fried eggs with spicy beans with Anchovies, Parmesan and Shredded Cabbage on Tortilla

Got these from their menu here!

After which, we decided that the portion was insufficient for fatties like us, so we headed to Windowsill in the Woods, which was literally just around the corner, and got pies for dessert!

20140413-222634.jpg1) Banana Almond Brittle (Sweet Banana Mousse with crunchy salted caramel bits and nuts)

2) S’mores (self-explanatory ain’t it? :D)

This day was amazing because while the boy was doing his blowjob, I had a great time watching my favorite people playing on court. Even though every time I watch them play, I have the urge to be back on court, this feeling is just a fleeting one. I don’t think I have that desire in me any more. That will to play, to train and to win. I’ve to get that back somehow, but now’s probably not the time, yet. & I had the best dinner because I had it with 2 of my favorite people in the world! (: && I had nice Assam Laksa and that’s all that matters.

I can never thank my friends enough for being so willing to spend their time with me, and listen to my ridiculous whines and complaints. Love you guys so much! (:

Sunday (13/4)

Finally met up with my bitch after the longest time ever, cause she’s so ever busy with her commitments and stuff. Hahaha! & here I am, returning to Jalan Besar again because I showed her the pies I had and she wanted to come here, hence.. (The sacrifices I make for her… ahem 83 cents ahem..)

20140413-222648.jpgShe wanted the S’mores pie, so I sacrificed again.. (oh noble me… HAHAHA) and we also had a Camp Symmetry pie, which consists of White chocolate pudding, raisins, white truffle cookie streusel, and a topping of candied thyme. Yeah I’ve no idea what I’m talking about but, I just tasted truffle. Pretty good I guess! Aesthetically pleasing as well! 


Then I had my lunch there, the Atas KBB, because it’s PORK BELLY. We waited for half an hour for this. Ridiculous. Seriously. But, its taste made up for the wait, I guess. FRIED MANTOU, with pork belly and 3 different fillings: 1) Pesto, 2) Mango and Chili, 3) Fried pork cracker thingy. In my opinion, the pesto tasted the best! But $12 for these?! Hmmm…

After which, we popped by several places. First, it was Tiramisu Hero because she has always wanted to go there to have their tiramisu! A super cute and nice place, totally my kinda place! Then we headed to Chye Seng Huat, which was crazily packed! We popped by to get some stuff for my favorite boy, then decided to head to Swee Choon, because it didn’t cross our minds that Swee Choon wasn’t open till 5. Stupid. Bimbo. No not bimbo. Just dumb. So we walked down to Butter Studio, which was just 2 stores away and I grabbed a nice butterscotch latte because of the scorching hot sun. & we walked the longest distance ever because this girl wanted to go to the Little Prince Cafe so badly, cause her notebook was a Little Prince one.. 20140413-222713.jpg

Our very aesthetically pleasing but horribly unimpressive scones. A raisin scone and a savory seaweed scone. Meh. Meh, just meh.

I’m just really glad to have spent time with her and be updated about the things that have been going on in her life. It’s amazing how we are always able to meet up with each other and be updated on each of our lives, despite our schedules. I don’t know if you would read this, I probably think you would so here’s for you: I know a hell of a semester is up ahead, with your culinary prac shit, and childish classmates. As I’ve told you before, and I’ll tell it to you again, no matter what happens, remember that I’ll always have your back and I’m always here for you, to give you a listening ear if there’s ever a need for you to bitch or complain; to bitch with you, even though I don’t know your friends, but my bitching skills are up there, so don’t worry I can bitch even if I don’t know them; I’ll be here for you no matter how busy I am, because our values of our friendship is intangible, and it’s worth more than anything I’d ever have to deal with in my life. &, my advice to you is, when shit happens, deal with it on your own first, because YOU GOT TO BE INDEPENDENT BITCH. & when things become overbearing, I’ll be here for you. HAHAHA! So go forth and cook up some risotto, with your risotto boy. :j

It had been one hell of a weekend, with almost no work done, but it was all worth it. I would not exchange anything for these amazing time spent with these amazing human beings. & this also means, I’ve got to really focus from now on, to catch up with my work and smash some backsides for finals.

There will be another post coming up on this new training routine I’ve been introduced to and some updates about my summer plans, so yeah, stay tuned! (:

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