Review: Privé Café @ Keppel Bay


Looking for a nice, quiet place, with a view to chill on a weekday afternoon? 

Head on to Privé at Keppel Bay! It’s tucked away within Singapore’s only private island, and that long stretch of road leading into this cafe is what separates the hustle bustle of the busy roads along Vivo City from this serene place with an an amazing view, where the yachts are docked and where this cafe is quietly nestled upon.

Today was my fourth time at Keppel Bay and my second time here at Privé, yet I am still enchanted by the view and itching to head back there for more food and spend all my afternoon chilling by this nice café. There are outdoor and indoor seatings, and in the afternoons, the outdoor seatings can get scorching hot, even though they have huge ass fans situated at almost every empty spot. But the view and the gentle sea breeze kinda makes up for the heat.

On my first visit, I ordered the Privé’s Ultimate Brekkie ($20), which consisted of 2 eggs (any style), frankfurter, bacon, tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, potato rosti and a wholemeal toast.


Well, it was pretty filling, but I thought the price was a little on the high side for the type of ingredients in this dish, and it didn’t exactly taste spectacular. Despite the array of ingredients, I got a little bored halfway through the meal, and it is something which, I would definitely not order again when I’m back here the next time!

The cakes were, however, decadent. I ordered the Luscious Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cake ($8), which was LUSCIOUS indeed. Both of my favorite sweets in a cake: peanut butter and chocolate, what could possibly go wrong with this match made in heaven?! This tastes exactly like Peanut Butter & Co.’s chocolate dark chocolate dreams. & YOU KNOW HOW BIG AM I OF A PEANUT BUTTER FAN.  AND it is a very bad idea to do up this post in the middle of the night because the thought of this cake just makes me furiously hungry.


The reason why I decided to post about Privé, is because, the following picture led to my very first actual conversation with my boy, and everything that happened there after was history. I’m smiling like a retard as I type this, but yes, it’s amazing how things just work out some times. (: 20140510-012658.jpg

My second visit to Privé today was to celebrate the end of finals, as well as to the leaving of my job at RWS, no not really. It was actually, to just wait for my parents to reach Vivo for our family dinner later in the evening. This time, I faced a dilemma of deciding between which cakes to order, because as much as I was tempted to get the cake that I got before, I told myself not to be lame, and to try something new. I remembered having a difficult time deciding between the Walnut, Pear & Caramel Cheesecake ($7) and the cake I had previously, so I decided to get this particular cheesecake instead. THEN, I saw that they had new chiffon cakes available as well, the Pandan Gula Meleka Chiffon Cake & Japanese Sweet Potato & Miso Chiffon Cake ($6), I was definitely enticed to get them because you guys know.. I like to try out weird stuff, and these definitely sounded a little off tangent from the cakes you usually have at cafes right?!

Then again, I prefer cakes with nice crusts, and so I went ahead with my initial decision and definitely did not regret it! Even though I did not really taste any caramel in my cheesecake, the combination of walnut and pear in the cheesecake was awesome! The ice latte was pretty run of the mill, but the ambience and cake made up for all of it! 20140510-012307.jpg

Bought a Red Velvet cake for Benny as well, to spur him on for his finals, because it has coconut shavings and he likes coconut shavings on his red velvet, so… I got it for him, and it seems like I’m gonna try that out the next time! UGH SO HUNGRY.

Two more reasons why you guys should pop by this place:

Firstly, 20140510-012825.jpg

& secondly, it has free wifi! But only relatively stable in the indoor areas! I’m in for any cafes with free wifi, so Privé is officially now one of my favorite places to visit!

However, as you know, nothing in this world is perfect. As much as Privé sounds like a piece of heaven, there’s a reason why it is so peaceful, and that is because it is rather inaccessible without the use of your own means of transport or a cab. It is about a 10-15 minute walk from harborfront mrt station, okay maybe 15-20 minutes. You can’t trust me on the walking times and distances because I am totally okay with walking, and my definition of a short walk, is usually met with WTFs. But yeah, you’ve got to walk a bit to get there, and your best bet, is to head out from the exit at harborfront center instead of vivo city. Alternatively, you could grab a bus from vivo city and alight 2 stops later and walk into Keppel Bay! This place is definitely worth the hassle and ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, it is a good way to work that appetite before heading to the cafe, and you could take a nice long stroll out while getting the food digested when you’re done!

I’m definitely coming back because I’ve heard good reviews about their PANCAKES, and I LOVE PANCAKES, and I’m gonna bring everyone I know here to EAT ALL THE CAKES. 😀

Check out their menu here!
*Prices are exclusive of GST and service charge.

The Privé Grill, Privé Waterfront Bar and Privé Cafe are all situated at Marina at Keppel Bay!


2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382

Mondays to Sundays & Public Holidays
9am – 12am
(last order 10.30pm)

P.s. Anyway, I did a little revamp on my blog, so do check out the page on the left, that reads Cafés to Visit for the list of cafés around Singapore if you’re looking for a place to go this weekend!

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