Day 1 at BKK!

This trip to bangkok is probably the most spontaneous trip I’ve ever had with my parents. They called me on Friday evening, and told me that they’ve bought tickets to bkk on Monday, just cause I randomly mentioned it to my mum on our day out on Thursday. CRAZY OR WHAT!We landed at bkk at about 10-ish and reached our hotel before 1130. So basically, we have the entire day ahead of us! I’m currently staying at Novotel Platinum, the hotel located JUST ABOVE the platinum mall! But the ironic thing is, we haven’t even set our feets into the mall despite the convenience!

Day 1 was spent at Siam! A 15-minute walk from my hotel! Super convenient! 1: After You cafe at Siam paragon
The sucky part was, my parents didn’t really like such stuff and guess who had to finish like 85% of it? Hey, but these only cost us like 20++? 3 drinks and 3 desserts. CHEAPPPPP!
& we came here because our lunch spot only opens after 2pm… Since they didn’t have much, they went to get ramen and pad thai from the food court at Siam paragon, & I was forced to eat them as well… ): but I LOVE THE BASEMENT OF PARAGON BECAUSE THEY HAVE SO MUCH FOOD AND A HUGE GOURMET MARKET. It was just like para, para, paradise. Hehe. Our 3rd food stop was this place called Som Nam Tua, or something! This place was recommended online so we searched for it at Siam Square! We headed to MBK next for a nice hour long foot massage and I brought my parents for coffee at this place with famous toast drizzled with condensed milk and their iced chocolate!& it hasnt been like 3 hours since our lunch and my parents were like, let’s head to Coca for steamboat. Crazy i tell you. This was just half of what we ordered. Apparently my parents thought this wasnt enough and got more seafood and beef, and we had 30 dishes in the end… And couldnt finish them. BUT… Thailand is amazing. This would usually cost us 250+ in singapore, and this meal was only $110?! CRAZY STUFF I TELL YOU. This is basically what i had today, in addition to the breakfast at 5 in the morning and 2 servings of airplane breakfast, with mangoes for supper. I’m so full i’m gonna die. And my parents too! Because i’m currently suffocating them with my smelly farts. Hehehe!& guess what, i received the best piece of news after my cardio session at the gym. This means so much to me, i cant even… I really hope i get to play sunig though!

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