Day 2 at BKK!

My day didn’t start off well because I missed gym this morning… But i finally caught up on the sleep deprivation I suffered from the past 2 days, with only 7 hours of sleep! So i guess this is a blessing in disguise! Ootd with my new outfit from H&M. The longer I wear it, the more I hate the length because it’s so… MID LENGTH. UGH. Oh well. We headed to the famous Sab X 2 wanton noodles place just opposite our hotel! I didn’t think the noodles were out of the world like what everyone claims, but the pork stuff was really melt in my mouth, jizz in my pants good! Yummmm! While on our way to the train station, my parents passed by Swensens and decided to have dessert. Guess what, they insisted on ordering an ice cream dish EACH. And refused to share cause it’s so cheap! I had this for like 7 bucks, and the banana split was just 4 bucks and all of them included 2 scoops of ice cream!! FAT. But really really good!We then headed to Terminal 21, the airport themed mall, where each level represented different countries like japan, france etc. and the cool part was, the design of the toilets were in sync with the particular theme of each level! Stopped by this famous cheesecake store for cheesecake! And we ordered the chocomoo cheesecake, and i had a banoffee cheesecake frap! Which was really, just MEH. & again, my dad was not involved in the cheesecake eating, so we went to a japanese restaurant to get ramen and gyoza!And look at this! MY KIND OF HEAVEN! I bought these 3 flavors for 3 SGD. SAY WHAT. That is almost the cost of a bag back in sg! AHH! We then headed for an hour long massage before dinner! Dinner was at the famous T&K seafood at chinatown! And it was… OVERRATED. Blearghhhh… Then my parents went berserk again and decided that we should have pig organ soup like 10 minutes after dinner. So there we go! Oh, oh while heading towards this stall, this girl came up to me, smiling like a retard and said, you play basketball right?!!! And i was just like who… Are you?! AM I AN INTERNATIONAL STAR?!!! Hahaha! But yeah, I’m still pretty perplexed.On our way back, we saw Mr Jones’ Orphanage!! SO PRETTY!! But i decided that, we have enough cakes for the entire trip and I’m not gonna touch any more of them, so we did not head in. WHAT A WASTE right! Hahaha! Then i saw these pretty gelatos, and couldn’t help it… THEY ARE SO CUTEEEE!That pretty much sums up my day and look what I have here for 7 bucks! 3 pairs of cute kids socks! Hehe! & my wrist has been hurting since the past week, it’s annoying the shit out of me cause I find it so hard to press the flush but I can still do push ups.. what kind of sorcery is this… Sigh. P.S. I MISS YOUR FACE BENNY

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