Day 3 @BKK!

Day 3 and i started my day with a full body circuit! Only 3 sets today because I’m so unmotivated and tired!

1) backward lunge with front raises
2) burpees
3) plank with rows
4) chest fly
5) push up w frog jump
6) single leg deadlifts
7) leg raises
8) dreya rolls
9) 2 minutes stairmaster
After the 3 sets, i spent 10 minutes on the elliptical and got too bored, so i headed down for breakfast and stuffed myself with bacon and cream puff… How not to get fat.My parents only woke up at 11… So i went back, showered and slept again until they were ready to head out.. And just as we were heading out, someone delivered a birthday cake to my dad cause his birthday is tomorrow! HOW COOL IS THAT!we spent our entire day at Platinum mall and didn’t finish shopping because we spent most of the time shopping for my maid and gifts for my mum’s friends… I didn’t manage to get anything because I’m a snob… The quality of clothes wasn’t really great and yeah… I’m materialistic like that ok! Hahaha! We had lunch at Platinum also, and these were what we ate + pig organ stuff! 2 hours later, my parents were hungry and went to ate 2 pieces of chicken from KFC. My god. I couldnt… I just can’t eat so much any more, so i had little eggs… Hehehe! Oh and the egg tarts… I TOOK THEM BECAUSE THE AD FROM KFC WAS A LIE. It said chocobanana egg tart and showed layers of chocolate and banana cream at the base of the egg tart and in reality, they were just blobs on top of the egg tarts… I feel so cheated.After which, we went for our usual massage and today i had the best masseuse because she was so strong and managed to feel the knots in my calves! I was so gleeful and comfortable until she went over to my right foot and totally killed me. Apparently she managed to somehow realize that my right ankle, which i used to have the impingement problem, is a little screwed up and she started giving me the worst pain ever by massaging both the ligaments just under the bone, and i just died so bad. The worst part was, she did it for the majority of the massage time and took out some other rub and continued doing it for the next 20 minutes. I was on the brink of tears but trying so hard to act cool…The masseuse was really good, and what made things better was being able to use the wifi there to talk to my favorite boy! Ah! I miss his face and presence so much! #needy. We took a good 20 minute walk to the famous somboon seafood restaurant and i finally tried the $84 prawns my parents were so crazy about. The verdict? I dont know how to appreciate expensive food…We rushed back to MBK to catch the last match of muay thai and it was pretty awesome! But boring because they kept hugging each other and there was no KO. So boring…We then made our way back to the hotel and today was the most borihg day of the trip because we stsrted the day late and did nothing… Sigh! So we decided to buy the 2 new cups of starbucks back to hotel and now i’m just lazing around with seaweed and sbux. Last day tomorrow! And i hope i would get to buy more stuff! Or i’ll be really sad… Okay lah, not really, because i can finally be back to my routine and see my favorite boy! ūüėÄ

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