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We are more alike than different R...

“You didn’t assume that just because I did not learn to communicate through normal means, I was incapable of learning how to communicate, laugh, cry, love, work and play.” I came across this quote while reading up on a book on Applied Behavioral Analysis and this somehow struck a chord in my heart.  For me, […]

We are more alike than different R...

In a blink of an eye, week 2 in Pathlight has been a thing of history, chronologically, but not personally. Because I find myself growing everyday interacting with the students here and my experiences in school has really made me mature emotionally, as well as in my depth of understanding of autism as a childhood pervasive […]


Conviction Pronunciation: /kənˈvɪkʃ(ə)n We all struggle with doing things with conviction. Remember the time when things didn’t work out in your way, and doubt begin to shroud your choices, as you start to second guess your abilities. The tinge of regret, accompanied by the would haves, and should haves begin to arise subconsciously as you fantasized about what […]