Day 1 at BKK!

This trip was exceptionally special for me because:

1) It’s my first time traveling to another place right after I’ve landed
2) I’m not traveling with my parents or team mates, or on CIP
3) I’m traveling with my favorite person in the world

 So I landed on Friday midnight (Saturday) from Taiwan after our trip. Despite feeling the fatigue from the 4 consecutive games, trainings and that horrible flu, the first person I saw when I walked out was this boy, and everything just felt like it was good again. I’m very needy when he’s not around okay? Hahahaha! 

We returned to the airport at 5-ish and had breakfast at BURGER KING! YUMMM. I don’t know when will be the next time I’d do that again. Hahahaha! The flight there was non-existent in my memory cause I was just snoozing in that 2 hours and before we knew it, WE’VE REACHED BKK! 

So this is us on the plane there, looking really weird but I was too tired to insist on a better picture. 

& I TOOK THE TRAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME AT BKK. Hahaha! I was telling Benny how I’m treated like a rich spoilt brat when I’m overseas, because my parents are really… Yeah.. They act like rich bastards overseas. Hahaha! So naturally, I was very excited to be on the train! 
ook at us with our toys! My Perry and his Night fury! 

nd here’s him trying to stick night fury on the pole, and chilling on the seat while I’m standing up. HAHAHA! 

We could only check into where ever we were staying at 2pm, and it was only like 10am there or something at that time, so we decided to head to Siam for lunch first! Since the boy loves chicken wings, drumlets ish stuff, I decided to bring him to this rather popular store called Som Tam something, which I’ve brought my parents the previous time! They had pretty decent Thai food and here’s our spread! 

IMG_6325 IMG_6328 IMG_6330IMG_6329
Just looking at these make me so hungry right now! 

Oh, before we entered the store, we saw a rainbow cake, and without a doubt, it’s on our table after our meal.

e’re still on our quest to eat all the rainbow cakes we can find cause it’s SO HAPPY!! 

But us being us, how can we possibly stop at a cake? We headed to Mr Jones’ Orphanage at Siam Center after that, the place where I did not have a chance to visit previously cause my parents were not huge fans of sweet stuff like these! So YAY! I was so excited! (: 

The display of cakes! Not a really good picture because we didn’t have enough space to maneuver to get a nice shot! But, it’s a really pretty place! 

IMG_6658 IMG_6342 IMG_6344
But I can’t seem to say the same for the cakes! The red velvet was so horrible because the cream cheese tasted so raw and gross. The kitkat cake, well, it was nice to look at but nothing wow about it! So I’m DISAPPOINTED OK. 

After which, it was time for us to check in! We headed to Victory monument, also a place which I havent been to before, and checked into a little hostel down a dingy alley. Hahaha! But, hey, the place was surprisingly nice and well-furnished! & there were quite a couple of food stalls right outside our hood. So, it’s pretty awesome. 

IMG_6356 IMG_6357 IMG_6358
The cutie pies we saw on our way to the little hostel! (:

We headed out after a 2 hour nap, which Benny refused to get up as usual. Hahaha! Our next stop was to a cat cafe at Thong lo cause Benny loves CATS! We reached thong lo and had to take a pretty longggggggg walk down some street to just arrive here. It was really a pretty long walk, and we even thought we missed the place. Hahaha! So here we are!  

The Purr Cat cafe!
The similar formalities applied when we entered the cafe. Shoes off, wash hands, read the rules then head on in to play with the cats! The plus point here? It’s free to just spend as much time with the cats, unlike singapore where we are charged for the amount of time we spend at the cafe on top of our food charges! The cats here were generally more active, but that could be because of the time we arrived as cats are nocturnal! And the just wake up face cat above, is actually a new born and there were tons of them behind the glass window! SUPER ADORABLE! 

IMG_6402 IMG_6405 IMG_6664 IMG_6441 IMG_6447
Here’s a glimpse of the cats they have in their cafe, as well as my boy and his favorite HUGE ASS TIGER LIKE CAT. Hahaha! He’s really in love with that big cat, more than he is in love with me. I jealous.
This was what we ordered there! An Oreo smoothie thingy, a thai milk tea (YUM!) and a coconut cake which was really good!
Before we left, we caught a glimpse of the delivery room and this grumpy face cat. Oh there were a couple of grumpy cats and boy, I love them so much because they look so much like me!!! 

After which, it was time for dinner! And when in BKK, people who cafehop cannot miss the most popular cafe in BKK, Roast cafe which is located at Seenspace at Thong lo as well! There are a cluster of popular cafes there like Mr Jones’, After you, and Roast! There’s Bonchon chicken there too! It took us a while to locate Seenspace because the map was not quite consistent with the roads we saw so we got confused, but we found it anyway because… my boy in army one leh pls. Hahaha! 

Here we are at Roast! We missed their famous brunch menu, but the dinner menu was pretty extensive as well! The prices were pretty much similar to Singapore’s, probably because of their reputation and the design of the place was pretty awesome. I still think it’s slightly more affordable because we only paid like $50 for everything we ordered, which may very well add up to $60-ish in Singapore, according to our experience. Hahaha! 
This is their pretty menu!
The nice interior! A really cosy and relaxing atmosphere! 
See what I mean by the boy loves chicken wings drumlet-ish stuff? HAHA! Here’s our buffalo wings which were pretty yummy!

The boy’s pasta with some mushrooms and stuff, which we thought would better if it was cream-based. Yeah according to our cafe hopping taste buds. We are good enough now to be food critics. Hahaha! IMG_6475 IMG_6481
My aglio olio like pasta with a perfectly poached egg. YUM
nd this was the best french toast I’ve ever had! Stuffed with raspberries, and cream cheese? I can’t remember but this tasted like heaven. Their dessert menu was really enticing, and I would love to try the others on the menu when we are here the next time! But really, this is some good shit french toast. 

After dinner, we decided that we definitely needed some cardio, to ATTEMPT to burn off some calories. So Benny brought me to a night market, which I can’t remember what it’s called. That ping pong show area… But it was my first time to a night market in BKK, so YAY! Hahaha! One of the happiest days of my lives cause I did so many things for the first time! And he bought me 2 nano blocks which I haven’t attempted! 😀 My virgin night market experience was pretty enjoyable but tiring as well, especially after such a longggg day, and we finally ended the day off with some shiok massage at a place he visited before! 

Here’s the end of our first day in BKK, and I really can’t ask for a better travel partner! (: 

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