Day 2 at BKK!

It was a great second day at BKK because it’s my virgin trip to CHATUCHAK! 😀

We didn’t exactly start the day bright and early but it was still bright and early (y’know…). Hahaha! Bought our breakfasts at the train station: 3 waffles (WAFFLES!), and 4 liu sha baos, which was by the way, the most liu of all liu sha baos I’ve ever had. Benny especially brought me to an area to snap a picture of the last liu sha bao, but, the bao exploded in the container… So there’s no picture of our chocolate liu sha bao, unfortunately.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

So we started on our walk to the actual market itself! There were so many stalls and so much stuff all around that got me so excited like a 5 year old! HEHE! We reached the market before I knew it, and here’s the first thing we ate at the entrance of the market! 
ome pork some bacon, and there was another stick of porky stuff. I love pork. and I’m really incoherent today huh.

The weather was crazy hot on that day, but I was thankful for that because I’d rather it be sunny than rainy, right! So when in Thailand, drink Thai iced milk tea. Gosh, it’s really the best drink on earth & CHEAP! WITH GRASS JELLY SOME MORE! YUM!

 obviously could not wait to drink before taking a picture of it. Hahaha! And we saw some squid eggs, or something like that! Me, being me, this caught my eye, like how fish semen, caught mine. Ok that sounded wrong, but this was really good! I wish it can be found in Singapore or something! It was pretty spicy though, but really yummy!


This seafood paella stopped us in our tracks as we admired how huge and overwhelming the ingredients in the pot were. There was a huge array of ingredients like prawn, mussels, chicken and I can’t remember what, but It was really a lot. So we just stared at each other, and the next thing we knew, we were sitting down and enjoying this amazing dish!


It was my virgin seafood paella experience and my gosh, i loved the rice! It tasted so good and this makes me wanna go around eating all the seafood paella I can find in Singapore. I wasn’t exactly drawn to this initially because… carbs, but damn. This is really good stuff.

After eating, we decided that we better stop cause we were almost of a combined weight of 200kg then. So we walked around the huge ass market, looking at puppies, and all kinds of animals like salamanders, scary squirrels, which looked so lifeless, I couldn’t really bear to stand there to look at them for long. It’s really, really sad. And we saw tortoise eating leaves! I don’t know why I was so fascinated, but TORTOISE EATING LEAVES! COOL!


So after shopping for a good 2-3 hours, which definitely didn’t seem like it, I began to whine for more food. So, Benny had to get 2 coconut ice-creams for me! YAY! SO YUMMY!

IMG_6518 IMG_6527

We walked a little bit more, and decided to sit down to have some proper food, cause I was craving for tom yum soup. Like a pregnant lady. We got this huge bowl of seafood tomyum with a lot of ingredients for less that 4 or 5 bucks. Quite crazy stuff. And this bowl of soup satisfied my belly a lpt.


We finally got bored of Chatuchak and decided to head back to the hostel cause Benny was whining about how sticky he felt and needed a shower.

Benny’s Pad Thai Stall

After we are done washing up, we decided to take a ferry to Asiatique, this night market that we decided to explore! Before we headed there, we HAD to stop by his favorite Pad Thai stall, since we would not have any chance to have it again! IMG_6529

I thought he looked exceptionally adorable while waiting for his food, but then he showed me this annoying face when I pressed the shutter. So… quite cute only, not very cute.

& here’s us being excited to get our Pad Thai, and being photobombed! Come to think of it, she didn’t actually photobomb us, I photodragged her into the picture. Poor lady. 

& here’s our Pad Thai! Doesn’t look any special but, this was the best plate of Pad Thai I’ve ever had in my life. I wished we had more time here, I would totally have a plate every night.

Asiatique Night Market


Here’s us on the ferry! Feeling so excited because I love being on a ferry, and being surrounded by nice sights!IMG_6543

& here’s us again, because I think that the front camera of iPhone kinda sucks. So here’s one with the back camera, which in my opinion, looks a lot better. Hahaha!

Our first stop at Asiatique! MANGO TANGO, just cause it’s pretty famous for its mango desserts in BKK. IMG_6548


& Benny volunteered to do an endorsement for them cause he said, he’s like a celebrity. I swear I didn’t make him do this.

In my opinion, I thought Asiatique was a little boring because every stall sold almost the same stuff and probably because I was pretty exhausted from all that walking in a day! Hmm next time I have to go to more exotic night markets like those with fried insects and hipster stores. I’ll remember to plan the next time round!!

We passed by this store selling banana fries with cheese dip! Sounds like something we would totally dig, and so we did. But to our disappointment, it tasted more like lousy sweet potato fries, not too impressive!


Then we saw the ferris wheel and decided to walk towards it! & saw this! TOTALLY MY KIND OF THING TO DO. So I just pleaded Benny to do it with me to relive our childhood. No, more like relive my childhood and let him experience my childhood. HAHAHA!


We had a strategic meeting about which parts we should tear off first, after messing up the dino’s eye, and in the end it was the wrong strategy… And the most difficult part of this was peeling the paper off to reveal the sticker. We took like 2 hours to complete our masterpiece, but it was awesome nevertheless!
So here’s us with our art! And the stall owner even took a picture of us ok! It’s like we are stars at BKK. HEHEHE! IMG_6561

& here’s basically the end of our amazing day and I can just never be thankful enough for his company and presence, every single day. (:

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