I know this took a really long while to be up! It’s been already almost a month since we are back, and yet, everyday I’m just looking back on how much fun we’ve had in that short span of time, especially when I feel so lost and tired in school. Sigh. School has been really exhausting as my work becomes more challenging and expectations for me gets greater with time. I’m so incredibly exhausted with life and I just want to soak myself in that awesome days I’ve spent with my favorite person in the world.

Okay, this would be a really short post because we didn’t do anything much on the last day! We woke up earlier than usual because I really, really wanted to bring the boy to the place which has been touted to serve the best wanton noodles in BKK, the sabX2 place, which I went previously!


And here it is! The really nice wanton noodles with pork lard and my favorite pig organ stuff. It’s really the best I’ve ever had and I miss it sooooo much now! It took us a long walk to get there from Siam though, but it’s totally worth the walk!!

Headed over to Siam Paragon for some After You Shibuya toast and pancake because, WHO DOES NOT GO TO AFTER YOU WHEN THEY ARE IN BKK???? Okay, a lot of people… But the Shibuya toast cannot be missed!!!!IMG_6581



This is everything we ordered at After You, and GUESS WHAT. HE DOESN’T LIKE THE TOAST BECAUSE HE’S NOT THE BREAD KINDA PERSON. I’ve been judging him since the moment he said that, and I’m still judging him now. HOW CAN HE. WHAT IN THE WORLD. OMG. WHAT.

Hahaha! This marks the end of our trip! KINDA! Can’t exactly remember the details of the rest of the things we did except for the really EXPENSIVE BURGER KING MEAL AT THE AIRPORT and brisk walking like mad to our gate cause they last call-ed us. Hahaha!


& here’s us, safely back in Singapore (OBVIOUSLY), with our favorite sheep! HEHE! And he bought me kinder surprise from the airport!!!



Thank you so much for giving me so much happiness and joy ever since you’ve stepped into my life. Even though I’ve been overseas a couple of times, this was sincerely the best amongst all of them, because I’ve never thoroughly enjoyed myself so much before. Being able to travel alongside you, just makes everything seem better and it’s everything I can wish for from a travel companion. We may have our disagreements here and there, but trust me when I say, there is no one whom I’d rather be with for the rest of my life. Thank you for just being such a constant in my life, and thank you for taking all the nonsense I throw at you on a daily basis. There are simply no other ways for me to express my gratitude and the joy I experience when I’m with you EVERYDAY. Yes, everyday. I always thought it would wear off after a while, this feeling of gratitude and the feeling of squeezing you every time I see you, but no, it just gets stronger with time. What the heck right. Yeah. It’s been a day without seeing your face and here’s me missing you.


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