Review: Medzs @ Orchard Central

It has been a while since Benny and I had time to ourselves to indulge in some good eats. We finally had some common free time on a Friday evening, and since he was in town for a project meeting, I decided that we should pay Medzs a visit since it has been crowned by 8 days as having the BEST rainbow cake in town! And you know us, we are on our hunt for all the rainbow cakes we can find! HEHE!

My first impression Medzs was that it served up several cuisines ranging from Spanish, Italian, Mediterranean etc. and it had the similar ordering concept as Marche, where you can go up to the different “stalls” to make your order! So naturally I was excited, and I was expecting it to be better than Marche because I do not have good impression with the food at Marche after my first few encounters with them!

When I met the boy, he told me that the ordering system has changed, to that of the usual order taking by waiters, and warned me that he saw a lot of bad reviews online about slow orders, and inefficient service. And I was just like mehhh, we are already here, so… Let’s just see how it goes!

We each ordered a main, the boy had the roasted chicken thigh with truffle sauce, sauteed mushrooms and potato wedges, while I had the pork roulade with mushrooms and potato wedges!

Here’s the chicken thigh (1/2) at $16.90++, which I think is a good choice for people who love MEAT. 

This is the baked pork roulade (16.90++). Looks pretty decent but the skin was so very burnt that it was charred and bitter. ):

The boy then tried to surprise me with some sides. Since I was a cannibal with a huge appetite for my fellow pigs, he ordered pork belly made in 2 ways.
This was one of them, I don’t know what it’s called but it was just MEH. Nothing impressive. Served with chickpeas and tomato like sauce.

Here’s the 2nd pork belly dish, some skewered pork belly. The meat was pretty thick, but no where near tender, in fact it was pretty chewy and meh. Hahaha! 

He ordered some mussels as well, which was really underwhelming and the portion was ridiculously small for its price tag. Each of the above mentioned costs ($6.90 – 7.90++). I think I could get better mussels with a greater portion at chomp chomp. But we couldn’t deny that the broth it was in was pretty good.

Apparently the reviews were not lying, we had to wait for a really long time after our mains were served for our side dishes to come. And the mussels only came after we asked for them when we finished the rest of our food. The place was clearly shorthanded because the place was so huge and we only saw the same 3 or 4 waiters rushing around, to take orders, serve the dishes and clear the tables. The plates beside our table took awhile to be noticed and cleared away by the manager himself, and diners had to try really, really hard to get the attention of the waiters, which was pretty annoying. Our reminder to serve our rainbow cake at the time when we asked for our mussels was clearly forgotten and we had to yet again, wave like crazy to get the attention of the staff to have it served.

This was the highly raved rainbow cake  ($6.90++). It was not too bad because it was not very fluffy, just right to my liking. I don’t like fluffy cakes, I like them a little hard. But being touted as the best rainbow cake in Singapore, may be a bit of an overstatement. I certainly had better ones such as that at NOM and The Coffee Daily. 

Overall, the experience was disappointing, because I expected quality food for the prices they were charging. We paid a total of $80-ish for the entire meal, and I don’t think it was worth it because our palettes were not satisfied after the meal, perhaps only satisfying our hunger. A little. Oh! And they charge $1 for a glass of iced water! (I AM A HUGE BELIEVER OF PROVIDING FREE WATER IN RESTAURANTS. DAMN IT. I BET YOU JUST GOT WATER FROM THE TAP CAUSE IT HAS THAT TASTE.) Oh well, service was really slow, and it was quite cumbersome to have to try so hard to get attention from the shorthanded staff. Those poor dudes were trying so hard to get everything done, and I thought it was really commendable for them to be able to deal the patrons politely despite the mess and the rush during dinner service. Perhaps Medzs has to start putting the extra money they are earning from the 10% service charge and from the glasses of water to employ more staff.

If given another chance to visit them, I’d probably turn down the offer. I guess you might want to visit them only between the hours of 3-5pm on weekdays when they have their 50% promotion or for their lunch offers.

Orchard Central,  #B2-01,
Mon – Sun, 11am – 11pm

Their 2 other outlets are at Millenia Walk and Clifford Center.

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