Review: FIX – HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse


The boy surprised me by bringing me here on one evening after our rare gym session together. Okay, it was meant to be a surprise, which worked for 3/4 of the journey, until I happened to look up and saw the sign that read, < HomeTeamNS-JOM, and I was like OMG ARE WE GOING TO FIX? I’ve always wanted to pay FIX a visit because of its highly raved salted egg yolk donuts, and their interesting naanwiches, probably the first of its kind in Singapore.

The Ambience

Like all my previous posts, I do not have pictures of the place, but I hope my vivid description would help you in imagining it for yourselves. FIX is located within HomeTeamNS-JOM, and I was rather taken aback by the quiet and relaxed atmosphere the entire clubhouse presented as we made our way into FIX. The place is situated on the first level, just beside the swimming pool, a pretty calm sight and time seemed to slow down when we set foot into the open-concept cafe. One thing to note, being an open-concept cafe, meant that the place is not air-conditioned, even though there were plenty of ceiling fans attempting to keep us cool. It was a rather hazy and hot evening when we visited, so our experience was a little dampened by the humidity and discomfort caused by the haze. I cannot imagine what it would be like if we visited in the afternoon instead, given that Singapore is forever in the hot, and sultry mode just like a woman on menopause, or just like me (Benny would agree to this).

The Food

I was obviously excited to try the naanwiches because it’s a naanwich, it sounds almost as unique as the fish semen I had at pasarbella, although not as exotic. Hahaha! I initially wanted the Korean Beef and Kimchi Naanwich, but as it always happens when I dine out with the boy, they ran out of it. In the end, I decided to get the Chicken Tikka Naanwich instead, while the boy ordered their Brunch Fix! 



Here’s the rundown of what we ordered. No, more like what the boy ordered behind my back. And this was unfortunately the only picture I took of all the food we had. (Note to self: take pictures of each dish next time HAHA)

Crispy Soy Glazed Wings ($7): These tasted like those from 4 fingers, and if you love wings, you got to order this, because it’s a definite winner. It’s seasoned to perfection and it was really yummy. A damn good appetizer I would say.

Chili Cheese Fries ($7): Very much like the ones from Carl’s Junior, beef chili cheese fries. Fries spammed with nacho cheese, just the way we all like it because the more sinful, the better right.

Before I forget, there is a really nice deal for diners here, because you can simply add $3 to a main to get a drink of your choice, and of course I ordered the iced mocha, and I’m sorry I think I would get scolded for this, but I forgot what the boy ordered. And for a top up of $4 to your main, you will be able to choose from one of their highly raved milkshakes! Nett prices with a good drink combo like this, makes it a lot easier on our wallets eh?

Since we (HE) ordered too much food, we only had tummy space for one dessert, and of course it’s none other than the popular liu sha donuts.


Salted Egg Donuts ($7 for 6 donuts): I am pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks that this is highly overrated. I was quite disappointed because I expected a lot from this since everyone was raving about it on social media. However, I thought that the donuts tasted a little “empty”, and dipping it with the salted egg yolk, did not create the expected cohesiveness of flavors one may expect. In fact, it was actually quite boring and tasteless. Moreover, $7 for 6 donut balls?! Overpriced, man.  IMG_7362
I wouldn’t deny that this was a good attempt and concept, as a twist to the usual liushabao, but I thought it was a tad too disappointing, because the flavors simply just didn’t blend well enough together. If only they are able to somehow be able to make some liu sha infused donuts, that would definitely be a sell out.

Closing Remarks

Despite the little hiccup on the dessert, and the naanwich, I see myself heading back to FIX to try its other desserts because they look and sound really, really amazing. However, the place may be a little inaccessible, at least it is for me, if the boy didn’t ride me here, I would totally not pay this place a visit. HAHA! On the bright side, they really do have very photogenic food, which is a plus for people like me, who are food taking whores. Besides, the nett prices and “set combos” are a draw too! I’ll be back for the other desserts, which have really good reviews, but I would skip the mains the next time round.

HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse
31 Ah Hood Rd
Singapore 329979

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