Review: Sunday Market @ Lim Tua Tow


It is my goal now to publish at least 2 of the food reviews of the places I’ve been to each week. So for this week, the first one I’ll be reviewing is Sunday Market, the cafe situated just a 5 minute drive away from my humble abode. & yes, I promise to take better pictures of the places we will be visiting in the future, so I can show you guys how the environment and ambience is like of each cafe!

Sunday Market is one of those truly hipster cafe, with the warm, rustic feel to it. And just like most popular cafes these days, they do also have a bicycle mounted on the wall. I quite like the ambience of this place because of its brick walls and it really gives off really cosy vibes, even though it was full house with the bustling Sunday crowd. Yeah, these people, as cliche as us, visiting Sunday Market on a Sunday afternoon.

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The Menu

Their menu can be found here, on their website. I personally love it when a cafe’s menu is easily accessible on site, because it gives me more time to think about the food I want, and not be overwhelmed by the possible choices when being presented with the menu! Moreover, it is really handy to have the prices stated on the menu, especially when you are running really tight on your budget and still intend to cafehop!

You can expect the usual brunch suspects here, with a twist. They’ve got your waffles, french toast, eggs benedict, all covered, but how often do you get Waffles with Fried Chicken, French toasts with bbq chicken, or a sirloin rendang toast? And of course, not forgetting their famous Bangkok Toast!

The Food

To rev up our engines for more food, we ordered the Skinny Wings with Truffle Fries. I mean, what’s there not to like about this dish right? The boy loves WINGS. And we love TRUFFLE FRIES. So, this choice was a definite no brainer for us. Indeed, the skinny wings were the Victoria Secret models of the chicken world, they were really small portions, which I thought was just perfect for an appetizer (I’m a lousy photographer, you can’t see the wings, but it may be because it’s really that small). It is served with a rather generous portion of truffle fries, as well as thai chili dip and mayo.


Skinny Wings with Truffle Fries ($6.90++): The skinny wings were crisp and tasty, while the fries were rather generously tossed with truffle oil as well. A great appetizer to start with in my opinion, and really worth the price too!

We ordered 2 mains. The boy had a Roasted Duck with Garlic Hosin Crispy Eggs. Wh..Wha.. What? Garlic Hosin Crispy Eggs? We’ve no idea as well, even after finishing the entire dish. Hahaha!


Roasted Duck with Garlic Hosin Crispy Eggs ($12.90++): Savory pancakes with roasted duck, mixed cress and garlic hosin. I thought this dish was perfectly executed because I simply loved how well the combination of sweet and savory came together. The pancakes had a hint of buttermilk, and it just went extremely well with the savory floss like roasted duck and garlic hosin sauce.


Here’s a specimen of my boy, trying to take a good picture of his food after being insulted by Sherlin Toh for his poor photography skills. HAHAHA!

I ordered the French Toasts with BBQ Chicken. A dish that seemed so simple to execute and yet, came so well together.


French Toasts with BBQ Chicken ($12.90++): Fried egg served with green onions, toast, grilled bbq chicken thigh, mixed cress and sriracha sauce. Let’s be honest here, offer me anything with sriracha sauce, and I’m sold. The toast tasted just like the french toast I make with my gardenia bread, nothing as complex as the toasts they serve these days in other cafes. A very simple, homely taste, which made me think twice about the price I’ve paid for this dish. Besides, the bbq chicken was just like any other chicken chop we can get from the Western stalls. However,  as much as this dish may seem deceptively simple, the combination was divine, because it just brought me back to my childhood days with the taste of the eggy french toast, and the very clever use of the sriracha sauce. A good dish to order, but it’s not something you may want to order if you are looking to taste something unique.


Here’s all that we’ve ordered, and how can a meal be complete without desserts right? Without a doubt, we went directly for their signature dish, the Bangkok Toast.


Bangkok Toast ($10.90++): Cinnamon thick sweet brioche toast with Matcha green tea custard, served with Thai Milk Tea ice cream. Brioche toast. Thai Milk Tea ice cream. The description already sounds more than divine. And guess what they left out? There is surprise cream custard with the toast, which not only made the entire dish even more sinful, but we all know that the more sinful, the better tasting right? The Thai Milk Tea ice cream was fragrant, however, I thought that it melted a little too quickly. It may be because I took a long while trying to snap a good picture of this dish too. Overall, even though this was undeniably delicious, I thought that it was slightly overpriced for the portion, as well as the entire feel of the whole dish. Well.. then again it’s their signature dish, so I guess it’s only right for them to charge more for it.

Closing Remarks

The food here was really good, and of course, pretty well plated. I enjoyed the ambience of the entire place, despite it being packed to the brim on a Sunday afternoon. The twist that they have created for their dishes worked, fortunately to their favor. However, one thing they could improve on, was possibly the service. We had to wait for a pretty long while for the toast to be served, despite reminding them twice. Our glasses were also not refilled even though they were left empty for quite awhile. Maybe it’s because of the overwhelming number of orders that have kept the servers busy, probably with time and experience, they would be able to deal with the crowd better.

The prices of the food were relatively reasonable except for the Bangkok toast, and a plus side, is that there is a huge carpark space just in front of the cafe, which is a relief to many of the drivers, however, the down side is that there is unfortunately, no free parking. Like they say, with more parking, comes with more responsibility.

Maybe it’s the influence of the Bangkok Toast, this day was also the day when we have decided to go on our BKK trip, which was one of the best experiences in my life, and you can read about my trip here!

Sunday Market
22 Lim Tua Tow Road
Singapore 547772
Tel: +65 62878880
Nearest MRT: Serangoon (CC Line, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu: 1pm – 10pm
Fri: 1pm – 11pm
Sat: 11am – 11pm
Sun: 11am – 10pm

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