Review: Criollo Cocoa Cafe @ Orchard Gateway


Criollo Cocoa Cafe, a relatively new establishment located at Orchard Gateway, which I’ve came to know of because of the cute foam art on their hot cocoa I saw on Instagram. From the day I first spotted the cup of hot cocoa, I vowed to pay this place a visit, even though I have no idea what they served or how good their food and drinks are.


The Place

The cafe is located at a quiet corner of Orchard Gateway, overlooking orchard road. A quiet and spacious place for you to sip on your coffee while people watching on the ideal kind of midday break. When we arrived at the cafe at about 6pm, it was totally empty, and when I mentioned that it was quiet, it was really quiet to the point when there were no servers or cashiers in sight even after we made ourselves at home for a good 5 minutes in the cafe.

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We had to actually walk to the outside of the kitchen to get the attention of someone from the cafe. Bad first impression. From then, I was already feeling dubious about the quality of the food here, because of its bad service. Well.. But we shouldn’t be too quick to judge right?

The Food


Before I came here, I’ve done some research about the food here, and hence, for the appetizers, we got the recommended Tortilla with grilled chicken ($8.90)which turned out to be just average, possibly because it was served to us cold, and there wasn’t much stuffing between the tortilla.


Tortilla with grilled chicken ($8.90): Lightly toasted tortilla served with grilled chicken and cheese.

We ordered a main each: A mixed grilled platter ($19.90) and Fish & Chips ($15.90). We were slightly disappointed when we found out that the side of fries served were not the truffle fries as mentioned by a couple of reviews.


Fish and Chips ($15.90): Fried fish fillet in batter, served with a really generous side of fries. An over priced dish because it was just made of 2 relatively small pieces of fish fillet and a hell lot of fries, which tasted just like any other. Very disappointing dish, which I believe I could’ve gotten something better at a Western food stall at a hawker for just $7 or something.


Mixed Grilled Platter ($19.90): It was stated that it would be served with grilled chicken, bacon and a chirozo sausage on the menu, however, there was no bacon to be seen, but prawns were served instead. For such a price tag, I would expect a much bigger portion of meats, maybe because of their location and the rental, that’s why they have to have such exorbitant price tags on their food. Nothing to shout about the food here, except for how overpriced they were.

The saving grace of the night was the amazingly cute cup of hot cocoa we got.


Hot Cocoa ($6.50): Remember to request for your bear art when you’re there because the server said that they would only do it upon request! A cute cup of hot chocolate but I can really have a better cuppa elsewhere.


But at least this cup of hot cocoa got us excited. Here’s my very young looking 54 year old mum. HEHE!

Closing Remarks

Overall, I dare say this was my most disappointing visit to a cafe ever, even without much expectations for the place in the first place. The servers were inexperienced, the food was served cold, and extremely overpriced. I guess the fact that there is no GST and service charge may make things a little better, however, I doubt its nice view, good location and cute cup of chocolate would be able to make the experience any better.

Moreover, there were many items of the menu that were not available on that day, even their signature frozen hot chocolate (yes, you heard me right), which left us with even lesser options to choose from on the menu. I certainly do not recommend this place for a meal, perhaps a place for you to have coffee, if you really are desperate for some caffeine fix.

How to get there

#02-01, Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road

Opening Hours

Mon – Sat: 11:00 – 22:00

Sun & PH: 10:00 – 22:00

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