Review: Brew Maison Cafe @ Bukit Timah


Brew Maison is a cafe located at Alocassia Apartments, along bukit timah road, just opposite SCGS. From its name, you would be able to tell that it has some affiliations with the Japanese. It is in fact a cafe that is a inspired by a combination of Korean and Japanese, as it was evident from their interior design. The walls were washed with soft pastel colors, which made it seem so much more, well… kawaii and somehow, very inviting. I’ve passed by this cafe on a couple of occasions, and have always wanted to visit them because I’ve seen so much of their latte and foam art online. Yesterday, I finally got a chance because I had to wait for the boy to be done with work at CCAB.

The Ambience
The first thought that came into my mind was, wow they’ve got a huge space. They have tables and nice sofa seats catered for large groups, as well as group study tables with more sturdy chairs on a higher platform. They also have comfortable seats for the two seater tables, which would make them a perfect place to lounge your weekends away. They mainly adopted a very clean and soft approach with their interior design, with mostly white chairs and pale yellow sofa seats, turquoise wall at the entrance and soft lights, which made the entire environment very cosy and comfortable. A good play of colors I would say, and it’s undeniably one of the most aesthetically pleasing cafes I’ve been to in Singapore.

When you first enter the cafe, you would be most likely be overwhelmed by the large space in front of you. However, towards the back of the cafe, you would see a relatively small area, which houses 4 2 seaters, which makes it a much more private “corner” I would think. And of course, as an antisocial prick, i headed straight there. To my delight, there was a power point right beside my seat and this place seemed like heaven on earth. Free wifi, available power point, and a very pretty cafe, what’s there not to like at all?!!
My attempt to take the shop front when I arrived was hampered by the super long McD’s drive thru queue, so here’s one that I took upon leaving.

The very spacious cafe, and here are the seats for large groups of patrons, and the upper deck for students to do their work! A pretty conducive place I would say!

Before I forget, look, cute llama at the entrance of the cafe!!!

The Food
This place has certainly left more than a good first impression on me, and I was excited about how their food fared. Honestly, I went into the cafe without much expectations because I thought that this place was pretty much known for their special taro latte and latte art, but not so much of their food!

I ordered the Taro Latte ($4.20) and as I was feeling a little peckish, I got a Hamago Salad ($4.70). Very affordable prices for their food, but I had to wait for close to 15 minutes for both my food and drink to be ready. At first look, I was pretty disappointed because I would expect the Taro latte to be at least, a little purple, because taro. Besides, even though the food was cheap, I definitely did not expect the salad to look as pathetic as it is, for a WHOOPING $4.70.

The buzzer for self-collection, means no service charge! Hahaha! I’ve been disappointed by the service by cafes more than once, so I’ll rather not pay for their service and depend on myself.

The aesthetically disappointing taro latte. I took a sip and was disappointed further because it was really unimpressive. Very mild taste of taro, and no hint of latte, it was 98% milk. Oh and if you’re wondering why there was no latte art and stuff, it’s because the latte artist only comes in on random days and at random timings, so you would have to refer to their fb page for the schedule! Not a very good idea, IMO, because they definitely do need a selling point with such quality of food.

My pathetic looking salad, and disappointing coffee!

Closing Remarks
The good impression Brew Maison had on me was tarnished by the time the food was ready. Perhaps i haven’t had enough of their food to pass a bad judgement on them, but would I return to give them another shot? I wouldn’t think so. Their menu is rather limited, and the food they serve are pretty common. I believe I would be able to get them at even better prices and taste at a hawker, without all that fluff with the fancy names.

As for their drinks, the highly raved Taro Latte was unfortunately depressing. I felt so cheated and I do hope that their other drinks would taste better. It is undeniably a great place to chill and hang out, however, if you don’t stay in that area, don’t bother going out of your way to visit them. If you’re intrigued by pretty coffee art, or 3d latte art, go to chock full at Changi Village, which would be more worth the time and visit because they serve good food, great desserts, and they don’t need a special schedule just to make your day with a cute latte art.

How to get there?
383 Bukit Timah Road (opp SCGS)
Buses to get there: 48, 66, 67, 170, 171, 700, 700A, 960

Opening hours
Monday – Friday 7.00am – 10.00pm
Saturday – Sunday 8.00am – 10.00p,

No GST or service charge. Free wifi.

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