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As a massive eater, I’ve always longed to visit The Beast after I saw that they serve a Southern fare here in Singapore. Huge burgers, waffles with fried chicken downed with maple syrup, bacon maple glazed donut, just a few examples of the items they serve on their Sunday brunch menu. Really, who could possibly resist THAT kind of temptation? However, I did not visit them earlier because I was being put off by the fact that its location was not familiar to me, and also, they only served their brunch menu on Sundays (10.00am to 5.00pm).

I finally visited them on the afternoon of my 22nd birthday because it was the only place, which I really wanted to visit, and my birthday was coincidentally on a Sunday as well! Since I had no plans in the day, I decided to celebrate my 22nd with my favourite bitch from the 3rd year running!

The Place

In fact, 17 Jalan Klappa was not that inaccessible or ulu as I thought initially. I actually had a straight bus from my home to the place! Despite that fact, I still took a horribly long time to reach there because I waited for the bus 51 for a good 30+ minutes then. The bright side is, unlike the many cafes we visited, The Beast did not require us to take a super long walk to locate it. It took me barely 5 minutes to find my way there.

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Here’s how the place looks like!

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Since my bitch reached before me, she took a picture of the entrance, and I heard that she received pretty lousy service from the servers there. Firstly, they forgot to flip the sign since they opened at 10am, and we reached there at about 2pm. Next, nobody came up to serve her when she entered and she even had the liberty to stumble into the back of house accidentally because she was looking for available seats. Besides, when we were there, the servers often spoke to us really loudly, and the guy who served us knew nothing about the menu, and The Beast’s collaboration with the Sugar app, which he just conveniently brushed off our enquiry by saying that he “don’t know”.

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A peek into the interior of the place, which still had their Halloween decorations around!

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The place was pretty filled when we were leaving. They apparently have more seats upstairs, as well as 2 private rooms for group gatherings.

The Food

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Here’s the menu! If you can’t see it clearly, they have their menu up on their website as well!

For brunch (Sunday 10am-5pm):
For dinner (Monday – Saturday, 5pm – 11pm):
Bar (Monday – Saturday, 5pm – 12am):

Now, on to our favourite part of the post, the food. I was initially drawn to this place because I heard about their Mac and Cheese burger! I mean, Mac and Cheese itself is enticing enough, but a burger?! AND sweet potato fries served as its side?!!! I’ve got to try this!

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Mac and Cheese Burger ($22+): Mac and Cheese burger “bun”, beef patty, bacon jam, BBQ sauce, lettuce and tomato, with sweet potato fries. The description sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Reading it just make me want it. However, descriptions can be deceiving. The Mac and Cheese bun was underwhelming. The bun was basically made of compacted macaroni, which was pretty crisp, unfortunately we both thought that it needed more salt. Moreover, the cheese was almost non existent in the macaroni buns, which was pretty disappointing because that was the part I was looking forward to when ordering the burger. The rest of the components of the burger were average, hence nothing to shout about. Sweet potato fries was average as well, but I had better, and definitely more tastier ones. Overall, this dish was underwhelming and I would not return just to try this again. You would probably want to try it only for novelty’s sake, but they definitely could do better with this ingenious idea.

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The close-up of this burger, which looks more monstrous than it really is.

The dish that she ordered was the Pulled Pork Hash, which the both of us loved! Here it is,

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Pulled pork hash ($18+): 10 hour pulled pork, home fries, poached egg and bbq sauce. I was bought over by that savoury bbq sauce, which tasted so, so good. The pulled pork was tender and moist. Probably the definition of perfection.

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Photo 11-11-14 10 26 11 am

A couple more different views of this amazing dish. The egg was perfectly poached too. I dare say this is a MUST ORDER dish on your visit to The Beast.

Lastly, we ordered the Bacon Maple Glazed Donut as well, because I’ve seen it on instagram and they looked soooo good! At the price tag of $5, I would expect them to serve us 2 servings of the donut. In fact, I didn’t know what I was expecting but I definitely expected more than what was actually served to us. Thankfully, I had the Sugar app, and managed to get it just for $2.80+.

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Bacon Maple Glazed Donut ($5+): This is basically a slightly thicker version of a usual Krispy Kreme donut, with loads of maple glaze, and sprinkled with bacon bits on it, and a strawberry on the side, making a sweet and savoury dish. I thought, besides the point that the dish sounded really Southern and yummy, it is not exactly what you would imagine. A Krispy Kreme original glazed donut taste ALOT better, and the bacon bits tasted too artificial for my liking.

Closing Remarks

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I enjoyed my meal here at The Beast, even though the quality of the food was not up to the standards that we expected. The food was pretty photogenic, and it makes me happy, that’s all that matters. HAHAHA! The other items on the menu look very appetizing and that would be the reason why I would come back to The Beast. I am honestly impressed with the type of dishes that they offer, and even though The Beast may not be able to execute them well enough now, I believe that in time, and with feedback, they will have the potential to serve up some amazing dishes.

Service wise may require some fine tuning, and this place charges a 10% service charge as well. And I definitely do not expect a self-service water station, and poor knowledge and indignance by their staff in the future!

How to get there?

17 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199329

Opening Hours

Mon – Thurs: 5pm – midnight
Fri – Sat: 5pm – 1am
Sun: 10am – 5pm

And ending this post with, me being hard at work:

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