Review: Wayne’s Chill-out @ Punggol Settlement

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The boy and I were in the midst of deciding on how to spend our Sunday, when we both coincidentally planned to spend the day cycling, albeit at different places. I suggested to the boy that we should head down to Punggol because it’s a relatively unexplored territory for us, and I’ve heard about the 2 new cafes sprouting at the area, which we could probably get our lunch and cycle break at both of these places! That was how we decided on visiting Wayne’s Chill-out for lunch after our morning gym session.

The Place

It’s not like Punggol Settlement is not ulu enough, being situated right at the edge of Singapore, Wayne’s Chill-out is located at the corner of the second storey, which got us looking for it by its unit number! This place is undeniably inaccessible if you do not have your personal transport, however, I promise it would be very rewarding if you manage to get here somehow. The view and the ambience of Punggol Settlement is simply amazing. It’s like a recluse from the hustle and bustle of the city life, that kinda peace and calmness, you can’t find it at anywhere else.

Wayne’s Chill-out is a quiet place, overlooking the sea. An absolutely perfect place to grab an ice cream, or waffle to simply enjoy the breeze and ponder about life. They are probably just short of a couple of comfy chairs.

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Look at how peaceful and calming this is. However, when we visited on Sunday, the air was unfortunately still, and the sun was pretty glaring because it was close to noon. We then decided to take the indoor seats instead, to get away from the heat and enjoy some aircon. The interior was not exactly spacious, but they have seats to cater to young children, as well as individual diners.

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The colour scheme gave the place relaxing vibes, but they could really use better and more comfortable chairs. Since the café was surrounded by clear glass, the glare from the sun was not being kept out as well, so we had to face the wall while eating, instead of being able to admire the nice scenery.

The Food

They do not have a wide range of food to order from their menu. Basically, every thing that was offered was just written on a board, behind the counter which looks like this,

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Pizzas and lasagne for the main, and waffles and ice cream for desserts. I chose to come to this place for lunch because the boy loves pizzas, and we saw that the reviews for the pizzas were good! When we wanted to place our orders, we were dismayed to be told that the pizza skillet (or whatever it is) needed more time for preparation and we had to wait for about 20-30 minutes, if we wanted pizzas. Since they were opened at 11am, and we were there at about 1pm, I was skeptical about whether it was worth the wait, BECAUSE PIZZAS ARE THE ONLY MAINS. Taking into consideration that we travelled all the way there, we decided to stay put. Thankfully, the service was impeccable as the server ensured that we were comfortable, and even engaged in a conversation with us, telling us more about the cafe.

We were recommended to order a pizza each because 8-inch was more of a personalized pizza than one for sharing. I ordered the Beef Pepperoni Pizza, while the boy had a Smoked Chicken with Pineapple PIzza! Was it worth the 30 minutes wait?

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Left: Smoked Chicken and Pineapple Pizza ($12.80), Right: Beef Pepperoni Pizza ($12.80)

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All you guys have to know is that, I DID NOT regret waiting a single bit. These pizzas were worth every minute of wait. We found out from Wayne, the owner, that all the pizzas were handmade, and indeed, the pizzas tasted just as sincere.

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The Beef Pepperoni Pizza was cheesy and savory to the right amounts. Besides the tomato sauce that were being added to both pizzas were homemade as well, and it tasted not too sour, and very, very appetizing.

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Look at the amount of cheese! Even though I felt that the pizza was a little too oily, everything just fit perfectly. It left me craving for more after I gobbled this up.

Even though I was not a fan of pineapples, the Smoked Chicken with Pineapples Pizza tasted amazing to me as well. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
The smoked chicken and pineapple combination did not overpower each other, and in fact, worked very cohesively in terms of taste. What we both loved about the pizzas, was that the crust was relatively thin and crisp, almost to the extent of a biscuit. The boy who always leaves his pizza crusts behind actually ate every single bit of the pizza says quite a lot.

Closing Remarks

Even though the initial impression of Wayne’s chill-out was dampened by the hot weather and the long wait, I conclude that the wait was very worthwhile. Although I am not a fan of pizzas, I absolutely loved these from Wayne’s. The 8-inch pizza may just be slightly too much for 1 pax, as we felt a little too full after finish one pizza, despite being HUGE eaters. $12.80 nett for such quality pizzas and a decent serving, is definitely worth it.

Perhaps, the downside of this cafe is its location, which may deter others from visiting, and its ulu-ness also gave us some problems with our phones’ reception. However, I dare promise you that this trip to Punggol would be worth the visit, and while you are there visiting Wayne’s Chill-out, you could probably plan a day of activities such as cycling, walking through the punggol waterway, spending your day at Punggol beach or even riding and admiring the horses available at Punggol Ranch.

Oh! I heard their waffles are pretty dope too!

How to get there?

3 Punggol Point Road, #02-11 The Punggol Settlement, Singapore

Take to Punggol MRT, and then bus 84. It will take you right to Punggol road end! 

Opening Hours

Mon: 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Wed – Fri: 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Sat – Sun: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Prices are NETT. 

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