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If you were to google Dojo or Dojo SG, you would probably be unable to find reviews of this place on and be very likely to be surprised about the numbers of Dojos we have in Singapore. Maybe, try, Dojo SG Cafe. You might get luckier with that. I visited Dojo last Saturday, because I was heading to Purple Parade at Hong Lim Park. Dojo is situated in between Tanjong Pagar and Clarke Quay, and of course, like many of the cafes these days, a bit of walking is needed for you to get there, if you’re coming by public transport!

The Place 

I surprisingly did not have a difficult time searching for this place. Situated in the midst of bars and pubs on Circular Road, Dojo stood out with its distinct signboard. I don’t think it would be difficult for any one to miss the huge fonts. They occupy a relatively small space, with both outdoor and indoor seating.

On Google Virtual Tours, contact The Red Marker

There were about 3 2-seaters outside, while the inside catered to larger groups of diners of 4-6 pax, and had a couple of 2-seaters as well. Despite the compact space, I was glad that the seats were not too close to each other and there was sufficient space to move about within the cafe.

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The menu can be found on the chalkboard hung outside the cafe, at the counter, and they provide personal menus too. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Photo 15-11-14 1 52 39 pm
Mmmm.. We would all agree right?

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetA closer look of the menu, and its descriptions! I don’t know what they are named after, probably some street fighter thingy that guys would know very well. Stereotype much. Hahaha!

Photo 15-11-14 1 56 41 pmI intentionally took a close up of this because LOOK AT THAT Elvisu! Peanut butter and Jam with bacon and pork patty. My gosh. Everything I love in one place.

The Food

Dojo might just be a month old, but the food they serve are definitely not amateurish. I knew what I wanted to order way before I came here, because it was a definite no brainer. Ever since I’ve had the Tyson Peanut Butter burger from Burger vs. Wings + Bar, all kinds of PB burgers entice me. As I was a little early and waiting for the boy to find his way here, one of their owners (I suppose) from Dojo, actually sat down with me to go through their menu with me. I really appreciate such sincere service and the personal touch is lacking in many cafes.

He gave me a rundown of all the different burgers and I learnt that all the pork patties were handmade from scratch, and they do not contain any MSG or preservatives. All burgers consist of pork patties, while the Little Dragon uses pork steak instead. It was a sell out on Wednesday that week! Seems like it’s my next go-to burger here from Dojo!

We ordered an Elvisu ($12) and a Kaiju ($12), because the Kaiju has mushrooms and the boy just ordered it for the mushrooms cause I love mushrooms. Hahahaha! Before I forget, the price reflected on the menu are NETT, and they come with a bottle of water or canned drink of your choice and a side of fries! A really affordable deal I would say, especially in this area! We upgraded our meals with a naked salad (+$1), and their beef chili cheese fries (+$2). We also ordered 2 sides, Pork Grillets ($6) and Komba Bao (2 pcs for $6). Fat, I know.

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Pork Grillets ($6): Basically just grilled pork steaks. We felt that the portion was a little too small to actually warrant us $6. Maybe the pork nuggets would have had fared better. But I rejected the idea cause it was fried, then again what difference does it make right? These pork grillets are actually pretty tasty, but there’s nothing much to shout about. Just your usual pork steaks!
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Komba Bao ($6 for 2): Unlike your usual kongba pau in the normal pau, they actually deep fried the buns, and this reminded me of the ones I had at Windowsill pies! The buns were soft and fluffy on the inside, yet crispy on the outside. Mmm.. I can almost taste it right now, really good buns! And for the fillings, instead of the usual pork belly slices, they used little chunks of meat, with some sauce, which made it a little more moist. If you’re craving for the taste of the traditional kongba pau, you may not find it in this, but this is a rather good twist to the usual ones! It makes a good meal if you’re a small eater too!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset The Elvisu with Naked salad ($13): I squealed with excitement when I saw this burger cause LOOK AT THE PB oozing out, and that long slice of bacon! The burger was divine. The combination of PB&J in a burger may not work with most people because it may be a little too weird on your palate, or like my boy, think that it’s a tad too dry for his liking because of the PB. However, this worked perfectly for me. The peanut butter taste was strong and distinct, and it went really well with the moist pork patty, accompanied by the bacon.

The naked salad on the side was really disappointing cause it tasted just weird. i dont know why but something in it doesn’t work for me, and I could barely finish half of it. I would say, skip the salad, and stick to the fries instead! Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset You may expect the burger to be pretty messy to eat, but the ingredients in the burger stayed on so well, and every mouthful you take, consisted of a good proportion of the bun, patty, pb&j and the bacon. The buns were also really soft and fluffy, but nothing beats Omakase’s buns. This comes in a close second though! Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Look at that. Just.. LOOK AT THAT.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset The Kaiju with beef chili cheese fries ($12 + 2): They were certainly not kidding when they said that the burger is packed with a monstrous serving of mushrooms! I thought the sauce was the winner here, and its combination with the mushrooms, patty and buns just makes you crave for more than one of this! The beef chili cheese fries is not the usual ones you would expect. Their sauce resembled that of the chili crab sauce, a little sweet, and it was hence more Asian tasting than its Western counterpart from Carl’s Junior and friends. But still pretty damn good! Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Look at the mushrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Closing Remarks

Despite being just one month old, I think that the concept here of just serving PORK BURGERS is pretty awesome. However, I know of quite a lot of friends who do not really like pork and also for our Halal friends, this place may be losing its potential clientele. The food served here is definitely of good quality and taste, and at a pretty affordable price tag too!

It may be quite noisy, I suppose, if the place gets too crowded, as its a really small and confined area. Probably a good place for lunch or a dinner gathering for the working people around the CBD area, and a great place for pork lovers! Their burgers are well-executed and the different combinations are really creative especially since they only use pork as their protein! I would definitely recommend this place for a visit if you’re around the area for some quick and affordable bite! I know I will be back for some burgers since I’m always around the area!

How to get there?

72 Circular Road, Singapore 049426
15 minutes walk from Clarke Quay MRT or Raffles Place MRT
Take Exit A from Clarke Quay MRT (Exit towards Hong Lim Park)

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday: 11.00am – 9.30pm

Prices at NETT.
Special thanks to my boy for tolerating my annoying habit of taking pictures of my food for 10 minutes before eating, and arranging them to make it look better on pictures for me & embarrassing me with such photographs. 

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