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This is a continuation of the previous post.. 

Third Surprise

We returned to Studio M after dinner, and while he was showering, (I put on my lingerie and posed seductively, and said “Draw me like one of your French girls”; but I’m too cool for this seductive nonsense) I placed 2 Gold Class tickets underneath his pillow, like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets! I had to go down all the way to vivo to get the tickets the day before so that I could do this okay! Hahaha!

Photo 23-8-14 12 12 59 amThe reason why I thought giving him the Gold Class tickets were a good idea because:

1. I remembered him passing a random remark about wanting to go to gold class to catch a movie with me.
2. He wanted to watch the Expendables, because he’s a dude. SO. MUCH. ACTION.

So that was it for the first day!

In the morning, we went down to have the breakfast buffet at Studio M, which served up the usual breakfast food like eggs, bread, sausages and bacon. Not a wide spread, but good enough to stuff ourselves so much that we didn’t need an actual lunch! After which we checked out, and since there was ample time to waste before our movie, we decided to head on down to my favorite place, Prive at Keppel Bay! 

I’m not going to do an actual review on Prive again, because I’ve done one up earlier this year, over here! This time, we ordered 2 cakes and drinks, just enough to keep us satiated till dinner!

IMG_6049 Malted Maltesers ($12++): It was indeed as sinful as it sounds, but this tastes just amazing! A perfect drink on a hot day, and a great drink for one who loves Maltesers!IMG_6050 Toffee Nut Latte ($5.50++): I thought this tasted better than the one at Starbucks, which I really love. Just short of the sprinkles, but the toffee nut taste was stronger and much more fragrant than that of Starbucks! Cheaper too!

IMG_6052  Hazelnut Praline Royale Cake ($8++): This was just divine! All the cakes I’ve had at Prive so far are amazing. Moist, chocolatey, and most of all, it wasn’t too sweet! I especially love the crunch at the base of the cake. Ah how I crave for another now!
IMG_6121 S’mores Cupcake ($4++): Another novelty item. The afro head of the cupcake was just loads of marshmallows melted together, giving it a real sticky and soft texture! Quite good in my opinion, but the cupcake was a little too crumbly. Worth a try cause it’s so cute! (:IMG_6059
So here’s our afternoon fill at Prive, just chilling and talking about everything in the world before the movie starts! Here’s the menu at Prive!

We went on for our movie after which. I forgot to snap pictures of the whole experience, but it was my first time there, and I thought it wasn’t worth that $38 I paid for each of us, cause it just consisted of a reclining seat and a blanket. I fell asleep during the movie, cause there was too much action as usual. I could get a similar napping experience in a regular cinema too! Hahaha! But really, they ought to up their game if they are charging thrice the amount for a ticket!

Fourth Surprise

After which, we headed to Spuds & Aprons, a bistro at the peak of Faber Park, which I only told him after the movie (cause he needed to fetch me there…)!

The Place

I wasn’t into taking pictures previously, I think it’s a pity though because this place is beautiful. Situated on the peak of Mount Faber, overlooking Keppel Bay and Sentosa Island, you could also see cable cars coming up from Sentosa. A breathtaking view. Spuds and Aprons occupies a huge space with both indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor air conditioned Dining Area can sit up to 48 pax, while the alfresco garden has a capacity of 160 pax.

I initially reserved a table at the Al Fresco dining area because of the good view, however I changed it later, thinking that it wouldn’t be too nice if the weather gets too humid and warm at night. However, when I was there, it was pretty breezy since the bistro is located at the peak. We still went ahead with the little indoor area because of its cosy atmosphere, which shared the similar view as well.

The Food

One of the best things here is that, you would expect the prices of the food to be pretty steep given the location of the bistro. However, to our surprise, they were affordable, and by affordable I mean, their price tags are similar to your average cafe prices (cheaper than some even!). The menu can be found here! You guys can seriously consider coming here for your various celebrations or just have a nice chill out at this place!

We ordered their popular Wicked Fries and Gravy ($8) for our appetizer! For our mains, we had Crispy Pork Belly ($26) and Barbecued Baby Back Ribs ($26), and a Chempedek Bread and Butter Pudding ($10). 

IMG_6073 Wicked Fries and Gravy ($8): You would love this if you love cheesy stuff because this is a dish with spuds (potatoes) and 6 types of cheeses! A real cheesy dish, worth every single calorie. This dish is good to share because it gets a little too much after a while! IMG_6072 Baby Back Ribs ($26): ribs with their homemade barbecued sauce, served with a side of salad and fries! The meat was tender and well-marinated! And the portion was just right for a single serving! IMG_6070 Crispy Pork Belly ($26): will order anything pork belly. If it’s on the menu, it would be on the table. Hahaha! These crispy pork belly was just what I expected. The meat was tender, and the skin was crackling crispy and good! However, it may be a little too hard, because we both had some difficulty trying to cut through the crispy skin. Probably not a dish for folks with weak teeth! Hahaha!
IMG_6074 Our dinner spread!
IMG_6090 Here’s us with our wefie cause it’s his special day, so it warrants a 101 pictures with him! 

IMG_6120  Chempedek Bread and Butter Pudding ($10): Croissant with creamy custard, and chempedek served with Haagan Daz Vanilla ice cream. A rather unique fusion dish. However, even though it tasted great with the initial bites, we got sick of it pretty quickly because what ever Chempedek was, it tasted quite weird.  IMG_6096 IMG_6091Surprise Birthday cake! which I forgot to confirm with them till the afternoon itself. I had to sneak to the toilet before the movie to call them for this. Hahaha! They would probably charge you from $8-$10 for this cake, and it tastes really good, so it’s fine! (: So, here’s my boy with his cake, and looking really funny to me now, because of his hair. Hahaha! Oh, and we witnessed a marriage proposal too! SUPER SWEET!

How to get to Spuds and Aprons

109 Mount Faber Road, Level 2 Singapore 099203

Opening Hours

11am to 11pm (Sun to Thur)
11am to 1am
(Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday

Spuds and Aprons will be offering their Christmas Menu from 1 December onwards, probably a good time to visit them then! 

Here’s the little polaroid we took after I placed the not-so-little book on the table while he went to the toilet! Hahaha! It’s rare for him to agree taking so many pictures in a day okay? So must exploit this opportunity! 

So that was the end of our 2 day celebration of his birthday! I highly recommend Spuds and Aprons for any one who’s looking for an affordable fare for any occasion. The location may be a little inaccessible and inconvenient, but you could always catch a cab up Mt Faber from Vivo City, and won’t get lost like us… Hahaha!


Thank you for being mine all these while, babe! You’ve given me more smiles than any one had, and thanks for always doing everything to make me happy. You’re the definition of perfection, and I’m not even trying to be nice when I say that. Hahaha!  

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