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Yet another cafe has landed in the industrial area of Tai Seng, with a couple more still in their infant stages of operations. In one of the most unseeming place for businesses, the Commerz which is soon becoming an enclave of cafes, is like a fresh breath blown into the area. 23 Jumpin, is one of these up and coming cafes, being located in this new complex.

Photo 24-11-14 4 13 32 pm As you can see, there are a number of new enterprises and cafes in this new building. 

The Place
23 Jumpin, is located on 1 Irving Place, part of the new Commerz building in the Tai Seng area. Do not be fooled by its location, even though it may sound very secluded, it is actually located just a minute walk away from the circle line station, Tai Seng (Exit A). Like what I’ve told Gary, the owner of 23 Jumpin, their location may be ulu, but not THAT ulu, which makes them the perfect spot to chill, because it’s so nice and quiet, yet very accessible, unlike some of the cafes we know that requires a good amount of workout before we can locate them. Photo 24-11-14 4 13 45 pm The interior of 23 Jumpin takes on a very simplistic design, and dim lighting. The cafe makes use of the warm colors for their furniture to make the place seem very cosy.

 On Google Virtual Tours, contact The Red Marker

Check out the view in the real life view of 23 jumpin above! AH SO FUN!

They are just one of those perfect spots for a catch up over some coffee, or to get some work done. It’s just a pity that they do not have wifi in the cafe, otherwise I’m pretty sure that they would be a hit with students!

The Food
Photo 24-11-14 4 15 56 pm In my opinion, the main draw of 23 jumpin is their all-day brunch offerings, because who doesn’t love breakfast food?! Besides brunch food, they also do offer other mains, such as that of pasta, burger, and some proteins.

I paid 23 Jumpin two visits, and both times I left feeling very impressed with the service and food. On my first visit, I got a cup of iced mocha to go with my review on Les Patisseries. I arrived at about 3 in the afternoon, and there was only one other patron in the cafe. What a perfect environment to enjoy some coffee and get some work done at the same time! After my mocha was being served, the server came over to ask for my feedback about the drink because she thought that she was rather inexperienced in making an iced mocha. And I was very impressed with this such a sincere gesture because it really shows how much importance they place on their quality of food and drinks!

Photo 24-11-14 4 25 00 pmI thought that the mocha was a little too sweet, probably because of the chocolate sauce, and I personally prefer my mocha with a stronger taste of coffee, and a good blend of the 2 flavors, chocolate and coffee!Photo 24-11-14 4 35 42 pm Before I knew it, she got Gary, the owner of the cafe, who happens to be an avid coffee drinker, to make another cup of iced mocha for me. An absolutely generous and sincere gesture. This cup of mocha was right to my liking, a good blend of chocolate and coffee!

 Photo 24-11-14 4 25 30 pmI wasn’t intending to order any of their desserts, even though I’ve heard so much about their tiramisu and panna cotta, which are both made in- house, because I thought that I would get them on my next visit. Besides I’m getting a little too fluffy for my own good. However, my diet was sabotaged by the cafe, as they decided to serve me a jar of tiramisu on the house to gather my opinion on their dessert.
Photo 24-11-14 4 26 11 pmI’m not an expert on tiramuisus because I don’t eat them often, or have a particular liking for them. However, this jar of tiramisu impressed me a lot, as its texture was soft, airy and fluffy, and not too sweet. I liked it A LOT. No wonder it got so many good reviews!  Photo 24-11-14 4 27 26 pm Here’s happy Rainbo with my drink and tiramisu, and my very satisfied tummy! 
Photo 24-11-14 4 41 32 pmI had a good chat with Gary, and found out that he’s a really avid coffee drinker, and he made a cappuccino with his new coffee maker for me to taste. What makes their coffee stand out from the rest of the ones we get in other cafes is that it is made from a 5-bean blend, and the absence of acidity is what draws many cafe hoppers, because it’s so refreshing and not too eeky. And this goes amazingly well with the tiramisu!!

Fun fact: Gary actually took time to make sure that he learnt how to execute a latte art before opening this cafe, because he thought that even though latte art is not a guarantee of quality of coffee, but it shows the dedication of a barista and how much heart he puts into making a drink. I thought such dedication is really admirable, and it’s no wonder why the coffee they serve at 23 jumpin, is so good!

On my second visit, two days later, I came here with the boy for lunch after our gym on our bicycles like a true blue hipster.
Photo 26-11-14 12 57 31 pm
We got an Iced Mocha, Eggs Benedict and a Duck Confit. One item each from their mains.   Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset  To my bit of disappointment, the iced mocha was very much on the sweet side again, and I couldn’t seem to appreciate it as much as the cappuccino I had previously. But the boy seemed to be okay with it, so it’s just me and my fussy taste buds then!Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetEggs Benedict: Even though we were a little bored of the usual brunch fix, I thought this was one of the better Eggs Ben we’ve had. The dish was photogenic, the poached eggs were done perfectly and the muffins which the eggs and ham were served atop were buttery and very fragrant.
 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Look at the runny yolk! I would actually come back for this the next time I happen to be craving for brunch food cause it is THAT good! Possibly because of the muffins cause they were so good, and I’m a carb whore!Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetYou don’t usually see Duck confit being served in cafes. A dish that requires experience and time to perfect the cooking, a good duck confit is a mark of a good chef, in this case, is Gary’s mother who used to work in the other cafes as well! Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset This dish was an absolute delight! The duck meat slid off the bone easily, and combined with the mash that is served on the side, it’s just a match made in heaven. The sauce drizzled upon the duck also gave a tangy taste that makes you crave for more after every bite. I would appreciate more if they served mushrooms alongside with their duck confit though! Hehe! Photo 26-11-14 12 38 08 pm

Closing Remarks

I feel that with such sincere service and cooking, 23Jumpin has the potential to be one who should not be trifled with in the cafe scene, if they stay consistent in their quality of food. However, what I think would allow them to draw more customers is by expanding their starters menu, because a serving of House Salad, is definitely not good enough as a cafe. If they are able to serve up the usual starters, like truffle fries or sweet potato fries to go along with their mains, they may be able to provide more options for the diners, as well as to spice up their menu a little more.

Moreover, besides the usual desserts that they offer right now, they could expand to have a counter of cakes, or have regular bake sales, which gives them greater variety on their desserts, as most people, do appreciate a good cake to go with their coffee. This may make them a more attractive spot during the mid afternoons where most table hoggers, like me, appear.

Overall, I enjoyed both my visits to 23 Jumpin a lot. The prices of the food here are also very affordable as compared to that in many cafes. Even though it may be a little difficult to locate on Google Maps, it is in fact, a very accessible spot for all of us to get our lunch/brunch fix. Good ambience, good food and sincere service, I would definitely be back for their other offerings on the menu!

How to get there? 

#01-25, 1 Irving Place
Located right behind Tai Seng MRT Exit A

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 8:30 am – 7:00 pm

Sat: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

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