Review: Supply and Demand @ Orchard Gateway


This post is the most backlogged post of date. I visited Supply and Demand in July, during the second week of my internship (and that’s a really long time ago). I remembered being really happy on this day to have a date with my boy, because it seemed like we both would be really busy throughout the next few weeks since my internship has started, together with trainings and tuition sessions. This trip to Supply and Demand was a surprise to me, because I didn’t expect him to bring me here right after I sent him a screenshot of this place. Hahaha! You’d think I’ll be used to this by now right, but no.

The Place

I wished I had taken pictures of the restaurant, because it’s a really pretty place, located at the relatively new Orchard Gateway. In my opinion, Orchard Gateway is a pretty boring mall, besides the opening of UnderArmor and Supply and Demand there. So is Orchard Central, except for Spanish Doughnuts and Cold Stone. But that’s besides the point, let me take you through the entire restaurant with my ineloquent ways.

Supply and Demand is tucked away in the corner of Level 2 of Orchard Gateway, just beside Everlast, if I didn’t remember wrongly. We missed it the first time and only found it after retracing our steps. The restaurant has a beautiful interior design, with warm lighting and wooden furnitures, making it seem really cosy and romantic. The large window panes spanning across the side of the restaurant also gave a great view overlooking Orchard. An amazing ambience.

The restaurant also has seats on the outside, with a chalkboard on which all their promotions, like tea time specials are written on them. The outside seating gave me the impression of a cafe within the restaurant, with very chill and country vibes.

Even though we arrived at about 5:15pm, which I thought was rather early for dinner, the servers told us that the indoor seats were fully booked and we could only be seated “outdoors”. I thought it’s kind of a pity because the inside of the restaurant looked so pretty!!

The Food

Even though Supply and Demand brand themselves as a “Modern Italian Trattoria and Pizzeria”, Italian cuisines are not the only ones that they offer here. They also have inspired dishes from other cuisines, such as that of the South East Asian inspired Cichetti, salads, and even offering S.E.A cuisines in the section “S&D GOES TO SEA” on their menu, with their own interpretation of the dishes. You can find their menu here!  They also have weekend brunches too! The menu can be found here, on their Facebook page!

Since it was our first time there, we decided to go pure italian in our choice of food. For our appetizers, we had their Sweet Potato Fries and Pork Sausage Platter! Both of our favorite foods, because I LOVE sweet potato fries and the boy LOVES SAUSAGES (uhh.. yeah..).

 IMG_4488  Sweet Potato Fries ($9++): Served with Mayo and Homemade spicy dipping sauce, which was by the way, really really yummy! The sweet potato fries were one of the better ones we’ve had! Crispy and very well-seasoned, when paired together with the dips, it was just a match made in heaven! Totally worth the calories! Moreover, it’s served in an army tin too! How CUTE!

IMG_4514Pork Sausage Platter ($16++): Assortment of Mangalica, Chirozo, Oriental and Chinese Pork Sausage, with Asian Spicy dip and Onion Relish. This is a MUST TRY if you are a sausage lover! Being a sausage amateur, I have always thought that pork sausages tasted the same, however, this was an eye opener because each of this variety has its unique and distinct taste, that compliments each other quite well. I did not quite enjoy the onion relish though, I thought it was a little weird tasting and have no idea why it was there as well.

One does not simply not order a pizza and pasta in an Italian restaurant. Hence, we ordered The Morning After (La Mattina Dopo) pizza and a Carbonara Cremoso (with cream sauce!). 

IMG_4512 The Morning After ($22++): Tomato sauce, Mozarella, Bacon and Mushroom with a soft egg set in the centre. We ordered this dish without much thinking because it sounded kinky and the fact that they had an egg set in the centre! Then again, looking through the menu right now, it isn’t the most attractive pizza, so I guess the name of the dish really played a part in the decision making process. I wasn’t too impressed with the pizza, except for the egg in the middle. I’ve had better pizzas from Alt pizza and Wayne’s chill-out!

IMG_4513 Carbonara Cremoso ($17 + $4++): I’m a huge fan of cream based pasta, and I’m a really, really fat kid inside me. Not like I’m not fat, but there’s a fatter kid inside of me, who loves all these sinful food. This dish consisted of sauteed crispy bacon, fresh milled pepper, tempered egg yolk, splash of white wine and shaved cheese! A classic carbonara done with a twist because we opted for a stuffed ravioli instead! The ravioli were stuffed with mozarella, and this dish sent me right up to heaven, as well as my level of saturated fats. If you’re a fan of cheesey dishes, this is a MUST ORDER! 

Closing Remarks

Even though this is the most backlogged post of date, looking at the pictures just reminded me of how good these dishes tasted to me at that time. I guess this says a lot about the restaurant’s food being able to make an impact on one’s palate. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Supply and Demand. Even though it may be in a restaurant setting, I thought that the mains were rather affordable, especially for its quality and portion of food served. Afterall, you would be paying $17-20++ for some waffle or a regular eggs benedict in a cafe as well, so why not spend this sum of money on some relative authentic Italian food with a good ambience to boot! It’s an economist’s dream come true!

Its setting and ambience, makes it an amazing place for a date or gathering as well. I’m not too sure about how the other dishes they serve up may fare, especially their fusion S.E.A dishes. I would love to come here to Supply and Demand to try out their other mains, and also their brunch menu, which has a wide offering!

How to get there?

Flagship restaurant:
8 Raffles Avenue #01-13 Esplanade Mall
Singapore 039802

277 Orchard Road #02-13/14
Orchardgateway Singapore 238858

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday: 11.30AM To 10.30PM (Orchard Gateway)

This was just posted on their facebook page 17 hours ago on 29.11.2014 (Revised opening hours)

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