Review: Dutch Colony Co. @ Frankel Avenue

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So we got bored at Penny University, and since we were in the vicinity, we decided to google for Dutch Colony and found out that Frankel Avenue was just a 5 minute drive (i.e. 10 minute cycle) away, and off we went!
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The Place

I was mesmerized by the exterior of this cafe. It’s so… hipster, and really pretty! It stood out amongst the rest of the shop houses, and I just can’t stop taking pictures of it! We should totally have posed with our bicycles with the cafe front, it’d be such a nice shot!

When we arrived at about 5, the place was packed with people doing their work on their laptops at the seats outside the cafe, which was why I didn’t take as many pictures outside as I really should. Cause I shy. The inside of the cafe was bustling with groups of people enjoying their late brunches and coffee as well! The cafe was really spacious and nicely designed, a huge contrast from their original outlet at Pasarbella in terms of space!
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 When you walk to the end of the cafe, you would see a greenhouse-like area, where the light can be seen peering through the glass ceiling. A really pretty place, and a great spot for taking photos because of the natural lighting. I wonder if it will be hot or glaring in midday though!
Photo 30-11-14 5 24 17 pm We took the spot at the glass house area, because good lighting. Here was my view of the cafe from the inside. They also have some merchandise and beans on sale at the shelves located right beside their entrance. Photo 30-11-14 6 53 49 pm I’m so in love with the decor of Dutch Colony. It just feels so atas and homely.

The Food

I have heard a lot about Dutch Colony’s coffee, however, like I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really know anything about coffee and their beans, despite being such an avid drinker. I do know that Dutch Colony has their own blend of beans, but what confuses me, is the difference between all the different beans from all over the world, as well as what the difference was if you used an aeropress machine or some syphon thingy or what not. I don’t know what’s good, but I can tell you if the coffee tastes bad or good, or it’s too acidic or not. Hahaha! So when I was presented with the menu, the question marks just came flying all over my head, when they illustrated the different beans for us to choose, as well as the way we want our coffee to be brewed. Really cool stuff, I wish I had the knowledge, but no I don’t so we stuck to the last page of the menu for layman like us.

Photo 30-11-14 5 22 02 pm The last page of the menu presented the various types of coffee they had like latte, flat whites, mocha etc. The boy ordered an iced mocha, and since I wanted to understand more about the different beans, I chose a double shot of espresso, one featuring Dutch Colony’s beans and the other, their special beans of the week.
Photo 30-11-14 5 36 05 pmAfter taking a sip of each cup, I finally understood what it meant when they say that different beans had different tastes. The special, from ecuador, was high on acidity, while that of the house blend was less and had a smoother finish. I liked both anyway, but yes, now I’m convinced that different beans taste differently. And a very stark difference at that.
Photo 30-11-14 5 36 25 pmThis was the iced mocha, which I did not really notice the taste, partly because my tastebuds were already overwhelmed by the 2 cups of espresso, this tasted a little too bland for me. I would love to have a chance to try the mocha from here the next time since I’m such a huge fan of mocha!  Photo 30-11-14 5 35 19 pm We ordered 2 cakes to go along with our coffee! I came to Dutch Colony because i saw their banana bread online once, and have stuck a mental post it to remind myself to come here for some banana bread when I have the chance! So here I was. Photo 30-11-14 5 33 21 pm Banana bread with espresso butter ($5): Not the best I’ve had, but it’s still palatable. The taste of espresso on the butter was faint, rendering on being absent. When spread on the banana bread, you would only realize the presence of the butter because of it’s texture and not the taste. Moreover the butter was a tad too sweet, which is not exactly a good combination with a banana bread since the former would be already sweet. A couple of people had the same sentiments on their espresso butter too, when they tried some time back, so I hope that they could improve a little on the butter. Otherwise, this was a pretty good dessert! Photo 30-11-14 5 33 42 pm Thai Milk Tea Loaf ($5):  This was better than the one that I’ve tried at Old Hen, even though they look almost identical. The taste of thai milk tea was more apparent here, however, just like thai milk tea, this loaf was really sweet! I love the condensed milk frosting especially! So crunchy and nice! A good rendition of the drink as a loaf, a must try if you’re a fan of thai milk tea! Besides, they have a couple of really enticing cakes on display as well, such as a salted caramel cake and a matcha bundt! All of which, I wanted to try as well, but moderation is key, I guess! Oh, oh and we saw many half eaten abandoned Red Velvet cakes on the table, so I’m guessing that their Red Velvet might not be up to par! Tell me if you’ve tried! Photo 30-11-14 5 37 16 pmDutch Colony also offers a Brunch menu, on top of its specialty coffees and cakes and pastries! I wanna try them too!!

Closing Remarks

I think Dutch Colony is definitely worth a revisit for me, because I really want to see how they fare on their brunch items. Their coffee were of course, good, and the cakes that we had went very well with them. Moreover, the ambience in this cafe is just conducive for a studying session, or for a good long chat with a buddy over some quality, yet affordable coffee! If I am not staying in hall, I wouldn’t mind cycling down here every weekend just to catch up on my readings, or just to get some coffee and stare into space.

Besides, Dutch Colony at Frankel Avenue is so pretty that I’m still in love with it when I think about my trip there the previous weekend. Even though they may be pretty inaccessible, it’s worth a visit for everyone who loves coffee! Before i forget, they have FREE WIFI too!

How to get there? 

113 Frankel Avenue
Singapore 458230

Opening Hours

Sun-Thu: 8am-8pm
Fri-Sat: 8am-10pm

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      YES! I wanna try their eggs benedict! Looks super good!

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