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Alright, alright, I shall stop being selfish and start sharing with the world about my favorite supper spot, besides Swee Choon, of course. I first heard of this place about 2 years ago, when i came across of a picture of their salted egg yolk fries, and have been dying to visit them ever since. However, I never had a chance and luck to until recently because they are located in a rather ulu part of Thomson, which is away from all the hustle and bustle are where all the cafes are sprouting up at.

In fact, I’ve made 2 attempts to visit them before I actually set foot into this cafe. My first attempt made was on the night of the Eve of Chinese New Year. My family and I were desperately looking for places to go for a late night dinner at about 10 or 11, and we decided to try our luck at LeBan, and they were expectedly closed. The second attempt was made by the boy to bring me there because I’ve mentioned it so many times, but he brought me to the mainstream Upp. Thomson area instead. So we went to Habitat in the end.

The Place

LeBan HK Cafe is aptly named because it is in fact located on Jalan LeBan, on the other direction of the longgggg stretch of Upper Thomson Road. You would be able to spot it when you are there because of its conspicuous signboard, which also boasts of a late opening hour of until 2am! I do not have pictures of the place itself, but they have adequate seats, and like most chinese restaurants, not much emphasis is placed on the design of the place. What matter most to them is the quality of food, and I absolutely concur.

The Food

I have not been to many Hong Kong cafes in Singapore or even in Hong Kong, despite being there for 4 times. I am not sure of what HK cafes serve, but LeBan offers a rather wide array of food, ranging from smaller bites like the condensed milk bun, toasts, finger food like their salted egg yolk fries, and Asian favorites like noodles and fried rice. They also serve more local food like curry chicken, as well as westernized dishes such as salads, pastas and chicken cutlet. Their menu can be found here! The prices here are also pretty wallet-friendly with most of the dishes priced at less than $10, and they also have set lunches which look value for money, and on our previous visit, they also have a all-day promotion of 1 for 1 mains!

Pardon the not-so-nice picture because I don’t put in as much time and effort to take pictures at that time. HAHA!IMG_4181 These are the condensed milk buns, which I LOVED. I am actually drawn to anything bread, with BUTTER. These buns were crisp and buttery, yet at the same time fluffy. I could just eat them all day. IMG_4192 This is the best French Toast I’ve had, even though i’ve been to so many cafes and tried their french toast. This was the first time I was actually close to tears when I took my first bite into the toast. Crisp on the outside, pillowy on the inside, the melted butter and maple syrup added the best combination of sweet and savory into the dish. And guess what, I had the greatest surprise of my life when I found out that there was actually PEANUT BUTTER spread in between each of these glorious cubes of carbohydrates. The ice cream served on the side just made everything 10x better. A definite MUST ORDER when you are here.

And in the background, we also ordered a cup of iced yuan yang, which was good as well, and a chicken chop! IMG_7281 I got the French Toast on my second visit as well, because it’s seriously something you’ve got to order when you are there. I want it in my mouth NOW.
IMG_7278 This was the dish in the one for one promotion. The boy got this chicken or was it pork cutlet, and a bowl of curry chicken. Both of which were surprisingly good, and we were pretty impressed. IMG_7284 THE salted egg yolk fries. We ordered the MONSTER version which could probably feed up to 3-4 pax. But be warned that once you start, you won’t be able to stop even though it may get a little jelat after a while, hence we both cleaned up this entire plate of fries on top of our meals. Entrenched within these strands of fries were little salted egg yolk which you can just pick up and eat, which I thought was quite an idea because I love the powdery feeling the salted egg yolk gives. These fries were buttery and tasted so, so, so good!
IMG_4190We saw that they had fried ice cream on their menu, and I pestered the boy to get it, because I’ve never had fried ice cream in my life before. We picked the chocolate flavored ice cream, and when I tried it, I thought the vanilla version would have had been better. To those who have never tried this before, it’s not a must for you to try it because this is basically just fried dough wrapped around some really cheap tasting ice cream, served with chocolate sprinkles. Don’t waste your calories, and your macros on these. Save the carb count for another serving of French Toast or salted egg yolk fries!

Closing Remarks

LeBan is definitely one of my favorite places for supper, even though I’ve only been there twice before. All of its offerings were up to our expectations, and the food there is also very affordable too! The downside is probably its location, as it can get quite inaccessible without your own transport especially if you are going there for supper. Moreover, there place is rather secluded with not many shops of interest nearby, or other cafes, which may be pretty out of the way for cafehoppers.

However, if you do have your own transport, and are craving for some good and affordable supper after a movie or work, LeBan is definitely a place worth considering. Besides, they have such a wide range of food, and I’m sure everyone would be able to find something that suits their tastebuds, and satisfy their cravings!

How to get there?

LeBan HK Café
No.2 Jalan Leban
Upper Thomson
Singapore 577547
Tel: +65 6257 8801
Near Sembawang Hills Food Centre

Opening Hours

12pm – 2am, daily

No GST or Service Charge!

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