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Ever since the opening of Pince and Pints, the existence of lobster rolls came into my attention. However, with the never ending list of cafes for me to visit, my plans to have my virgin go at lobster rolls have always been overshadowed by my cafehopping intentions. I have heard about Platypus many a times, and got a little confused about their offerings as the Platypus group has 6 subsidiaries under its wing. (Not too sure if it’s the right term to use but whatevs, because I ain’t a business student, even though I took MKT1003X before.) 

They have the well-known Platypus Lobster Shack, which is probably the most well-known amongst the 6. Platypus Test Kitchen, that serves up pasta at Raffles Place; Gourmet 2 go, a modern organic food bar; Platypus Family Kitchen, which focuses on family-oriented meals like set lunches and kids meals. I have actually been to 2 of the 6, the first being Platypus Food Bar, which is conveniently situated in the Science faculty of NUS and they serve super kickass salads for ridiculously affordable prices; think 2 proteins, pasta with leaves and corn for just $5.50. I would probably do up a post on them right after this, but now, Platypus Kitchen. 

The Place

I chose to visit Platypus Kitchen because it is conveniently located at Bugis Junction, and they serve up the BEST dishes of the Platypus group, i.e. handmade pastas and the popular selection of lobster rolls. Despite of its convenient location, we actually had a hard time searching for them, as they were located in a relatively secluded corner of the mall, away from the other food establishments.

Located just beside Amore Fitness, Platypus Kitchen occupies a huge space at the corner of the mall. Its dim lighting, spacious interior, and its exclusivity makes it a perfect place for a date or a casual meet up with friends.
Photo 4-12-14 2 07 57 pm Photo 4-12-14 2 08 04 pm
Photo 4-12-14 2 13 31 pm With that many tables, I am pretty sure you won’t have to wait for too long to be seated even during the peak hours. However, there are always 2 sides to everything. While its spaciousness may be a blessing, it is also a pit for its downfall, as it is extremely difficult to get the attention of its servers especially since all of them tend to be gathered at the bar and chatting amongst themselves. I am not the only one who had this problem because the several reviews I’ve read before paying them a visit also noted the similar situation.
Photo 4-12-14 2 13 08 pmHere’s my retarded lunch partner, who was apparently enjoying herself a lot with the wait because she just found out how to use Instagram. Oh no..
Photo 4-12-14 2 19 07 pmAnd this is a 50+ year old woman being very excited with the $35 Hello Kitty calculator I bought for her. This meh calculator costs $35, more expensive than a scientific calculator, yes?

The Food

Photo 4-12-14 2 07 32 pm Photo 4-12-14 2 07 04 pm Here is the menu, and the set lunch promotion, which I thought was very affordable. Set lunch menu is only available on weekdays, 12-4pm.

Both of us ordered the Platypus Lobster Roll, which needs a $4 top up, but it’s worth it anyway. The set lunch include, the lobster roll, iced lemon tea and an appetizer of either salad or pumpkin soup. We chose one of each of the appetizer for the sake of variety, even though none of which appealed to us.

Photo 4-12-14 2 16 54 pm Photo 4-12-14 2 17 10 pm The above features the 2 appetizers. The pumpkin soup was a little weirdly sweet, pretty much like a pumpkin, but we didn’t take it too well. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset On top of our lobster roll, I also ordered a starter Crustacean Bowl ($19++), as I have seen raving reviews about this dish. Apparently, Platypus lobster shack only serve up to 10 bowls a day. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset This Crustacean bowl consisted of uni creme, butter poached lobster, japonica rice, honey ponzu, caviar, char-grilled cheddar cheese, sesame and chervil. Not too sure of 90% of the ingredients in here, but all we know was that, this dish, despite of its costly price tag, blew our tastebuds away.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset The lobster was fresh, and the taste of grilled cheese and caviar went down perfectly. Both of us immediately regretted our decision of getting just a starter bowl of this, and its price suddenly became just a number. It tasted so good, it really doesn’t matter how much this cost.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset This is the Platypus Lobster Roll, which consists of butter poached lobster meat, roasted-garlic mayonnaise, chives and seasalt, served with a side of salad and TRUFFLE FRIES. There were CHUNKS of lobster meat in this. The buttered bun was so good that I was taken aback when my mum actually finished the entire roll, as she’s the kind of person who would eat all the fillings of a bun and leave the bun aside. She was so mindblown by the lobster roll goodness that she stuffed everything into her mouth. Hahaha! However, the truffle fries lacked of the taste of truffle, despite of its aroma, which was a little disappointing.

For its usual price tag of ($23.90), I would think that this dish is really worth its price. Fresh chunks of lobster, together with mild tasting truffle fries, it’s a pretty decent price to pay for a little indulgence. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Closing Remarks

I would say that Platypus Kitchen has made true of its words of “making quality food affordable”, because both of us were really impressed with the quality of food served to us here. It has been a while since I was so impressed with all the offerings I have picked in a single seating, and I would highly recommend Platypus kitchen to anyone who is looking for a satisfactory meal in the vicinity. However, as this was my first time trying a lobster roll, my review on the taste of this dish may be a little biased, or may set your standards for this place a little too high. The crustacean bowl, on the other hand, was indeed a must order when you’re there. Everything in the dish was carefully thought through and the combination of their tastes was right on point.

Despite this being my first time having lobsters, Platypus kitchen has definitely set the bar high for my subsequent lobster-related meals.

How to get there?

Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
#03-29 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

Beside Amare Fitness.

Opening Hours

12noon — 10pm

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