Review: Rabbit Owl Depot

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Photo 28-12-14 6 03 21 pmWhen Rabbit Owl Depot opened its doors, they immediately shot to fame with its distinct snow flake waffles served on its black clay (? not porcelain) plate. Being a skeptic of waffles, I’ve always wondered what was so good about their waffles and how different were they from their counterparts.

Well.. Let us see.

The Place
The ice cream parlor is situated right opposite the National Library at Bras Brasah, on North Bridge Road. Since it’s an ice cream parlor, I guess they aren’t expecting people to spend much time there, and hence the small space. The place was really cramped and crowded when we arrived at about 5pm, which made it really uncomfortable to enjoy our food, because of the noise levels in the rather enclosed place. Photo 28-12-14 6 02 39 pmOne thing I was impressed with this little ice cream parlor was the theme of its design. Look! The counter is a container! And they are called Rabbit Owl DEPOT. How clever! Am I the only smart one who noticed this? HAHAHA! Kidding. Photo 28-12-14 6 02 46 pmSo here’s the boy photobombing my picture of the place unintentionally cause it was so cramped in there!

The Food

They have a wide array of ice cream flavors, and the only one that caught my eye was their new creation: The Speculoos ice cream. Can’t remember what they named it, but it’s basically just speculoos flavored ice cream. And so, we got that to go with our ice cream. I was honestly not really impressed with the variety of ice cream there, probably because of me and my weird preference for ice cream, like I’ve explained here.Photo 28-12-14 4 54 28 pmBesides ice cream and waffles, they do offer coffee too, and wifi! A great place to hang out and get some work done, IF you don’t feel pressurized by the crowd in the cafe.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset If you are a fan of the speculoos spread, you would definitely love this. For those who are not aware, speculoos is actually caramelized cookies, which have recently made a hit with its rendition of a spread. The ice cream version of this tasted exactly like the cookies and spread, or even better, because it was less sweet. I have always complained about how sweet the speculoos biscuit could get, but this was actually pretty well-balanced.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThis is by far my favorite quote. Hahaha! How did the waffles fare? I thought these were one of the better ones I’ve had, and they definitely lived up to expectations. The waffles were the right amount of crisp and fluffy. They went perfectly well with the ice cream, I even wished that there was more for me to savour after finishing one of these waffles. This is pretty rare because I am totally not a ice cream waffle person.

A downside was its price, however. We paid $10.50 for this plate of waffles, which I thought was rather overpriced. It didn’t exactly cross my mind that they were pricey, until the boy pointed out that we usually paid only $8+ for double scoop ice creams on waffle, like that of Shrove Tuesday. Hmm.. Then again, it might just be the location and hence, the steeper price tag.

Closing Remarks

I am overall very impressed with the waffle I’ve had here. The speculoos rendition of ice cream was also very well done, and I sincerely wish that such a quality could be maintained for the rest of the flavors. The downside of my experience was probably the crowd, and the rather impersonal service that we received from the server. I’m pretty sure no one loves to be served by a grouchy face on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, so.. I think they might want to take note of this. Otherwise, I would recommend Rabbit Owl Depot to all fans of waffles, and this might just be the to-go place for your after meal desserts if you’re in the area!

How to get there?

420 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188727

Opening Hours

Daily; 12pm – 10pm.

P.s. Look! I got featured on iWeekly! Haolian! But thanks @benjamintheun for the heads up! 😀 Made me so excited for a good 5 minutes this morning!Photo 11-1-15 11 24 31 am

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