Review: Bell’s Cottage Cafe

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Following the likes of Ciel Patisserie, Shrove Tuesday and Creamier, comes Bell’s Cottage at Clementi. This cafe is nestled in the heart of the HDB flats, a good 10 minutes walk away from the MRT station, much to the joy for the Westies!

The Place
When I first encountered Bell’s Cottage, its white washed exterior and outdoor seating reminded me a lot of Ciel Patisserie. Photo 14-1-15 1 30 51 pmBoth of which exuding a breath of fresh air into the usual rows of hardware stores and coffee shops along the void deck. Living up to its name, the cafe looks just like a cottage on the exterior. When you step into this little cafe, you would probably feel a gush of the feeling at home and the urge to simply plonk your butts down on to one of their seats. It’s no wonder why they call themselves a cottage.  

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A vey small and cosy interior, but definitely not a place for you to chill if it gets crowded, because I thought I was in a market when a party of 4 simply sat and talked over lunch.

The Food
Bell’s Cottage do not have much offerings. I guess their focus is mainly on their ice cream and desserts, although there are also savory mains on the menu. Photo 14-1-15 12 52 18 pm Photo 14-1-15 12 51 56 pmTheir mains go by a mix-and-match concept, with you choosing the type of bread you want, as well as, your fillings. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Just for this review, I decided on getting a Plain Jane Burger ($2.80), because it sounded the most interesting of all, and there were only 3 choices of filings on the day of my visit: egg mayo, tuna and ham. Evidently, I went for the tuna (+$1.80). I finally got what they meant when they named it the Plain Jane burger, because, it’s just a burger, really. A plain jane kinda burger. Buns were well-toasted, and the tuna filling was generous. However, I thought the honey that was being drizzled across the plate was just out of the place with the entire dish, palate wise, and even aesthetically.

A simple meal you could get if you’re going for something light for lunch. Otherwise, you could always head over to the number of coffee shops around the area to get your lunch fix, and swing by here for desserts. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Cottage Special (butter bun with gelato and churros, $9.80): A pretty value for money dessert I would say. And all my favorites on a plate. BREAD. ICE CEAM. CHURROS. I thought the idea of serving churros was pretty smart, because not many cafes serve churros, even though there are so many churro fans out there. I went for their charcoal bun, with the latte machiaato gelato. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI guess Bell’s Cottage has made themselves relatable with this little black burger with gelato and a side of churros. A unique combination and presentation of this impressive dish. The charcoal buns were toasted perfectly, to the point that they are crisp and a little fluffy at the same time. I couldn’t finish my Plain Jane burger, but this ice cream burger got me going mouthfuls after mouthfuls cause it was simply so good and addictive.

However, if Bell’s Cottage Cafe intends to specialize in desserts and gelatos, they should probably expand their flavors of gelatos, as well as experiment with the flavors of their gelato, if it is handmade. Because my scoop of Latte Machiaato got my blood glucose levels shooting up to the stars.

The churros, even though, were a great addition to this dish, was however disappointing. Despite being crisp on the outside, it was overly “doughy” on the inside. The cinnamon powder was also an overkill, causing the side of the churros to become massively bitter, so much so that the gelato could not save my palate from the overpowering bitterness.

Closing Remarks

Despite the hits and misses, this new kid on (under) the block definitely has the potential to be one of the up and rising cafes in Singapore. I cannot emphasize how much I thought the idea of having an ice cream burger with churros is such an ingenious one. However, they do have a lot to work on, in terms of the flavors and on expanding the variety of their mains, if they intend to venture into serving savory items on their menu. But as cafe owners, it’s always not so good to be a jack of all trades and a master of none in this competitive cafe industry in Singapore.

Bell’s Cottage Cafe is a joy to have in the Clementi estate to get one’s dessert fix. However, it requires a little more work from this little hidden gem before I would recommend you to make a special trip down to this little cafe for their Cottage Special.

How to get there?

354 Clementi Avenue 2

Opening Hours

Mon – Thu: 12:00 – 21:00
Fri – Sat: 12:00 – 22:00
Sun: 12:00 – 21:00

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