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Review: Chick and Ken @ Lorong Telok

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Wondering where to go this weekend? Or are you a foodie working around the Raffles Place area and getting sick of the food you get around there? You may want to check out the week-old Chick and Ken. Yes, they sell Chicken. Opened by the Stateland Boys, Chick and Ken is their new KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) […]

Review: Old Hen Coffee @ Rangoon Road

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Visiting Old Hen Coffee on Rangoon Road today, was just like visiting an old friend for me. Old hen, old friend… Hey, that rhymes! They are the first cafe I’ve been to on this happening stretch, and will always be the cafe I turn to whenever I’m in doubt while in the vicinity. Old Hen Coffee first […]

Review: Project Açaí @ Holland Villag...

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Say ah-sigh-ee. Not A CAI. That means one vegetable in Chinese. Okay my lame jokes are not going anywhere. One-week old Project açaí, is Singapore’s first ever açaí superfood cafe. As people are attempting to be more and more health conscious these days, and yet can’t seem to resist after meal desserts (like me) at the same time, Project açaí […]

Review: The Clueless Goat @ Novena

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I stumbled upon The Clueless Goat, while browsing through Instagram cluelessly. Being one of the few cafes over the Chinese New Year period, I initially intended to visit them on their second day of their opening. However, they were only serving cakes and coffee then, so I visited them a week into their operations instead. The Place […]

Review: Bratworks! @ One Raffles Plac...

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My interest for currywurst piqued when I first saw posts on Instagram about Mr Berlin, a place that serves up original German bratwurst and crurrywurst in Singapore! Of course, I squealed in excitement when I found out that Nicholas (@stormscape) was bringing me to Bratworks!  The Place Bratworks! is a 3-week-old German Imbiss located at One Raffles Place, one […]

Review: Montana Brew Bar @ POMO

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Aren’t we all sick of cafes serving only waffles in Singapore? Yeah me too. Waffles with ice cream, that is. But I guess the sound of Truffle Mac and Cheese Waffle would get just anyone a little excited right? Montana Brew Bar, is the newest kid on the waffle block. POMO may not be heard […]

Review: Thai Boat Noodle @ Bedok Poin...

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Noodles at just $1? In Singapore? REALLY?!  Yes! They are here now! These popular Kuay Tiau Rua (Boat Noodles) were traditionally sold by vendors on boats along the canals of Bangkok. While these boat noodles cost only 10 baht (~$0.45) in Bangkok, it is about twice the price here in Singapore (Surprise, surprise), and of course without any […]

Review: Holqa Cafe @ East Coast Road ...

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When Holqa Cafe contacted me for a tasting session, I was pleasantly surprised because they were just the cafe which I intended to visit previously, but didn’t because I was afraid of missing my bus! They are located right behind a bus stop, that’s why.  Holqa is owned and ran by the pair of friendly and earnest young couple, […]

Review: House of Seafood @ Punggol Se...

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I am officially the proud owner of my very own domain,! I have also changed the layout of website, so do give me feedback if there’s anything missing from my page! I was invited to a tasting at House of Seafood @ Punggol Settlement last Wednesday, thanks to Roy (@eatwithroy), also the owner of Black & Ink! Despite […]

Review: The Daily Press @ Toa Payoh

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Having sandwiches as a main in any of my meals has never been acceptable by my standards, until the day I visited The Daily Press. With only a variety of sandwiches offered plus 3 other sides to share, I wondered why I have always been drawn to visit this cafe, every single time I see […]