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Having sandwiches as a main in any of my meals has never been acceptable by my standards, until the day I visited The Daily Press. With only a variety of sandwiches offered plus 3 other sides to share, I wondered why I have always been drawn to visit this cafe, every single time I see their photos up on Instagram.

The Place

Located at the opposite block from the ever popular Creamier, lies this unassuming cafe. A clean and simple exterior, with glass windows for people watching; its surprisingly spacious interior (for a single unit, that is); and coffee from the Speakeasy blend of Liberty, makes this cafe sound like a perfect place to chill in the Toa Payoh neighborhood.

The Food
Photo 24-1-15 3 46 41 pmPhoto 24-1-15 3 46 55 pm The sandwiches are the main offerings of this cafe, a range of different proteins wrapped in between 2 slices of ciabatta/multigrain/rye sourdough bread. Vegetarian options are available too!

As much as I wanted to order the Beef sandwich, 2 of my dining partners did not take beef, to my UTMOST DISMAY. Hence, we went for the House-Cured Salmon ($15) and Babi Pongteh ($12). We ordered only 2 sandwiches to share amongst the 3 of us, not because we were small eaters, but it’s just cause this was about an hour after lunch. HAHA! Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset House-cured Salmon ($15): Smoked Salmon with Smoked Yogurt, Apples, Spiced Walnuts, Rye Sourdough. The harmony of the ingredients used in this sandwich was on point. The sweetness of the apples was subtle, yet sufficient to neutralize the sourness of the yogurt. They complemented so well with the smoked salmon that the taste of the smoked salmon was elevated in this dish, which was what I loved because I am a huge fan of the taste of smoked salmon! The walnuts used also gave an added crunch to this otherwise, slimy dish!
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Babi Pongteh ($12): Pork belly with carrot, cucumber, chili hugged with 2 slices of ciabatta bread. The pork was surprisingly succulent and generous in its serving. Moreover, there was not a single hint of the “porky” taste that turns people off, which I thought was really good. It just left us wanting for more after every mouthful. A downside of this was the ciabatta bread which can get pretty difficult to slice. So it is definitely not recommended for sharing, because you can’t simply share such amazing food with others, and yes, it is also very difficult to cut and share.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetBesides the sandwiches, we also got ourselves a cup of coffee each. Pictured above is the flat white. While I did not quite enjoy the iced mocha as I found it a little too diluted and bland for my liking, the flat white seemed to be enjoyed by my dining partner! Each latte served at The Daily Press comes with a double shot of ristretto, so I think it would be a pretty good cuppa to fix your caffeine cravings!
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Closing Remarks

I enjoyed my visit to The Daily Press, and it has certainly changed my view on having sandwiches for a meal because this definitely was quite filling for us. A great place to head to, if you’re looking for a healthier and lighter fix. These sandwiches have definitely impressed me and I would love to try their other offerings such as the KFC and beef, which I have heard loads of raving reviews about them! All you lucky Toa Payoh people!

How to get there? 

126 Toa Payoh Lorong 1
Singapore 310126

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 10:30am to 9:30pm

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