Review: Old Hen Coffee @ Rangoon Road

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Visiting Old Hen Coffee on Rangoon Road today, was just like visiting an old friend for me. Old hen, old friend… Hey, that rhymes! They are the first cafe I’ve been to on this happening stretch, and will always be the cafe I turn to whenever I’m in doubt while in the vicinity. Old Hen Coffee first made a big splash on our instagram feeds with its cold brew when they first hatched in this area, and they have now matured to one of the iconic cafes on Rangoon Road. Old Hen, lao jiao indeed.

The Location

Located a stone’s throw away from Exit B of Farrer park, Old Hen Coffee is really accessible for all of us hipsters out there vying to get a picture of the photogenic glass bottle of cold brew coffee. If it is your first visit to Rangoon Road, I hope the following direction helps:
When you come out from Exit B, you’ll be facing a building directly opposite you. Head towards that direction using the traffic light, situated diagonally from the MRT exit, because your safety is my priority. Aww.
Continue heading north (straight), and you’ll first pass by the new cafe concept by YaKun, Tamper and Co., and Old Hen is located just next to it.
IMG_7574 IMG_7576These cute little cartoons on the blackboard are changed regularly, but they will guide you to the entrance of Old Hen.

The Food
Photo 7-2-15 2 22 18 pm Photo 7-2-15 2 22 08 pmFor a coffee bar, Old Hen has a pretty extensive menu. Besides serving up coffee and their famous Cold Brews, they do have some light bites, as well as unassumingly filling mains.

On my first visit to Old Hen, I got their Cold Brew and Thai Milk Tea pound cake.
Photo 27-2-15 10 46 33 pmI could no longer find this picture on my phone, so I had to visit my instagram and scroll through that 1k+ photos for this picture, and there you go! Such dedication. (I HAD ONLY 40 LIKES THEN?!! Man.. I’ve came a long way! HAHAHA!) This Thai Milk Tea Pound Cake is no longer served at Old Hen, but I am pretty sure a similar version of it can be found at Dutch Colony!

My second visit saw me getting its cold brew AGAIN, and a peanut butter pound cake.
IMG_8267Very much yums. I remembered the cold brew being too milky for my liking previously, but today’s brew didn’t seem so. They might have tweaked the ratio a little, and it’s perfect to me now. The above 2 pound cakes are no longer available at Old Hen, they have since gotten their bakes from Maple and Market. Yay to pretty cakes!

I felt the burning desire to do a review on Old Hen for the longest while, however it took me 21 weeks to do so because I wanted to at least try out one of its hot foods for a more complete review. I finally had the chance earlier this year. I tried its Chicken Cheese Burrito ($9), with an iced mocha, for a more balanced review on its coffee.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Honestly, I’ve had better mochas. Ever since then, I’ve decided to stick to their cold brews whenever I’m there. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetHowever, the seemingly small cheesy chicken burrito, was surprisingly filling. Stuffed with shredded chicken, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cheese and homemade honey mustard, this burrito packed a punch, and got me struggling to finish up the entire burrito because I was so full! I thought the burrito had extremely generous fillings, however, it would have been better if it was cheesier (like me). The taste of the cheese seemed to be marred by the other ingredients, and it was almost absent in the burrito. Not what I quite expect from a CHEESY chicken burrito! Besides, the uneven seasoning on the chicken made half the burrito overly peppery to taste, while the other, bland. The side salad served with this burrito had strawberries in it, instead of the usual cherry tomatoes! What a twist!

My visit to Old Hen earlier today, made me really happy because OLD HEN FINALLY HAS WIFI. Now, you’ll see me hanging out there so frequently, you got to come up to say hi when you see me.
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetThis picture is inspired by my secretly talented metro boyfriend, who has recently taken an interest in taking pictures of food. Much love. We tried the Panna Cotta ($5), which was basically vanilla pudding, with a layer of chocolate sauce, topped with salted caramel popcorn. A good treat if you’re just feeling a little peckish.

Closing Remarks

Old Hen has certainly matured from the first time I visited them, and seems determined to stay put in this area. Despite the rising competition, with cafes popping up and littering the area at an exponential rate, I believe that Old Hen is able to withstand the competition with its sincere service, affordable food, and not forgetting the fact that they are the pioneers of the instagram-worthy cold brew. They definitely do have room for improvement in terms of their hot dishes, but it is still reasonably priced, and taste-wise, much better than many of their competitors out there. I heard how amazing their waffle with greek yogurt is, and guess what’s next on the menu I’m gonna try?

Besides.. FREE WIFI NOW. OMG. Please get me a permanent seat in there.

How to get there? 

88 Rangoon Road, 218374
Nearest MRT: Farrer Park, Exit B

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday (CLOSED ON TUES): 12pm – 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 10pm

Stay tuned for my list of Cafes with Wifi!

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    hi, do you know if there are plugs available?

    • Bean Bean
      November 13, 2015    

      Yes there are limited plugs around. Maybe 1 or 2!

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