Review: Little Hiro

I could be your hiro, baby. I could kiss away your pain…

Little Hiro, was indeed our lunch hero by easing the pains of our hunger pangs with a simple, homely and affordable fare! This humble little diner serves up a fusion of Hawaiian-Japanese cuisine. My first impression of the place did not strike me as being anything Hawaiian or Japanese, but its interior splashed in brightly colored paint do shout HAWAIIAN though. And maybe because I don’t really know what to expect of a Japanese-Hawaiian fusion. Really.

The PlacePhoto 2-4-15 12 51 29 pm Located along Bukit Timah Road, at King’s Arcade, Little Hiro is pretty hard to miss with its outstanding coat of paint, like a breath of fresh air blown into the neighborhood. Photo 2-4-15 12 51 54 pmThe diner consists of both indoor and outdoor seating, with an open concept kitchen. I do not exactly fancy an open kitchen because of the smells that would get on to your clothes and hair, even after leaving the place!

The Food
Photo 2-4-15 12 52 11 pmWe were offered a wide variety of food, which I’ll be going into details in the next segment!

1. “Foot Long” Fried Karaage Chicken & Waffles ($15.80)
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetFirst thing that caught our attention was, its plating. SO CUTE! We’ve seen and had a fair share of fried chicken with waffles, but one that’s arranged in a “foot long” arrangement? Now, that’s special! The combination of the fried karaage and waffles were great. However, when I decided to have them separately, the waffle had the after taste that screams PREMIX BATTER. I didn’t really like how it tasted. The Karaage, on the other hand, was succulent, and crisp to perfection. One of the better fried chicken I’ve eaten. Although the waffle was a little of a let down, I thought the combination of both when eaten together was great, and the price for this dish, was well.. Really reasonable as compared to some other places that serve the same dish too! Besides, this is the most expensive dish on the menu already!

2. Ramen Burger (Chicken: $10.20, Beef: $12.20)
Photo 2-4-15 1 16 59 pm  I just couldn’t get a good shot of this burger no matter how hard I tried. This is one of the 2 ramen burgers they offer. One, being the chicken karaage burger, while this is the BBQ Bacon Bleu burger. Mmmm.. BBQ sauce with a beef patty, bacon and melted blue cheese. Mmm.. Easily the best ramen burger I’ve had. Then again, who doesn’t like ramen burgers! With the disappearance of Traveling Cow, I’m glad that Little Hiro serves up this amazing burger, because I now know where I could get my ramen burger fix! But seriously, don’t share this dish, it’s SUPER difficult to cut and share, just grab it and shove one into your mouth, because it’s easier and tastier like that!

3. Spam Fries ($4.80)
Photo 2-4-15 9 36 55 pm
Spam fries! Definitely the cheapest and the best presented Spam fries I’ve had. Look! It’s presented in the SPAM can! How cute! Served together with the housemade curry mayo, I just couldn’t stop popping one after the other into my mouth!

4. HABANERO wings (2 for $4.50, 4 for $8.90)
 Photo 2-4-15 1 21 37 pm Habanero sauce. Now, that’s Hawaiian. These wings come in 3 different levels of spiciness: extra hot, crazy hot and LOCO MOCO HOT. And so, we decided to have all 3 of them. Level 3 was.. in our language, *slurps lemonade frantically*. I loved the spicy kick from all 3 levels though, but seriously, if you can’t take spicy foods, DON’T attempt to try this. Hahaha! I love places that serve up such fun food, it makes our experience there a much more fun and enjoyable one!

5. Salted Caramel Pretzel Cheese Cake ($6.20)
 Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Their new dessert offering besides the ice cream they have from Island Creamery, their sister company! This cheesecake is what any cheesecake lover would ask for. Dense. A really dense cheesecake, that needs sharing for an average human. But I could probably finish it all by myself, because it’s sooooo good! The salted caramel drizzle with the added pretzels managed to balance the density of the cheesecake, and I especially loved the extra crunch from the pretzels. That sweet and savory combination never fails to get me squealing! I loved this!

Closing Remarks

I loved how Little Hiro manages to whip up such quality fare, yet with more than affordable price tags. We thoroughly enjoyed the food we had there, and it is some where I would return for more of their dishes, and of course, for their ramen burger! With the affordable price tag, and the number of schools in the vicinity, this is definitely not a place for you if you’re looking for a nice, quiet place to dine in.

Little Hiro, is definitely a place for you to visit if you’re, like me, sick of the usual cafe fare, and looking for a good twist to the usual fast food affair. What a hidden gem!

Little Hiro
#01-01, King’s Arcade
559 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269695

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 11.30am to 9.30pm. *last order 9.00pm
Fri-Sat: 11.30am to 10.00pm. *last order 9.30p,

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    The food names sound interesting. Thanks for sharing about this cafe.

    • April 21, 2015    

      @koon Glad you like it! Do head down to give them a try!!

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