Mother’s Day Edition: TAO Seafood Asia

If you tao tia (headache) over where to bring your mother for a sumptuous Mother’s Day meal, TAO Seafood Asia is here for you!

Photo 28-4-15 6 33 41 pm I know Mother’s Day is just this weekend, but Tao is offering their Mother’s Day menu, Mrs Lee’s Favorites from now till the end of May! You can always bring your mum out for a belated celebration eh? Then again, you don’t have to wait till Mother’s Day to take the opportunity to thank your mum too! Heh! This menu is inspired by the favorite dishes of the wife of Chef Lee, and they were indeed really homely. My mother’s eyes lit up when she saw pictures from this menu, and I say, if 2 mothers approve of this menu, it must be something Tao’s definitely doing something right that strikes a chord amongst all our mothers’ hearts.

Before I start with the introduction of the Mother’s Day Specials, let me whet your appetites with some interesting facts I found out about TAO! Did you know that to ensure the consistency, efficiency and quality of their food, TAO actually has specific chefs specializing in specific dishes! It’s no wonder why their green chili sauce has a legendary reputation, there’s actually a chef specializing in churning these out! Wow!
Photo 28-4-15 8 08 37 pm

Moreover, each dish is made upon every order. It’s no wonder why all our food came fresh and piping hot. To facilitate this, they actually have many stoves for the different dishes and orders, so we don’t have to wait too long!

Lastly, the name TAO in Chinese -饕聚 – signifies a place where gourmets gather. So if you’re a family who loves to eat, this is definitely a place for you guys to go!

The Food

1. Lemongrass with Rock Sugar

Order this if you want something thirst quenching in this hot and sultry season of May! I found this lemongrass drink very refreshing, and it also helps to clear your palate after every dish to get you ready for the next one! Definitely a good alternative to the usual Chinese teas or sodas!

2. Chilled Drunken Chicken $10

I LOVED this dish. Okay how about, I loved every dish served that night? I’m personally not too much of a fan of chilled drunken chicken in restaurants because I find the taste of wine really overpowering. And some times, the chicken can get a little to chewy because it’s chilled. However, this dish portrayed a fine balance, without my nose choking from wine, and the chicken was really tender as well. Mmmm.. I could have seconds at this!

3. Steamed Egg with Coconut Juice topped with Crab Meat and Salmon Roe ($9.80 per pax)Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Wait, wha..What? I know, that sounds too good to be true, too decadent to be true, and simply just… Gasp. This is definitely my first time having steamed egg with coconut juice, but hey, they went surprisingly well together, with the coconut juice elevating the dish with its subtle fragrance, and the salmon roe was just perfect with its addition to the textures.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetA complex dish in terms of taste and textures, but very, very, very satisfying. It was easily a crowd pleaser! Hey, that pumpkin carved fish looks really awesome as well!

Main Course
4. Claypot Braised Chicken and Abalone with Rice Wine – $48 per portion (4 pax)
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Generous, really generous portions of abalone and chicken. I especially loved the rice wine sauce, which goes very well with plain rice. I could just survive dinner with this dish. And what a steal at $48!

5. Chef Lee’s Homestyle Wok Fried Prawns – $30 per portion (4 pax)Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

A tip for eating these prawns – USE YOUR HANDS. This is so that you could savor the yummy secret sauce coated on the shell of the prawns while enjoying its meat. It can get a little too salty, so I wouldn’t recommend this dish if your parents are really health conscious and all. But definitely, a real tasty dish! Otherwise you could just have these with rice to neutralize some of the saltiness in here!

6. TAO Pig Trotters with Sea Cucumber – $48/portion (4pax)Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Oh.My.God. This was an absolute delight. Trust me. This was my very first time tasting literally MELT IN THE MOUTH pig trotters. This was so tender, I could almost feel the collagen from the fats go to my face immediately. Or it could just be me being excited about this dish. Wow. Really wow. I am more of a pork belly fan, but after that night, I’ve since changed allegiance. I’m totally on Team Pig Trotters.

7. Orh Ni Sago Dessert – $6
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I can’t really comment on this because I’m not a fan of this yam dessert at all. I tried it anyway and I found it to be less murky and thick as the previous ones I’ve tried before. Chef has explained that this was because he wanted a lighter ending to the meal, and hence made the orh ni less heavy. Pretty well-executed in my opinion, and my dining partners thoroughly enjoyed this dessert. My mother LOVES this.

1. Salted Egg Yolk Fried Fish Skin
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

This was so crispy and crunchy, I couldn’t stop myself from reaching one after the other. Super, super addictive and a great way to fill your bellies if you’re waiting to be served. What’s more, IT IS SALTED EGG YOLK!

2. TAO Seafood Asia Stewed Rice VermicelliProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I thought this was better than the Sembawang Bai Mi Fen. The essence in this dish, was a slight combination of sweet and savory. I especially loved how the vermicelli absorbs the slight broth in this dish, and every mouthful of this noodles was just like a spring of flavors in my mouth. There were also generous toppings of seafood – prawns, crab meat and squids! YUM YUM!

Closing Remarks

I LOVED TAO SEAFOOD. I loved everything they served and how homely everything tasted, which sends pangs of nostalgia into you with every bite. Each dish is so delicately prepared, it left us feeling really impressed and satisfied. TAO is a perfect place for you to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mums, or even a good place to go for family gatherings. It is definitely the top place I would recommend everyone for any sort of event or celebrations, or even just a dinner for 2.

How to get there?
12 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 2 #02-10
Singapore 018961

Opening Hours
1130 to 1430 / 1800 to 2200 (last order by 2130)

Instagram: @taoseafoodasia


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