Review: FatCat Ice Cream Bar

Every cafehopper dream includes paying FatCat Ice Cream Bar for their plated desserts, ice cream with unique flavors and their signature waffles with Salted Egg sauce, and I wasn’t an exception. Photo 13-3-15 11 40 59 am We got really excited at the prospect of visiting them. Besides we’ve heard about how packed the place can get and how their waffles were selling out like hello kitties on a daily basis then (I believe the waffle situation is way better now), so we reached half an hour before their opening. Truly embracing our Singaporean roots, and unleashing the genetically predisposed attitude of kiasu-ness.  The PlacePhoto 13-3-15 12 49 52 pm Located  together with the row of shop houses under a HDB flat in Bedok, even though their shop front may stand out from the rest of their counterparts, I believe I wouldn’t have expected this place to serve up such affordable and well-plated desserts if I were just a random person visiting the estate.

Despite the relatively small seating space, I thought they did a good job attempting to house as many patrons as possible in their constraints. I loved the rustic vibes this place gives off, and especially the off-white/greyish walls because they make such good background for my photos!

The Food
Photo 13-3-15 12 06 33 pmPhoto 13-3-15 12 12 52 pmI wish I had the stomach space to try their butter beer because it sounds way too interesting! Next time, next time!Photo 13-3-15 12 08 18 pm This is their range of ice creams flavors, with some classic flavors while others, having a unique twist to them such as that of the butterbeer which I loved. The subtle taste of alcohol within the smooth, creamy ice cream. Photo 13-3-15 12 09 17 pm These are the menu for their plated desserts and waffles. I thought that the prices for the plated desserts were really affordable, taking into account the quality of ingredients used, the effort needed, and to upscale an otherwise normal dessert, like the banana nutella, definitely requires some skill and sophistication to achieve that kind of refinement. Very impressive!

1. Banana Nutella ($9)Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Oh, that luscious slices of banana, with nutella truffle (I suppose that’s what the powder is), nutella drizzle and topped with a perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset I thought this dish was BEAUTIFULLY plated. The combination of banana and nutella never fails but then, there wasn’t a wow factor in these, unfortunately. They tasted good, but not something I would want to go for if I want to taste something with more umph!

2. Lime Mojito Spheres – $4 each
Even though you see these come in pairs on your social media, no, they do not come in pairs, like what many of my friends assumed. And each sphere is $4. Before you go, WA SO EXPENSIVE, trust me this is a gastronomic experience you can get at a wayyyyyy lower price than anywhere else. Remember to snap your pictures quickly and pop these babies into your mouth. Feel the spheres burst within your mouths, with your tongue indulging in the taste of lime mojito while your palates still recovering from the pleasant surprise from the popping of flavors and juices in your mouth. So good, and so, very refreshing!

3. Charcoal Waffle with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce, Butterbeer Ice Cream ($6 + $4.50) Probably one of the cheapest waffle I’ve had, because ice cream parlors love to jack up their prices for waffles and ice cream these days, it pisses me off. It’s like don’t think I don’t know the batter very cheap only please. Hahaha!
Here’s a tip, get a milder flavored ice cream to best test the essence of the salted egg yolk sauce. Deliciously creamy, taste subtle, but I thought it could be a little stronger. Then again, it’s me, I love the taste of salted egg yolk! The waffle was also crisp and fluffy, together with the hint of lavender and caramel sauce surrounding the waffle for the finishing touches, I thought this was a pretty good dish because of how well everything came together.

After all, this is still a waffle and ice cream dish, so don’t go with the expectations that it would be WA DAMN GOOD, WA the liu sha can squirt out from the waffle, because you will only leave in disappointment! A good dish to try in my opinion though!

4. Iced Mocha – $6
Photo 13-3-15 12 55 26 pm 
I wasn’t expecting much from their coffee since they specialize in desserts and ice cream, but hey, I was pleasantly surprised by this cup of mocha. I loved the acidity of the coffee, and the chocolate was pretty rich. Looks like they’ve got all corners covered!

Closing Remarks

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at FatCat, and would have enjoyed it more, if there weren’t so many younglings hanging out there at 12pm. They were as noisy as crying babies, I nearly died. FatCat deserves all the praises because of the innovation they put on their plates, (I mean really, tom yum granita?! WISH I COULD TRY THAT!) and the affordable price tag that comes along with it. Although many have commented that they are overrated, well… I would think that it must be due to the elevation of the expectations everyone has based on the looks of their desserts and comments on social media.

Otherwise, I thought they fared WAY BETTER than any other ice cream shops. Thank you for setting the bar high and paving the way for the future of desserts and ice cream we can get in cafes!

How to get there?

416 Bedok North Avenue 2
Singapore 460416

Opening Hours
1:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Wed – Thu: 1:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Fri: 1:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Sat: 12:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Instagram: @fatcatsg

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