Review: Ssiksin Chicken & Snowman Desserts @ NEX

Frankly speaking, I’m still not sure what this place is called exactly, because:
1. I wasn’t paying attention,
2. the seating area for customers of their Korean Fried Chicken and Bingsu was so cramped and limited, I was overwhelmed by the environmental stimuli to take notice of signboard.

And, I don’t really know why they have 2 names to a single store. They even have more seating further in the eatery for their Korean BBQ customers, and who knows what they are named..

The Place
Replacing the space that once housed Gong Cha, and located in between Swesens and MOF, lies Ssiksin Chicken/ Snowman Desserts.

The semi-open space will be difficult to miss because of the rather huge snowman mascot at the entrance. The place was in fact, very cramped, and I wasn’t too impressed with the seating because it seemed messy and there was an absolute lack of privacy and personal space. Moreover, being in a party of 3, we were assigned a table that saw both of us facing the entrance, with no space for any one to seat opposite us, and our friend had to sit at the end of the 2 tables. It was well.. A really awkward seating arrangement. It was like something I would do in Diner Dash because I didn’t give a thought about what the virtual diners would think, except that this time, at Ssiksin, their diners are probably alive, and I think the staff need to take that into consideration.

We were not too impressed by the service quality as well. Although it was on a weekend, the place was not as busy as it should be, as we popped by at about 3.45pm. However, it was still really difficult for us to catch the attention of the waitresses, because the 2 – 3 of them were simply minding their own business or busy chatting with the cashier. Contrary to the usual polite service we receive in Korean restaurants, water was not even served to us until we asked for it, and they’ve got expressions as though we owed them a living. Really. It’s been a while since I’ve got such poor service and that really irks me to no end. Also, we were unable to order both our mains and desserts at the same time, even though the bill is tendered to a single cashier, I think they might need to work around with that. Our table was also hastily cleared a minute before the bingsus arrived, even though we ordered them a while ago. It also seemed as though our plates were smeared with poison ivy because the waitress made it seem so, and left remnants of sauces and chicken on the table, very much to my dismay.

The Food

Despite the service, I really liked the menu because I thought that they had a variety of choices, yet were not too varied to the point that you would get undecided on what to order. Basically, there’s something for everyone’s tastebuds.

Here’s the menu for the mains:  Photo 9-5-15 3 38 02 pm Photo 9-5-15 3 38 30 pm Photo 9-5-15 3 38 15 pm Photo 9-5-15 3 38 11 pm

Dessert menu:Photo 9-5-15 3 38 48 pm Photo 9-5-15 3 38 58 pm Photo 9-5-15 3 39 18 pmPhoto 9-5-15 3 39 06 pm

We ordered 2 mains and 2 bingsus, as well as a soft serve with churros while waiting for our orders to arrive.

1. Churros with Ice Cream – $3.50 I thought this was pretty affordable because it came with churros. Haha! Anything with churros goes for me! This was the soft serve with kiwi sauce. We were pretty taken aback about how good this tasted. The kiwi sauce was fragrant, and the soft serve was milky to the right extent, and it didn’t melt too quickly too! Besides, the churros served together with it was basically a cherry atop of the cake, although it could be a little more crisp. I would definitely get this whenever I am at NEX!

2. Soy Sauce Chicken, Spicy (4 pcs for $16)

I actually thought this was pretty affordable, because ever since my visit to Chir Chir, I assumed that all prices of Korean Fried Chicken were about $20-ish. Haha! Then I realized that, HEY, $16 means it’s $4 a piece, that’s pretty expensive! BUT, I thought it was worth the price because of the huge portion, and I really enjoyed the soy glaze as well, so Mmm.. However, if you’re not a fan of spicy food, please don’t go for the spicy option, because it is REALLY spicy. I wish the marinade could seep in more into the chicken though, like those done in Chir Chir! Nevertheless, this attempt was good enough to make me crave and go back for more!

Oh, and all their mains are served with a side of salad and raddish!

3. Cheesy Spicy Chicken – $15
Easily the favorite dish of that day. The melted mozzarella cheese in this with the chunks of chicken were absolutely amazing. The chicken had the right amount of heat, and its combination with cheese just left us wanting for more! Besides, I really, really loved the generous servings of onions and capsicums found within the dish, I found myself picking on them together with the THICK mozzarella cheese and savoring it to no end.
 The best part? It’s only $15++! I would say a must order if you ever decide to visit Ssiksin Chicken!

4. Melon Snow Milk Bingsu ($14)
Photo 9-5-15 5 32 39 pm
No bingsus can actually satisfy me after my visit to Nunsongyee. Despite the really pretty appearance, I thought the ice was pretty lackluster. The melted softserve made up for it though, to give it a more milky essence and taste, to its otherwise bland shaved ice. Not the first place you should go for your bingsu experience, but this is well.. acceptable, at best.

5. Soy Flour Bingsu – $11.50 Basically a bingsu topped with soy flour, mochi and almond flakes. Just like a muah chee on ice. I did not have much of this because Mr Samuel Ng wants it, and thinks it is healthier with soy flour. I thought the mochi were a little too hard to chew on, and without the soft serve, the shaved ice was pretty much just ice. I wasn’t too impressed with this and definitely would not order it again!

Closing Remarks

Besides the good company, I thought the food offered here at Ssiksin Chicken/Snowman desserts were pretty impressive, especially for its rather affordable price as compared to its counterparts. I am really surprised by the quality of their chicken dishes, despite their unassuming exterior, and their soft serve as well. Bingsu-wise, I’m not a huge fan of them here at Snowman Desserts. If you’re in the area and really craving for bingsu, take a short ride down to Burghley Drive for some REAL authentic Korean bingsu at Nunsongyee, instead of having them at Snowman.

I would recommend my friends to swing by for their chicken, the cheesy one especially. YUM!

How to get there?
Serangoon NEX
Singapore 238858

Opening Hours
11.30am to 10pm, daily

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