Review: Diamond Kitchen @ Science Park

Diamond Kitchen, a gem that we all are familiar with in the East of Singapore, at Marine Parade, has expanded its operations to the other end of our island – at Science Park 1 in the West!

A great news for all Westies, and a joy to all who are working in that vicinity. Due to the overwhelming popularity of their outlet in the East, I’ve heard about advanced reservations of up to a month is needed if one decides to pop by to enjoy their signature seafood dishes and Chinese fare! Wow. With the opening of this new outlet in the serene Science Park 1, diners can now choose to visit this 260-seater outlet instead! For more intimate affairs, there are also private rooms of up to 14 pax available.

In commemoration of their new opening, Diamond Kitchen has introduced a NEW set menu launched exclusively here at Science Park, offering their seafood signatures at just a FRACTION of their ala carte price. From now till 31 July 2015, it is offered at a promotional price of $88++ per pax (at least 4 to dine; usual price: $150++/pax). Sounds like a pretty good idea for your belated Mother’s Day dinner or Father’s Day plan huh?

Here’s a rundown of the 7-Course Diamond Seafood Signatures Menu exclusively available at Diamond Kitchen Science Park. – Promotional price of $88++/pax, minimum 4 persons to dine!

Prices indicated on the side of each dish are from the ala carte menu, for your reference!

1. Shredded Chicken Salad with Abalone – $32 (salad) + $68 (one whole abalone)
Start your indulgent meal with a light starter to whet your appetite. You can expect fresh slices of poached chicken and Australian abalone, served together with premium greens and black fungus, and drizzled with sesame oil. I loved the extra crunch from the celery and black fungus in this. Not to worry if you aren’t a fan of celery, because I’m not one as well, but this was so well concocted, you won’t even notice that celery is in there.

2. Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clam – $12 – $14 each
Scottish Bamboo Clam, that was SO fresh and succulent, this was easily the BEST bamboo clam I’ve eaten.
 The star of this dish aside, I thought the garnish of crispy fried garlic made it more irresistible than it already is. That fragrance, and umm.. Bad breath, but it’s all worth it. The glass noodles cushioning the bamboo clam was my favorite part after devouring the clam, because it went so well with the Hong Kong steamed sauce!

This dish stood out from the rest of the bamboo clams I’ve had because of its varied textures coming from the fried garlic, chestnuts, and enoki mushrooms, which elevated this dish in terms of taste and texture.

3. Choice of Giant Grouper – seasonal price

This is definitely not a common option you get in any seafood restaurants. This is a 20kg fish that is prized for its exceptionally thick, gelatinous and collagen-rich skin (sounds a little like me, eh? Except I’m not 20kg). A difficult fish to tackle and requires very technical cooking skills. However, Diamond Kitchen has managed to master the art of cooking this monstrous fish, and made use of different cooking methods for the different parts of the fish to bring out the best in flavor and texture: Belly for the steamed Grouper, and the Fin for the claypot option!

a) Hong Kong Steamed Giant Grouper
This HUGE steamed giant grouper belly is served together with Hong Kong steamed sauce, which is brewed with top-grade soya sauce.

In fact, I thought there wasn’t even a need for the sauce because this grouper belly tasted so good on its own. Even though I am not a fan of the scaly fish skin, I tried the one on this grouper, and guess what? I didn’t even feel like I was having the skin. It was fatty and jelly-like, and really amazing to chew on. The best part? NO FISHY TASTE as well. A friend who does not like having fish at all finished his share of this grouper, because the texture on this fish was unlike the others. It was tender, and had a subtle crunch to it, which made us feel as though we were eating crab meat, instead of a fish!

b) Superior Claypot Giant Grouper
This is the other variation you can choose for the Grouper dish. This is the claypot-braised giant grouper fin, immersed with house stock and garlic. This tasted just as good, because it is really about the freshness of the seafood used. I personally preferred the former because there were no bones. However, older folks in your family may prefer this because they like to have meat near the fin, which is firmer and sweeter!

4. Lobster Porridge – seasonal price
This is probably the highlight of the entire menu. Do note that this dish is a hush-hush item on the menu. While it does not appear on the ala carte menu, you can still order this, only if you know about this dish and ask for it! Yes, you heard it first here, and please treat me to a pot of this too.
In this indulgent pot, consists of halves of steamed local lobsters, and “pao fan”. “Pao fan” is not exactly porridge, but it is rice simmered in chicken stock spiked with Chinese wine and sliced ginger. A more grainy texture in this dish as compared to a porridge dish! Me likes. The sweetness of the lobster would be evident in this dish, and together with the rice and broth, mmm.. SO, VERY COMFORTING. And it feels very light as well, a great dish in an otherwise heavy 7-course meal.

5. Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaf with Salted Fish – $12/18/24
They not only have super delicious seafood, their vegetables are top-notch as well! We especially love the crunch pork lard within the pot of veggies. A delightful addition to the menu!

6. Diamond Gan Xiang Crab – seasonal price
THE ONE AND ONLY VARIANT IN SINGAPORE IS FROM DIAMOND KITCHEN – The Gan Xiang Crab. This unique creation consists of succulent Sri Lankan Crab wok-fried with a range of 20+ spices, which gave the dish a hint of curry taste with a myriad of other flavors! Did you know that the Head Chef HAS to be present when these crabs are delivered for quality check to ensure its freshness, and quality. Each crab served will be guaranteed of a weight of 1.1 – 1.5kg. Truly, truly amazing. I salivated a little while typing this paragraph. HAHA!

7. Lemongrass Jelly – $5
For a light and refreshing end to your dinner, Diamond Kitchen has specially prepared this for you! Shaved lime and honey ice with lemongrass jelly, amongst the cooling lemongrass water! I assure you, after finishing this, you’d feel like your body is cleansed of all kinds of possible oils and unhealthiness. It’s like you can eat another 7-course meal again! HEHE!

Remember! The promotional price of $88++/pax for this 7-course dinner (exclusively at Science Park 1) is only available from now till 31 July 2015! A minimum of 4 pax is needed to enjoy this set meal! Definitely a steal for the quality of food served at Diamond Kitchen. HURRY DOWN NOW!

How to get there?
87 Science Park Drive
#01-01 Oasis
Singapore 118260

Opening hours
11am to 2.30pm
5.30pm to 10.30pm daily!


This is a hosted meal, courtesy of Diamond Kitchen (Science Park)!

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