Review: Lean Bento @ The Arcade, Raffles Place

With our hectic schedule, it has been increasingly difficult for all of us to fulfill the #eatclean #traindirty lifestyles. We some times just get too tired or lazy to meal prep for the week, and that’s completely normal because I’ve got those days too. With Lean Bento, there’s no need for us to worry about our diets any more because they’ve got all our macros covered, and provides a range of Low Carb or High Protein meals for you gym junkies, IIFYM-ers and for everyone who wants a cleaner alternative for your meals.

I love the concept of Lean Bento because people tend to have the misconception that clean food is boring, tasteless, and filled with dry chicken boobies; yet Lean Bento proves otherwise by whipping up flavorful gluten-free, low calorie and a varied meal. They even have guilt-free desserts like their Protein Muffin! Now there’s no excuse for us to fuel our bodies with junk, eh?

The Place
Photo 28-4-15 11 45 45 am

Situated in the pretty rundown and oldish building of The Arcade, Lean Bento is hard to miss with its sharp lighting and modern interior – a stark contrast from its neighbors. With all their meals packed in a bento, and ready to be taken away, the cafe does not have a large seating capacity, with only 4 tables, probably a 25-seater at best! Photo 28-4-15 11 44 37 am

The Food
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Lean Bento will be the place for you to go if you’re counting your macros and calories because they are all listed out on their menu. A concept which I hope to see many other cafes or eateries adopt because that will just be so convenient to enter on My Fitness Pal! Photo 28-4-15 11 09 40 am We ordered from the High Protein menu – Parmesan Chicken ($11.90) and Low Carb menu – Shoyu Salmon ($13.90).  The nutrient breakdown can be found on the slips of paper on the bento as well. Both bentos differ in terms of their protein, however the sides were the same! The salmon was delicious with the seasoning, and the parmesan chicken is served in 3 meat patties. The chicken breasts (we suppose) are minced and formed into patties to tenderize it, so that it does not appear to be as tough as what chicken breasts can some times get! A really delightful dish, and there was no way it resembled chicken breast!Photo 28-4-15 11 13 22 am They came with 3 brown rice balls, which are specially chosen because brown rice is less processed than white rice, contains complex carbs and hence more fibers, this aids in digestion, and also lowers blood sugar amongst the other benefits. Low calorie vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and Wakame (only 5kcal per serving!), with a perfectly cooked shoyu egg and some mushrooms are the other side dishes to go along with your protein. Photo 28-4-15 11 22 43 am When I say perfectly cooked shoyu egg, it IS perfectly cooked. Look at that yolk. Mmmmm PUT THAT IN MY RAMEN THANKS.

For desserts, we had to try their high protein muffin – The Melon Cheese Muffin ($4.90)
Photo 28-4-15 11 33 37 amHonestly I was expecting to taste the protein powder after taste like all the other high protein dishes I’ve tried to make. However this had no hint of protein powder, and it tasted as delicious as a normal muffin. You wouldn’t have guessed that they are any different if you tried this because they were just as moist and as flavorful. We were really impressed. The melon included in the muffin was a little too sweet though!

Closing Remarks

It is very difficult to find a place in Singapore that serves up clean, gluten free and halal food all at one spot, and Lean Bento manages to do just that. Even though I’ve to say that the prices may be a little on the high side, it is worth the price because the bento was very filling and there were generous amounts of everything! Well… Maybe not a everyday affair, or your wallet will go on a diet together with you.

I would love to try their version of the noodles, because there is definitely no where we can find low carb LAKSA in Singapore. If you’re wondering how noodles can be low carb, they probably used shirataki noodles which are less than 15g net carbs, which has a texture that I really like! I’m speaking from personal experience here, but they are most likely using such noodles, with a unique twist to the usual unhealthy hawker fare! MUST TRY!

How to get there?
11 Collyer Quay, The Arcade
Singapore 049317

Opening Hours
Mondays to Fridays
8am – 5.30pm
Closed on Public Holidays

Instagram: @leanbentocom

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  1. peonyjane peonyjane
    July 9, 2015    

    I was dreaming the last month of my dream to open a bento shop in singapore….
    however how they cook it n how they prepare is very i am a teaching people how to eat healthily n cook healthily after my daughter is strike w thyroid cancer…
    i went to new zealand to learnt healthy cooking 6 yrs ago that promted me to start my own private healthy chef..
    if you happy to learn …i can teach..
    thank you are great..

    • Aw Aw
      July 28, 2015    

      Hi Im interested!

  2. star star
    February 25, 2016    

    I had diarrhea after eaten their bento yesterday, I think their salmon is not fresh. not gonna visit again.

    • Clara Clara
      February 25, 2016    


      Sorry to hear about that! Have you gave them the feedback?