New Zealand Fair @ Cold Storage

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Photo 20-5-15 9 49 04 amThe Cold Storage New Zealand Food Fair is now on from 18 May to 24 May at Plaza Singapura’s Atrium! Did you know that Cold Storage has 3 to 4 of such food fairs showcasing food from different parts of the world that they do stock up on their shelves?! Well.. I never knew that! But now we all know!

In this showcase, you can expect to find a selection of over 150 delicious fresh products, healthy snacks, interesting ciders, beers and wines, together with free food, wine and cider samplings, where they will find themselves in good hands with the ever-patient promoters explaining their products and also answering any queries. Not forgetting the great offers and discounts at the fair, as well! (:

If you’re familiar with the New Zealand brands, you would be excited to know that Anathoth, New Zealand Honey Co., Harrways, Delisio, Annie’s Fruit Bar, Mother Earth, Monteiths, Ceres Organics, Coral Tree, Flaxbourne and Orchard Thieves ciders will be making their appearance in this fair, and are available at selected Cold Storage outlets!

Here’s what to look out for at the fair and at the stores!
* Prices reflected are what you can expect off the shelves of Cold Storage!

1. Coral Tree Apple Bee Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar Health Drink – $6.50
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The first organically certified apple cider vinegar producer of New Zealand! These are made from a variety of tree ripened organic apples and are naturally fermented in mature oak barrels! What you should expect from each bottle is 100% apple cider vinegar, featuring a perfect blend of apple cider vinegar (of course), NZ honey, water, apple juice and a hint of zesty lime. I feel so healthy drinking this, and did you know that ACV can help in weight loss by prolonging satiety after eating?

2. Abe’s Bagel Crisps – Marmite Flavor ($5.20)
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This is probably the biggest take away for me from the fair, because I’ve now found my all-time favorite snack! Did you know? These bagel crisps are 50% less fat than potato chips and are also free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and MSG!!!! I APPROVE. I feel healthy eating these too.Photo 20-5-15 1 31 40 pm
The marmite flavored one just blew me away with its savoriness and distinct marmite taste. If you’re a fan of marmite, trust me, you’d better stock these up because they are gonna be gone in a day.

3) Harraways Honey Toasted Muesli – $5.95
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The honey toasted flavor featured in the fair is a new product at Cold Storage! Made with quality wholegrain oats toasted with golden brown honey and blended with dried fruits and seeds, it makes oats less boring tasting, like I always find them to be! This would definitely serve as a power packed breakfast or a mid-day snack!

4) New Zealand Honey Co. Manuka Honey UMF 5+ – $43.95
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Manuka Honey has anti-bacterial properties, which is gaining worldwide recognition for its unique healing properties. This yummy honey can be used as a spread on breads, or added to your cooking as a substitute for sugar as a healthier option! Mmm..

5) Kiwigarden Apple Slices – $7.65
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These apple slices are JUST APPLES! Using quality apples like the Royal Galas, Pacific Queen, Fiji etc. apples, they are sliced with their skins to preserve the nutrients and then freeze dried to retain their natural flavors, vitamins and minerals.
Photo 20-5-15 12 41 20 pmThis applies to their other products as well! Moreover, there are no preservatives or flavorings, and they are all naturally sweet, and what’s more, they are gluten free! A great healthy, natural and low-calorie snack! I personally loved the Banana and Honey Yogurt Drops which has textures like the banana, and it feels almost like having bananas but in the shape of little drops!

6) Bluebird Delisio Gourmet Caramelized Onion and Balsamic Vinegar Chips – $3.95
Photo 20-5-15 9 56 55 am
Made from PREMIUM quality NZ potatoes, these chips are of the perfect crunch! The Caramelized Onion and Balsamic Vinegar is the latest flavor of Bluebird Delisio’s chips! Do try the other flavors as well, like the Sweet Chili Relish and Green Tzatziki! All of which are light and flavorful, a very delightful snack!

7) Orchard Thieves Blackberry and Elderflower Cider – $6.90
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Best served with a tall glass of ice, this blackberry and elderflower flavor is the newest flavor from Orchard Thieves. I thought this was a perfect thirst quencher, and something I would definitely look forward to after a meal! YUM!

8) Ceres Organics Raw Tropical Fruit Bar – $4.35
 Photo 20-5-15 10 04 27 amYet another natural and healthy to-go snack! Ceres Organics bars are packed with wholesome organic goodness of raw superfoods like coconut and chia seeds! Not only a convenient snack, these are also vegan, grain-free, soy-free and paleo friendly! Here’s another one for you, my health conscious friends!

9) TastyPot Co. Soup – $6.99 and Dad’s Pies – $4.99
Photo 20-5-15 10 53 27 am2 of the BETTER tasting instant food of all time. TastyPot Co. Soup are made up of 100% natural ingredients that are low in saturated fat and high in fiber. Besides its convenience of being ready to eat (microwave on high for 75s), these pots of soups pack LESS THAN 500 CALORIES! What a great diet food!

Dad’s pies is yet another convenient and wholesome meal! Simply pop it into the oven and heat at 180 degrees for 18 minutes for a crispy finish, otherwise you could do a real quick one by popping them with the packet on, in the microwave for 3 minutes on high! How easy is that??! Besides, most of these pies are less than 500 calories, I simply can’t believe it! There are even dessert pies like the Apple and Cinnamon pie for all you sweet tooths!

10) Nature’s Best Farm Fresh Eggs – 6 for $7.95 | 10 for $12.95
Look at the orangey yolk! I’m hungry looking at these already! These aren’t ordinary eggs! These are eggs that have come from chickens that are left to roam stress free in HUGE barns! Besides the new-found freedom, they are also fed on a high nutrient multigrain feed with added protein and calcium to assist in growing healthier and stronger hens! Happy chickens = AWESOME eggs = Happy us, goes a long way right? What’s more, these amazing eggs are NOT subjected to hormones, antibiotics or any other growth enhancers! They are definitely perfect for a quick meal or a good breakfast!

11) JAZZ Apples – $1.40 each
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These HUGE, juicy and crunchy apples are NOT genetically modified, but are a cross varietal between the Royal Gala and Braebum varietals! They are the product of good genetics and really hardworking bees, which spend a lot of time and effort to allow cross pollination to occur!

Here are the other items that are available at the fair and in stores too!
Photo 20-5-15 11 08 06 am Photo 20-5-15 11 13 23 am Photo 20-5-15 10 44 44 am Photo 20-5-15 10 22 10 am Photo 20-5-15 9 49 43 am Photo 20-5-15 9 49 30 am Photo 20-5-15 9 48 51 am

If you do not have time to pay this fair a visit on its last day tomorrow, here’s a list of 24 stores, which are currently carrying the full range of New Zealand Products! Now you no longer have to worry about where to get your NZ fix!

  1. Cold Storage Jelita
  2. Cold Storage Holland Village
  3. Cold Storage United Square
  4. Cold Storage Northpoint
  5. Cold Storage Takashimaya
  6. Cold Storage Bugis Junction
  7. Cold Storage Parkway Parade
  8. Cold Storage Guthrie House
  9. Cold Storage Novena Square
  10. Cold Storage Compass Point
  11. Cold Storage Cluny Court
  12. Cold Storage Vivo City
  13. Cold Storage Kallang Leisure Park
  14. Cold Storage West Coast Plaza
  15. Cold Storage Tampines One
  16. Cold Storage Serangoon NEX
  17. Cold Storage Siglap Village
  18. Cold Storage Causeway Point
  19. Cold Storage Great World City
  20. Cold Storage Eastwood
  21. Cold Storage Plaza Singapura
  22. Cold Storage West Mall
  23. Cold Storage Tripleone Somerset
  24. Cold Storage One KM
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