Review: Beesket (Singapore)

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With the springing up of bingsu and korean fried chicken outlets at a tremendous rate of late on our little island, it is almost like a Korean food invasion on our shores! Beesket, the latest drink outlet, is following hot on the heels of their Korean counterparts, and has already opened 2 outlets (Changi City Point and 321 Clementi Shopping Mall) here in the past 1.5 months!

Originating from Korea, Beesket is a D.I.Y juice bar that gives their consumers a chance to customize their own healthy juices with a choice of 30 out of the 39 different fresh fruits and vegetables (dependent on the availability of a particular fruit/vegetable) each day! That makes up to ALMOST 5,000 possible combinations catered to each individual! (Permutation was my favorite subject in secondary school, not)

Oh, you would think that they would give you a list of fruits, for you to choose your combinations eh? No. That’s so 90s please. Hahaha! Beesket, the amalgamation of the 2 words, Bees + Basket, you are expected to work as hard as the bees to collect nectar from the different fruits/vegetables that you desire, before they help you pollinate them. At Beesket, besides the pre-set recommended juices and teas, if you decide to go for the Beesket Original – D.I.Y Juice Blend ($5.90), you’ll first be handed a little red basket, shaped in a cute little honeycomb!

You’ll go around this area to pick out 3 of your favorite fruits/vegetables ranging from apples, bananas, grapes, to kale, red cabbage, broccoli and yam!
Photo 28-5-15 3 57 49 pm Here are the wide variety of choices I’ve mentioned before!Photo 28-5-15 3 57 59 pmThis is how one of the honeycomb would look like, with the calorie count, and the micronutrients they are rich in! Definitely a place for all health conscious individuals! Pick one of these capsules if you desire!
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI’ve got my combination! 3 of my favorite fruits altogether: Raspberry, Kiwi, Banana! YUM!

This is not the only awesome thing about Beesket! These individual capsules has chips in them to provide read-outs and calorie counts + nutritional values for the juice combination in each cup! Simply place your basket on the counter, and a screen will flash these information! You could probably change your mind if your juice exceeds your allowed caloric intake for the day! Hehe! How cool is that! Photo 28-5-15 7 53 00 pmThis is the little print-out you’d receive along with your blended juice!

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TADA! This is my proud concoction!

These features of the ordering system have already got me so impressed and excited, but wait, THAT’S NOT ALL. While picking my capsules, I was actually trying to avoid picking all the citrusy fruits, as I was afraid that it would be too sour for my liking. If you’ve similar concerns as I do, not to fret, JUST ORDER ONLY! Why? Because in every Beesket drink, it contains FRESH fruits (NOT cheater fruit purees, we actually saw a grapefruit being stripped of its skin and thrown into the blender), and while there are no sugar, additives or flavorings added, each mix includes a spoonful of Beesket Fruit Nectar – an all natural fruit extract made from EIGHT different fruits!! This Fruit Nectar helps to balance out the acidity in the drink, and you won’t be left in a puckering mess even if you decide on a mix of lemon, orange and grapefruit! Oh, but if you prefer something sour, opt to go without the nectar!

There are 4 ways in which you can enjoy your Beesket Fruit Juices:
1) Beesket Original – D.I.Y Juice Blend (Mentioned above)
2) 100% Natural Blended Juice – Pre-selected cold juice
3) 100% Natural Squeezed Juice – Pre-selected cold pressed juice
4) Natural Fruit Tea – pre-selected HOT juice (definitely the first I’ve encountered!)

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From left: Pinebanana ($5.40), Kale and Green Grape ($6.40), Yam Honey ($6.40)

100% Natural Blended Juice (Cold)
You can choose from 5 combinations, which have already been pre-conceived for you! Saves you the trouble of stressing out over what to get, and would probably help you beat the queue as well! We tried the Pinebanana, and Yam Honey! I thought the pinebanana was REALLY refreshing, with both the tastes of pineapple and banana shining through in a single sip! However, I was not quite a fan of the Yam Honey, because I just don’t really like yam! The rest thought that it tasted like coconut though! So, it’s probably worth a try!

100% Natural Squeezed Juice (Room Temperature)
These are the cold-pressed juices! Pear and Ginger ($5.40), Kale and Green Grape ($6.40), Carrot and Apple ($5.40) and Celery Pineapple ($6.40) are the combinations in this category! The Kale and Green Grape surprised us with how delicious it tasted, and there was no single bit of vegetably taste (y’know what I mean) in them! The Fruit Nectar added probably helped to get rid of that green taste! What a great way to meet your nutritional needs through the juices!

Natural Fruit Tea (Hot)
This is the first time I’ve heard of a hot fruit juice. Beesket does this by heating the juices through a steamer very gently to ensure that the nutrients and enzymes are preserved and not lost through denaturation due to heat! (I’m a proud biology student.) A great option for those who are craving or in need of a hot drink, some thing which we are not able to find at any juice places eh? Their hot drinks include the Pear Ginger Tea ($5.40), Green Grape Tea ($5.40), Grapefruit Tea ($5.90) and Honey Lemon Tea ($4.90)!

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The pear ginger tea has a strong ginger taste, but the bitterness is being balanced out by the sweetness from the pear! It isn’t really THAT bad, ginger lovers will LOVE this, and it makes you feel healthy too!

Besides the Ginger Pear Tea, we also had the Green Grape Tea, which was amazingly good! Totally surpassed my expectations! The fresh taste of grapes and the soothing warmness of the tea, BEST in a cold weather, and lovely with a book too!

Closing Remarks

I LOVED BEESKET, and I would definitely return to try the different combination of juices! I loved the customization aspect of Beesket, which makes my juice drinking experience more fun! Besides, they have their caloric count for all their drinks, and that is pretty awesome, because I’m WEIGHT conscious like that. HAHA! I thought the drinks were pretty affordable for its quality and taste, and it is a concept that would inject some fun to the otherwise mundane and stressful juice ordering experience at hawker centers. Photo 28-5-15 3 56 22 pm And even kids can do it too! It is also a good way to force them to eat their greens, because this cute little boy could only reach the Kale capsule, and probably loves green, filled his basket with 3 kales! HOW ADORABLE!

In July 2015, Beesket will be launching their loyalty card program where customers will be able to top up a stored value in their cards to facilitate their experience at Beesket! 2 different colors will be available, Pink for the ladies and Grey for the men! I know I’m excited, are you?

How to get there?
Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Singapore 486038

321 Clementi Mall
Singapore 129905

Opening Hours
10.30am – 9.30pm daily

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