Review: OMB! – Oh My Bacon! @ Dunlop Street

Bacon Bomb (Promotional serving at $14, UP. $28 for full serving)

All you bacon lovers (multiple meanings involved, if you get what I mean), I can hear your dream date bacon-ing, because here comes a bacon-centric cafe, FINALLY. Oh My Bacon! prides themselves with serving bacon as the star in MOST of their dishes, and even desserts! I can hear some of you say “EWW!”. Bacon and desserts, what? Trust me, you’d want to try this.

The Place
OMB, located on 7 Dunlop street may not be the most convenient place to get to, but you’d definitely need all that cardio to prepare your rumbling tummies for some bacon. I mean, a lot of bacon. IMG_1313 Not only does the sound of the place excites me, the space they occupy was also something that has impressed me as well! Spanning across 2 units, with clear windows for the natural light to shine through, coupled with the turquoise dominant furniture, I was already bought over from the moment I stepped into the cafe. IMG_1317 They do also have some items on sale, such as aprons and tote bags with their mascot, the BACON. Really pretty designs but at a not so friendly pricing of $30+ for their items. You’ll see some of the items featured in post as well! IMG_1333IMG_1329 I absolutely loved how this spacious place manages to exude such a cosy and homely vibe, contrary to its appearance. Definitely a great place to chill at with some Bacon strips and there’s free wifi too! (:

The Food
The star of the dishes is obviously BACON, but for non-bacon lovers, you could look at their classic take of the Fish and Chips or the Fowl in Love Again (Chicken). I was looking for a bacon drink though, which I thought it would be pretty awesome and cool, but NOPE. Oh, their coffee beans are from Papa Palheta!

IMG_1337 Iced Mocha ($6.50): The first drink I’ll order at any place I visit, but I was not impressed with this cup of Joe. Doused with too much chocolate sauce, I thought I was drinking their Hershey’s Iced Chocolate. No amount of stirring could get me to mix the chocolate and coffee well. The Hershey’s Chocolate was good, but I asked for Mocha, eh?IMG_1341 Latte ($5): This picture hides my disappointment of not having some pretty latte art on it. Their latte was decent, but not exactly impressive. A little fine-tuning may work, but this does not dampen my expectations for this place, because after all, they pride themselves with Bacon and not COFFEE. A good attempt, but with room for improvement. I’m really excited to start on their mains.

Before I forget, we received amazing service from the staff at OMB! They even gave us a run down on what their menu offered, and that was something which I really appreciated!

1) Carbonara ($15)

Carbonara ($15)

Carbonara ($15)

After listening intently to the run down of the menu, we were all tempted to try the Carbonara ($15), which the staff proudly recommended as it is different from the ones we get from other cafes. Instead of a creamy mess, which tend to leave us feeling gelat 1/3 through the plate, we were presented with this non-creamy version of Carbonara. Apparently this is how the Italians do their Carbonara, according to the staff! I don’t know anything ah, cause I no money to go Italy.

Well.. The verdict was, we were hooked on this pasta! Served with Bacon bits and the al dente pasta, together with eggs and cheese, this dish will definitely satisfy if you’re in the mood for some pastas!

2) Bacon Bomb ($28)

Bacon Bomb (Promotional serving at $14, UP. $28 for full serving)

Bacon Bomb (Promotional serving at $14, UP. $28 for full serving)

When at OMB!, you gotta order their Bacon Bomb! As they were on their last day of the promotion, being kiasu Singaporeans, of course we ordered the $14 serving rather than the $28 one! And I immediately regretted because, I WANTED MORE OF THIS!

This HUGE sausage thingy consisted of pork, beef, and cheese wrapped within bacon slices. The actual portion costs $28 but it is good for 2 persons, or so they say. BECAUSE I think I would finish it all by myself. The only gripe I had about this dish was that they could do more with the cheese. The cheese was almost absent in this dish. Could you imagine cheese oozing out of this bomb? Visually pleasing and will definitely please my tastebuds. A great combination, and they should be very proud of this creation!
See! Good service right? Help us to hold and suck in tummy so that picture can look pretty! HAHA!

IMG_1326 Bacon SCONES. Nope we didn’t try this, but this looks absolutely amazing! Besides, can someone please help me try their cheesecake? Because they looked absolutely gorgeous and looks like a PIE, instead of the usual cheese cakes we see in cafes!
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Bacon Brownie ($4.50), with Vanilla Ice Cream ($8)/ Bacon Ice Cream ($9): Eh, just pay the extra $1 to get bacon ice cream. Enough said. Hahaha! It may sound weird to you, BACON BROWNIE. But trust me, it is not as weird as it sounds. Bacon bits embedded in the REALLY chocolatey brownie. I could not exactly taste the bacon in the brownie, as it was being overwhelmed by the thick, luscious chocolate smeared atop of the chocolate brownie, but the sweet-savory combination was definitely on point!

I simply loved how everything just blended so well with each other, and oh, that reminded me of the Jekyll & Hyde. Bacon strips dipped in dark and white chocolate, which we didn’t order cause I was feeling fat as usual. I can totally imagine how amazing it would taste, and really please eat them for me guys! They are right, PASSION IS BACON. Please feast on this brownie with your eyes right now.

Closing Remarks

I thought the idea of having a bacon-inspired cafe was absolutely genius, because after all, bacon is THE universal favourite food eh? How do you even hate on bacon? Can you even? I can’t. If you do, I’m judging you. Go have some fish and chips.

Hahaha! OMB! has got its creations right, and the possibilities with bacon is really endless, as we all know it! Hence I see great potential in OMB! in this scene, despite its not-so-convenient location. Even though there may be some fine-tuning to do with some of its dishes and COFFEE, this is definitely a place I would return, and bring my friends along for its ambience and food!

How to get there?
7 Dunlop Street
Singapore 209337

Nearest MRT Stations: Bugis and Little India
Nearest Bus Stop: 07529 Bef Sim Lim Tower
Bus No.: 64, 65, 130, 139, 139, 147, 857

Opening Hours
Tue – Fri:
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Sat – Sun:
10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Instagram: @OMBSG

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