Mothers’ Day Special: Din Tai Fung’s Culinary Workshop and High Tea!

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I know this post is a little late, but no matter how late it is, it’ll always be in time for Mother’s Day next year as Din Tai Fung organizes a Culinary Workshop and High Tea session for you and your beloved mothers every year for Mother’s Day! Hehe! Just to prepare you for next year’s Mother’s Day celebration, and entice you to take part in this amazing workshop, here’s a rundown of my experience this year!Photo 8-5-15 2 45 14 pmThis year’s culinary workshop is held in the outlet at Seletar Mall, the newest addition to the chain of DTF outlets in Singapore! That makes… their 19th branch here!

Every sign-up not only assures you of a whooping fun time, learning how to make XLB from the master chefs in the DTF kitchen, delicious food for the high tea, it also entitles you to a goodie bag worth more than $50!Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset The goodie bag consists of an apron, DTF pen, flask, notebook, some products from their sponsors, like facial products, honey and also a box to store your very own handmade XLB! Photo 8-5-15 2 43 09 pm Each table has been prepared a XLB making kit, with all the ingredients and tools needed to fold your XLBs. The balls of stuff on tiny plates are red bean paste, to my dismay. Cause I thought they were chocolate and nearly popped the entire thing into my mouth.Photo 8-5-15 2 46 03 pm Here’s my “omg this one is your sister ah?”- looking mum. She was initially a little reluctant to knead the dough and all because of her PRECIOUS nails, which she spends 5 hours every 2 weeks to get someone to do it for her. But, she eventually got so immersed in kneading and folding the XLB that she forgot about her nails!

This year, DTF has invited Desmond Koh to host the event. Here’s a selfie he took with us, which my mum did not hesitate much to upload it on her instagram, and got so happy that she gained 7 likes for this photo on Facebook.
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Upon hearing Desmond’s voice in real life, I was all like WALAO EH! No wonder he’s a DJ and an emcee, cause shit, that was the best and smoothest sounding voice I’ve ever heard in my life. Listening to him made me feel bad about my own voice.

The first part of the event was watching the chefs who have all undergone at least 15 months of training just to perfect the 18-folds of the XLB, demonstrate the folding of this delicate bao. And then, it was hands on session!
Photo 8-5-15 4 02 34 pmThis pair of nimble hands belongs to chef himself, and easily did the 18-folds so swiftly, I was left flabbergasted. Wow. Just wow.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Mrs “omg my pretty nails” got to work pretty quickly, shoving her housewife skills all over my face. Okay, maybe not, cause she has been a tai tai since 10 years ago, never do housework for 10 years already. But she still got skillz, with the kneading and folding.
Photo 8-5-15 4 12 35 pm Here’s me, trying very hard to achieve my most demure and delicate self. Obviously failed as the chef simply laughed at how clumsy I was with my fingers.Photo 8-5-15 4 12 47 pm She really damn pretty. What the hell. I’m really picked up from the rubbish bin. The best take away from this program was looking at this smile on her face throughout the event, and really getting to spend time with her doing something we’ve had never had the chance to do before. It was really fun and meaningful, for us, at least.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetForeground, presenting to you Chef’s masterpiece, background, OURS. ALMOST there. Got potential.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetGleeful me with my QUITE there XLB. Actually looks quite legit what.

After which, we cleared up and it was time for HIGH TEA! The dishes served were shared amongst a table of 4. There was enough food to get around, so don’t worry about that!
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These were the 10 dishes we got to enjoy for the High Tea segment of this event, and it was indeed really filling. The quality of DTF dishes never fails and, my mum and I walked out of this place feeling closer than ever before. Even though we were already very close to start with. HAHA!

Thank you Din Tai Fung for the invite and this opportunity for me to do something with my mum on this Mother’s Day. It was by far the most meaningful time that I’ve spent with my mum, and definitely an eye opener to learn how to knead and make XLB on our own. I’ll definitely recommend this activity to any one who’s interested and not to worry, I’ll remind you guys about this when the opportunity arises again! Till then!

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