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Being a social drinker, and one who spends more nights at the basketball court/gym than bars, I honestly thought that Harry’s was just another place for drinks and very regular bar bites, like fries, wings and sotong balls. Boy, was I very, very wrong. And also a huge toad in a well, a very deep one. Since last year, Harry’s has introduced an all-new food menu that serves from gourmet Small Plates to Big Plates. This time, they have launched an UPDATED menu that showcases 50 dishes, complete with very helpful beverage pairing tips, especially for someone like me! If you’re looking for a swanky good time, with a good beer in one hand, and a fork of European comfort food on the other, Harry’s definitely a place for you!

The Place
Photo 4-6-15 6 47 15 pmI was invited to Harry’s newest outlet at Clarke Quay, which is located just in front of the pretty fountain, and along the stretch where the well-known Hai Di Lao is! This outlet sports a Traveller’s theme, marked by a well-trodden bicycle sitting right at its entrance. Its brown and deep blue hues, together with the sleek light fixtures and memorabilia in line with the theme, felt like an entirely different place from the hustle and bustle of the activities happening right outside their bar. A perfect respite, I would say.On Google Virtual Tours, contact The Red Marker.

The Food

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Small Plates

The new additions to the menu include:
1. Fish Cracklings ($13++)Photo 4-6-15 7 25 04 pm Crisp-fried fish skin tossed in a proprietary spice mix, serve with aioli. Guess which fish did they shave the skin from? … Aiya you wouldn’t have guessed it. It’s EEL! Not to fret and don’t go all squirmish on me because this doesn’t taste any different from any other kind of crispy fried fish skin you’ve tasted, except this was BETTER. The spice mix gives these cracklings a more flavorful punch, and together with the aioli dip, it was a match made in heaven. I would gladly munch on plates and plates of these while watching my Arsenal game on the big screen.

2. Chirpy Chips ($14++)Photo 4-6-15 7 26 39 pm Thick cut fries sprinkled with savory chicken floss and served with curry mayonnaise. Well well.. This was definitely my first time having fries with chicken floss, and it was YUM. Besides, the curry mayo beats MCD’s curry sauce hands down. This tastes so comforting, and oh so homely.

The other NEW additions include: House Baked Charcoal and Onion Ciabatta ($14++) with Imam Bayildi – a middle eastern eggplant dip with raisins and onions, Chicken and Beef Satay ($18++), Sweet Potato Chips ($14) – sweet potato fries with a creamy ranch dip. Of course, you just can’t neglect the oldies on the menu because old is gold.

3. Harry’s Signature Wings ($13 for 6 pcs | $19 for 10 pcs) Photo 4-6-15 7 32 02 pmWhen in doubt, just go for their wings. You won’t regret it. Perfectly fried wings dressed in their secret spice and with homemade chili jam. Don’t worry, they’ve modified the heat levels, and this won’t leave you gasping for air and gulping a dozen glasses of water. A damn good choice, I would say!

Sharing Platters
A perfect choice to go to if you’re having a couple of beers with a group of friends! Indulge in The Harry’s Seven ($36++), which features all of Harry’s favorites – Wings, Crab and Potato Cakes and Beer Battered Prawns among others! An all-time favorite would also be their rendition of the Italian-inspired classic flatbread, because Pizzas are just so… uncool. HAHA!

1. Sassy Satay ($22++)Photo 4-6-15 7 57 00 pm Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset A play on the local flavors, this flatbread comprises of a peanut sauce bas topped off with grilled chicken satay pieces and finished off with pineapples and cucumbers. This tastes EXACTLY like a deconstructed satay dish. Besides, I really enjoyed this because this was less doughy, and hence less filling than a pizza, and accentuates the flavors of its toppings.

2. Truffle and Mushroom ($23++) Photo 4-6-15 8 23 51 pmThis is definitely not new on the menu, but we ordered it just because we could not resist the heavenly combination of truffle and mushroom! Absolutely fragrant and addictive, I nearly wiped the entire platter all by myself!

Big Plates
This category encompasses salads, pastas, steaks and burgers. If you haven’t had dinner, this is the page you should be looking at! The new salad offering include the Crabmeat Caesar King ($21++), which presents romaine lettuce salad tossed with crabmeat, bacon crisps, croutons, eggs and parmesan cheese! While the new burger offerings include a Jalapeno Chicken Burger ($18++) and a vegetarian Portobello Mushroom Burger ($19++)! We tried:

1. Beef Straganoff ($22++) Photo 4-6-15 8 14 48 pmThis was THE BOMB. This consists of slices of grilled beef cooked with penne pasta, and a damn addictive cream sauce, which left me wanting for more and more. They were generous with their ingredients, and although they had cream sauce for their base, it did not leave me feeling jelat!

2. Chicken Masala ($23++) Photo 4-6-15 8 08 37 pmAn aromatic pot of house-made curry served with toasted charcoal bread, with a generous portion of chicken in the pot.Photo 4-6-15 8 10 21 pmA good change from the usual bar bites we get at bars, and it would definitely warm and satisfy hungry bellies.


Wow. I didn’t know bars served desserts! I thought beers were their appetizers, mains and desserts!

1. Baked Chocolate Cake ($16++) Photo 4-6-15 9 01 37 pmThis is a warm molten lava cake laced with rum and served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry bits. One of the better lava cakes I’ve had, with the rich chocolate sauce, and the hint of rum in it. Mmm.. That price though. It definitely makes me think twice about ordering it!

2. Sticky Date Toffee Pudding ($14++) Photo 4-6-15 8 53 03 pmThe usual sticky date pudding served warm with toffee sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. This will please any toffee lovers because the taste of toffee was very distinct in this one! The sticky date pudding can be improved in terms of its textures though! This was slightly crumbly, but the combination of hot and cold never fails! (: Lastly, Harry’s has also came up with a Toffee Apple Crisp Tart ($14++), which sounds incredibly delicious with the thinly sliced apples on a crisp pastry drizzled with salted caramel sauce and finished with vanilla ice cream!

Photo 4-6-15 6 58 09 pmIn terms of their drinks, they have launched NEW Celebratory Drinks which features the likes of Bank Breaker ($12++) – shot of muskmelon liqueur, whisky and soda, and B52 ($12++) – A flaming shooter of coffee liqueur, Baileys and Grand Marnier. Mmm.. I would love to have a shot of that!

Closing Remarks
I am definitely surprised by the extensive offerings found on Harry’s menu! Besides, unlike the other bars I’ve been to, they certainly do serve up quality and delicious dishes, and not just the run of the mill kind of offerings!

For its price point, Harry’s portions are good for sharing, if you’re just feeling a little peckish. Thank you for giving me yet another place to suggest to my friends for our occasional late night meet ups with good drinks and even better food!

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