Review: Kow Loon Hong Kong Dim Sum

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The places that strike me when someone says GOOD and AFFORDABLE dimsum, are places we all have heard a thousand times over, like Swee Choon, Mongkok Dimsum, and Yi Dian Xin. However, all these places have one thing in common – exclusivity. They tend to be a little difficult to get to without your own transport, or they have really early or late opening hours, which means you can’t get your dimsum fix all day.

I know. I feel you, all you dimsum lovers. It’s like so UGH. When I heard about Kow Loon Hong Kong Dim Sum, I was initially skeptical because it is located at neighborhood coffeeshops, which have been stereotyped by me of being just so-so, and even ugh. As usual, I was wrong. I think I’m always wrong lah. Damn judgmental that’s why.

The Place

Located amongst the neighborhood coffee shops, Kowloon Dimsum has 3 outlets altogether – Kovan, Ang Mo Kio and United Square. I visited the United Square outlet, and I was amazed to see the perpetual queue that this humble little dimsum shop had at the food court! Photo 15-6-15 6 44 38 pm As a true blue Singaporean, got queue means confirm good. Haha!

The MenuPhoto 15-6-15 7 45 56 pmPhoto 15-6-15 7 46 02 pm DO note that the prices here are a little steeper than the other outlets due to the rental costs, and they might be shifting out of United Square soon!
The Food

We ordered a spread fit for a king. But, there were 2 of us, so technically we aren’t over eating. First up, we had the classic dimsum dishes, Hargao and Siew Mai.Photo 15-6-15 7 03 23 pm The hargao had succulent prawns in them, although the skin may be a little thick. This was the problem we encountered with many of their other dishes, with the slightly thicker than usual skin. We have given our feedback to the very amicable owner, and I guess we can all expect greater dimsum from them!Photo 15-6-15 7 03 48 pm This siew mai was one of the better ones we’ve had. Tasty and juicy, the kind of siew mai I love!Photo 15-6-15 7 04 03 pm Chee Cheong Fun. Kow Loon has 3 variants of their Chee Cheong Fun and 2 of which features their fresh shrimps and enoki mushrooms! This was one of my favorite dishes here because the soy sauce was light, and everything about this dish was just so comforting and flavorful!Photo 15-6-15 7 05 07 pm They are not stingy on their ingredients as well! This one features the enoki mushroom, the first I’ve ever had!Photo 15-6-15 7 23 22 pm Crystal Dumplings, which I thought had rather awesome ingredients like the shredded radish, which adds to the texture and moisture within. However, this suffers the same problem as the hargao with its skin being a little too much for us to handle!
Photo 15-6-15 7 23 37 pmThe XLB from here failed to impress me unfortunately, due to the lack of soup. The owner then later explained that this was made for their elderly customers who are unable to eat fatty meat, and hence, the lack of soup.

Fried Dishes
Photo 15-6-15 7 07 09 pm Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling had succulent prawns in them, the amazing crunch from the prawn and crispness of the skin was done just to perfection! Photo 15-6-15 7 08 06 pmGuo tie lacked the juices, however, the interior was still bursting with flavors! I LOVED IT!!!

Here comes the favorite part of the meal: LIU SHA BAO! Photo 15-6-15 7 12 22 pm This was one of the BEST custard baos I’ve had! The interior was not too sweet and the buns was so fluffy, I DIED! Photo 15-6-15 7 13 25 pmLook at the perfect flow!

Closing Remarks

Kow Loon Dim Sum is definitely worth a visit because of its convenience and affordable dim sums! Even though some of the food may not be up to standards yet, but the owner is very sincere about improving the food. Sincere service, and not forgetting the fact that Kow Loon dimsum also hires individuals from MINDS – compassionate, sincerity and the willingness to improve their food is always something that I appreciate where ever I’m eating.

How to get there? 

BLK 151, ANG MO KIO AVE 5 #01-3030, Singapore 560151
BLK 210, HOUGANG STREET 21, Singapore 530210

Opening Hours

7am to 9pm, daily


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