Review: Saveur Art @ ION Orchard

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The guys who have made quality French and Italian food affordable for us, have now made upscale dining a little more affordable as well. That’s good news for all of us who are racking our brains to impress our dates, eh?

The men behind Saveur and Concetto, has came up with their lesser known new concept, Saveur Art at ION Orchard just last year. When I see Saveur, I just see quality, yet really affordable food. Indeed, Saveur Art has brought the out-of-reach experience of fine dining for students like me, closer. And I was well taken aback by the really generous portions of food, and their intricate plating. SO PHOTOGENIC! *squeals*

The Place 

Located on the 4th level of ION Orchard, Saveur Art does not receive as great of a fanfare as Saveur or Concetto because the entire area is generally quiet and the place with the longest queue there got to be Paradise Dynasty. HAHA. Everyone just goes up to level 4 to have paradise dynasty.

The interior of Saveur Art exudes an air of elegance with its warm lights and black tiles. The first time I walked past, I thought to myself, must be one of those atas expensive restaurants I can’t afford. And yet again, I thought wrong. We will see why.

The Menu
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The food here are definitely more expensive than a regular cafe, but if you’re looking for a complete dining experience, or a good meal for any celebration or just a happy day, Saveur Art is definitely one place you should consider.

The Food
Photo 10-6-15 2 30 20 pm  A perfect meal always has wine to go along. Red, white, alcoholic, non-alcoholic, you name it, they have it.


We had 2 appetizers: Egg Confit ($10++) and the elevated version of the all time favorite Saveur’s Pasta ($8++).Photo 10-6-15 2 33 33 pm Egg Confit ($10++): Truffled potato mousseline, 64 degree egg, roasted macadamia nuts and brown butter. This was the definition of comfort food. When it was first served to us, the whiffs of truffle got us squealing like babies to ice cream.Photo 10-6-15 2 35 56 pm After mixing everything in the wooden bowl and breaking the egg, every mouthful was an absolute delight. The myriad of flavors and textures in this bowl was phenomenal. The mushiness of the potato mousseline, which is basically like mashed potatoes, together with the runniness of the egg and the crunch for the macadamia nuts.. An absolute delight. The layers of flavors would just unfold, as if in a production line: Truffle, macadamia, egg and then ending off with a clever spark of brown sugar. Get me another bowl of that, will you?Photo 10-6-15 2 31 36 pm Saveur Pasta ($8++): Chorizo, grilled prawn, chili oil. We all know Saveur’s Pasta from Saveur. The $4 appetizer everyone would order because it’s $4 and it’s really addictive. Photo 10-6-15 2 37 14 pm (1)Saveur art promises to deliver this Saveur Pasta at a more complex level, by adding more texture and flavors into this plate. The addition of Chorizo may have brought just that to this dish, and justifies the elevated pricing, but we thought the original Saveur Pasta had a slighter edge. This plate had too much a drop of chili oil, and the ingredients in this did not seem to come into harmony somehow. Then again, we’ve been told that this was one of their best selling appetizers at Saveur Art. An off day perhaps?


Now, on to the mains. There were 2 that caught our eye almost immediately – Roasted Chicken Breast ($20++) and Grilled Pork Belly ($26++). 2 of my favorite proteins, and yes I loved Chicken Breast since I was a kid, I’m weird I know.
Photo 10-6-15 2 49 51 pm Roasted Chicken Breast with Mushroom Sabayon, Forest Mushrooms and Crispy Chicken Skin. OOOOOOH, everything I love on this plate! I was taken aback by how generous the portions were. Slices after slices of thick chunky chicken breast on the plate, with a pile of mushrooms beneath. WOWWWWW.

I’ve always believed that the true test of a chef is his way of elevating and handling a simple protein like Chicken Breast. We all know that chicken breast can get pretty tough to chew, and really tasteless. I know best because I’m the master of failing in my meal prep. And Saveur Art has impressed me thoroughly with this dish.

Moist, tender chicken breast slices with the fragrant mushroom sauce and the medley of mushrooms – every bite was a delight. And I could eat this all day. Of course, if you’re not a fan of mushrooms, please don’t go for this, because this dish spells mushrooms. The crispy chicken skin was a clever addition to give the dish more crunch. Wow. I want to have this again!

Photo 10-6-15 2 53 58 pm Roasted Pork Belly ($26++) with Artichoke sauce. PORK BELLY! EVERYTHING WITH PORK BELLY IS AWESOME. This dish of pork belly had the perfect ratio of fat to meat, which makes it oh so tender and succulent. Yet again, the portion of this was HUGE. 3 thick chunks of pork belly bound to make you go rubbing your belly with satisfaction. The tanginess of the artichoke sauce also balances out the fat and oil of the pork belly, which some people may find it to be a little overwhelming. But to me, it’s just PERFECT. A great dish to order, and I would gladly go back for these on my next visit!


The most anticipated course of every meal. Chocolate Pistachio ($12++) and Poached Pear ($11++) were our choice. Boy, were we surprised at how well-plated the desserts were!Photo 10-6-15 3 23 15 pm Chocolate and Pistachio ($12++): I’ve no idea what the menu says, but all I know is that, there’s a chocolate fondant, i.e. the chocolate lava cake ball you see in the foreground, pistachio bits, pistachio ice cream, some pistachio biscotti thingy, and popping candy in there. Seriously, just wow.

It could possibly the best dessert I’ve ever had. Everything just tasted as good as it looks, and when combined, wow. I haven’t tasted anything quite like this before. DO order it. And it’s only at $12++. Incredible. Photo 10-6-15 3 24 26 pmPoached Pear ($11++): This had amazing slices of poached pear, vanilla ice cream, some biscuit thingy and slices of brioche. Anything with brioche, I’m sold. It wasn’t as impressive as the Chocolate Pistachio, however it is light, yet decadent. The kind of ending you would go for after a heavy meal because it cleanses your palette and somehow settles your belly! And look at how well plated this is. Seriously, AMAZING.

Closing Remarks

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience at Saveur Art. We were impressed by how they managed to use simple ingredients to create such complex flavors, textures, and then finishing them off in such intricate plating. Each dish is just like a work of art. I would highly recommend Saveur Art to anyone looking for a very affordable semi fine-dining experience, and especially on your first dates, if you want to impress! HEHE!

How to get there?
2 Orchard Turn
Ion Orchard
Singapore 238801

Opening Hours
12pm to 9.30pm daily

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