Review: Applebee’s at CHIJMES

Photo 7-6-15 4 53 18 pm

Photo 7-6-15 3 48 25 pmApplebee’s, the largest casual dining chain in the world, has set its roots in Singapore, initially at TripleOne Somerset, but has now moved on to greener pastures (literally) at CHIJMES.

The Place

Nestled amongst the serene greenery of CHIJMES, located just a stone’s throw away from the ever crowded Prive, I thought Applebee’s has got themselves a damn good location. Quiet, peaceful and overwhelming chillax vibes. Just the kind of atmosphere I’ll like to dine in after work, or during the weekends. Photo 7-6-15 3 53 01 pmThey not only have large seating capacity, both indoors and al fresco, they also have an EXTENSIVE menu to boast. We chose the al fresco seating, despite the afternoon heat, and the scorching sun, for the sake of good pictures of you guys. #truestory #woesofafoodblogger. Thank goodness, the menacing heat from the sun was neutralized by the breeze, as well as portable air coolers. I’d definitely opt for the al fresco dining area the next time for a better view and more relaxing vibes!

The Menu
Applebee’s boasts of the MOST extensive menu, I’ve ever seen, and at jaw-dropping prices. Well, in a good way. I definitely did not expect such affordable price tag at a restaurant like this, and what’s more in CHIJMES!
Photo 7-6-15 4 03 23 pm Photo 7-6-15 4 03 48 pm Photo 7-6-15 4 04 26 pm Steaks and ribs are usually the most expensive dish on the menu right. JUST LOOK AT THIS. JUST LOOK AT IT AND PLEASE PUT YOUR JAW BACK TO WHERE IT BELONGS. Photo 7-6-15 4 04 46 pm Photo 7-6-15 4 04 57 pm Photo 7-6-15 4 05 06 pm Photo 7-6-15 4 05 13 pm Photo 7-6-15 4 05 24 pm They even have dishes that are Weight Watchers approved – A program that is in place in America for healthy or low-calorie foods! These are for the calorie-conscious people out there, or people who are like me – want to eat but scared to get fat.
Photo 7-6-15 4 05 35 pm Photo 7-6-15 4 05 45 pmExtremely affordable lunch combos. Much wow.

The Food

Yes, the food is amazingly affordable but how did they fare really?

We started off our meals with the ULTIMATE TRIOS, the trio of Applebee’s Signature starters! Affordably priced at just $20.90! The portions served to us were minimized because we were afraid that we couldn’t finish them, so.. Yeah. You’ll get more than this! Definitely great for sharing!
Photo 7-6-15 4 37 07 pmWe went for the Mozarella Sticks, Boneless Wings and Fried Calamari! Just your average fare, nothing much to should about, except for the fact that I thought this was really affordable in its actual glory (quantity). I actually liked the boneless wings because I love chicken but hate to eat it with the bone on!

We also went for the Spinach and Artichoke Dip ($9.90), could I possibly recommend this to you and proclaim that it is a MUST TRY here?
Photo 7-6-15 5 02 09 pmThis consists of warm creamy spinach, artichoke and melted parmesan cheese, which is served as a dip to a basket of tortilla chips. I could just munch on this the entire meal. We even got a second serving because this was just SO GOOD. Right amounts of creamy and cheesy, not forgetting those strands of spinach which makes you feel 5 times healthier while eating junk.

For the mains, we went for their signature Double Glazed Baby Back Ribs ($17.90 for full rack, $11.90 for half)
Photo 7-6-15 4 50 50 pm
When this dish arrived at our table, I was stunned like a vegetable. $11.90 for this?! Un-un-un-unbelievable. Crazy prices. The ribs with the chipotle BBQ sauce was well flavored, but it would be 1.32 times better if they were more slide off the bone tender, because it got a little difficult to chew for some parts!

Photo 7-6-15 4 47 32 pm We are suckers for anything unique, and so we were being recommended to their Quesadilla Burger ($13.90)! This is part of their burgers repertoire, except that their patty was wrapped within their cheddar quesadilla instead of your usual buns! Each of their burgers came with Pink (medium rare-ish) and No-Pink (well done) version! The latter was a tad too dry for our liking, and this did not come through for me because the components did not harmonize, and just came through as individual entities! A tad disappointing, but with a little tweak to its wetness, in terms of the protein and dressings would have made it a lot better!

The last main we tried was their Fiesta Lime Chicken ($14.90). Like what I’ve always stood for, a good chef should always be able to make chicken breast taste moist and good.
Photo 7-6-15 4 53 18 pmThis breast was indeed succulent and tender. All 4 of us fought over this. The chicken was amazingly moist, and the addition of the zesty lime sauce boosted the flavors with an extra kick! YUM. We wished the rice was not so dry though, but they definitely honored the star of this dish!

On to the desserts! We went for 2 desserts, okay 4 in total because we ordered every variety of their Dessert Shooters!
Photo 7-6-15 5 48 09 pmFrom left to right: Hot Fudge Sundae ($2.90), Strawberry Cheesecake ($4.90), Chocolate Mousse ($4.90). We thought these were tiny servings but we were very wrong. These were not huge as well lah, but they were bigger than we expected! Quite a refreshing ending, but there was really nothing to shout about! These tasted just like the hot fudge and strawberry sundae from Mcdonalds!

Photo 7-6-15 5 52 40 pmI complained about being full before this was served, only to realize that I lied. Because I couldn’t stop digging into this Butter Pecan Blondie ($9.90). I died, went to heaven and wished I stayed there forever savoring on this! The hot cold combination = WOW. And the rich blondie bite topped with chopped pecan and rich, maple butter sauce, just made me tear, because THIS WAS SO GOOD. YUM YUM IN MY TUM TUM. Go for this if you’ve got any doubt at all!

Oh, oh before I forget, they do have a really wide selection of beverages as well, alcoholic and non-alcoholic!
Photo 7-6-15 4 45 40 pm Photo 7-6-15 4 44 20 pm Sangrias are definitely a great way to wind down after a long day!

Closing Remarks

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the food at Applebee’s! The price line in this restaurant is also ridiculously affordable and they definitely did not scrimp on their quality as well. Of course, there were hits and misses, but I thought that these could be solved with little tweaks here and there! I’l definitely recommend this place for any group gatherings or with friends who are dining on a budget. The amazing ambience and price tags are the greatest draw of Applebee’s!

How to get there?

CHIJMES #01 – 31

Opening Hours
Sunday to Thursday: 11:00 am – 12:00 am
Friday to Saturday: 11:00 am – 2:00 am


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