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Angelina, Paris’ internationally acclaimed patisserie and tea room, has set its foot in Capitol Piazza, alongside dessert powerhouse, Dazzling Cafe! Did you know that Angelina is actually 112 years old? Wow. With the fast changing gourmet scene, such a cafe with a long history must be really something to have survived through these years! Not mentioning the fact that they do also have outlets in major cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Dubai and Doha!

The Place

Located within Capitol Piazza, it is hard to miss Angelina, as they have a take out store right in front of the fountain, directly opposite of the train station. The elegant tea room fits the environment like a glove, with its royal looking wooden furniture, and primly dressed waiters.

There are semi al-fresco like seating, and indoor seats. For those who are looking for a more private and cosy experience, do head on in, lest passers-by start scrutinizing your food and eavesdropping on your conversations in the al fresco area. The arrangement of the seating can get pretty tight, I guess that’s how they are trying to maximize their space to deal with the snaking queue.

The Menu
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The prices on the menu are slightly higher than your usual cafe fare, especially their pastries! That’s probably because I heard that they do actually fly their pastries directly from the Paris tearoom to Singapore everyday! Hence, some pastries may be of limited quantities!

The Food

When at Angelina, you simply can’t leave without having their signature Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate – L’Africain ($12++).
Photo 7-6-15 3 01 18 pmMade from a combination of 3 different kinds of African Cocoa from Niger, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire in the perfect composition, you got to trust me when I say, BOY, THIS HOT CHOCOLATE IS DAMN THICK.

I know, I could almost hear you guys exclaiming, WHAT?! $12++ for a cup of hot chocolate? NO WAY.

I thought so too initially. However, upon my first sip, I knew I would come back for more. While I’ve seen many reviews complaining about how overly thick this hot chocolate is, I thought this was the way a perfect cup of hot chocolate should be. THICK, is an understatement, trust me. If you were to sip it without adding a little cream to this drink, it will feel as if you’re trying to drink a bar of melted chocolate, and it would be pretty difficult to swallow.

However, with the addition of just a little cream, this was a cup made in heaven. Rich, yet with the right amounts of bitter and sweet. I’m sold. I’ll never find a cup as perfect as this in Singapore, and just.. TAKE MY MONEY, ANGELINA. AND MY FIGURE. (uhh what figure? HAHA)

Photo 7-6-15 3 03 44 pm As I’m a broke undergrad, I had to share a main with my dining partner. We went for the Wild Mushroom Risotto ($23++) and I’m thoroughly impressed.

Firstly, I thought the price line was reasonable for the risotto. Secondly, I loved how the risotto was al dente, and the addition to mushroom and the hint of truffle made it all perfect to me. Luscious and creamy. Wow, I’d have gone for a second serving of this. Lastly, the addition of Grana Padano, the crisp looking cheese you see atop of the bed of risotto, gave it an additional savory kick and a crispy texture. I loved every bit of this, except for the fact that the serving was a tad too little for something so good like this. That makes me wonder about how good their other savories might have fared.

Photo 7-6-15 3 17 19 pmWe finished the meal off with one of their pastries, Joséphine ($12.50++). This choux pastry was smothered with smooth Madagascar vanilla cream, and when cut through, lies a mix of raspberry compote and crunchy crumble biscuit. We loved every part of this, especially for the refreshing citrusy goodness from the raspberry compote. *Cues Katy Perry* Because, I kissed a girl and I liked it. HEHE.

However, we have been told of the inconsistencies of this pastry, and in fact, many of their pastries, as there have been more complaints than compliments recently for their pastries! Besides, we avoided their Signature Mont Blanc, because my partner thought it was overwhelmingly sweet in his previous experience, and we saw a table leaving their Mont Blanc untouched after a bite. I guess, that would not really be something you would go for if you’re do not have a sweet tooth!

Photo 7-6-15 2 59 37 pmAs we were there when Angelina has just started its operations in the first week, the waiting time was agonizing, as they seemed to have forgot about our orders. But we were genuinely surprised by their sincerity as they offered us their macaroons as a form of apology. I thought these macaroons were textbook examples, however, there was really nothing to shout about. Then again, it could be because I’m just not a fan of macaroons!

Closing Remarks

I am a fan of the food at Angelina Singapore, despite the stream of criticisms I’ve seen on my Instagram feed by other foodie friends. I guess I was lucky to have ordered the right dishes at Angelina, and after all, everyone’s preferences differ! Their hot chocolate, to me, was mind blowingly superb, and for chocolate lovers, and people who are not watching your weight, really, just try it!

Although the prices may be a tad too expensive, it is a pretty nice place to sit down for a tai tai afternoon, with some good pastries and a hot chocolate. It’s important to pamper yourselves from time to time right? Hehe!

Oh, and if you can’t get enough of their hot chocolate, or their pastries, do head out to the store next to the tearoom itself for your shopping pleasures!
Photo 7-6-15 3 36 47 pmI would have bought a couple of these if I ain’t that fat. #truestory

How to get there?
Capitol Piazza, Capitol Galleria #01-82
15 Stamford Road
Singapore 178906

Opening Hours

Instagram: @AngelinaSingapore

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