MILO Ice Energy – Your Milo Van Recipe!

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Don’t we all miss the days when we get so excited whenever we see the green truck sent from heaven parked on our school compounds and at the end of certain races? It’s like OMG. Nothing can taste better than the milo dispensed from the milo van. No, not even the Milo peng from kopitiam. It’s just… Different. DIFFERENT. Don’t you ever tell me it’s the same.

Different hor?

Yes. I know. I’ve got GOOD NEWS FOR EVERYONE! In commemoration of SG50, the MILO van recipe has finally been made available to us! You can now have your very own milo vans at home, and drink all the milo you want. I don’t know about you, but this is probably the BEST SG50 thing that has happened to me!Photo 29-7-15 10 33 01 am (1)LIKE THIS! But this van not included lah. For illustration purposes only. Photo 29-7-15 10 33 25 am All you have to do is, add FIVE teaspoons of MILO Ice Energy and 150ml of Iced water! Just a heads up, 150ml means 150ml, any more will cause your milo to be bland. Aiya add too much water then just put ALOT more powder lor. There’s no such thing as TOO MUCH MILO POWDER RIGHT?Photo 29-7-15 11 52 59 am MILO Ice Energy comes in a 750g refill pack – this means that it’s not packed in the instant little sachets, the entire pack is just the milo powder!

Available at ALL LEADING SUPERMARKETS starting from 1st August, and don’t say I bojio, for the month of August, enjoy MILO Ice Energy at a promotional price of $7.95 (U.P. $8.95), while stocks last!

Some of you may be wondering what’s the difference between this and the MILO Easy Cool version, i.e. the one where you add the sachet and add cold water to it. To me, I thought that this was a richer version, as the easy cool always tasted a little off to me, and I had to add 2-3 packets all the time! Also, this version dissolves much better in iced water than the former! Be sure to try it when it is out in stores!

This singlish-filled post is in commemoration of SG50, and is sponsored by MILO Singapore! THANK YOU FOR REVEALING YOUR MILO VAN RECIPE! 

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