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Dessert Art with Jasmin Chew at Stell...

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I was thrilled when I received the invitation for this Dessert Art workshop with Jasmin Chew at Stellar! Firstly, that means I would get to meet the really young and talented pastry chef, Jasmin Chew, whom I’ve heard so much about her creativity on the presentation of her desserts, and the amazing flavors as well! […]

A Week in Life of ExplodedKnee

A Week in Life of ExplodedKnee

Ever since I blew out (not up, mind you) my knee, I’m known to everyone around me as Explodedknee, and no longer Explodingbelly. Hence, the title. Even though my belly has been exploding more than before with all that inactivity. This is going to be an extremely long post, because I’ve got a lot to […]

Review: Saveur Art @ ION Orchard

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The guys who have made quality French and Italian food affordable for us, have now made upscale dining a little more affordable as well. That’s good news for all of us who are racking our brains to impress our dates, eh? The men behind Saveur and Concetto, has came up with their lesser known new concept, […]

The Ultimate AFFORDABLE Truffle Dishe...

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I love the smell of truffle. I love the taste of truffle. I want to bathe in truffle oil everyday. Okay no. Yucks. HAHA, but seriously, MOST of us get really excited when we read Truffle <something>. “Most of us”, because I know of people who shun away at the slightest tinge of truffle. Those […]

Because life is unfair lor.

Because life is unfair lor.

“You know it’s not fair that I’ve worked so hard, and everything is just gone in the matter of seconds.” “That’s life. You can earn tons of money, have huge house and a great family, and then you die the next day.” “That’s true. But.. I really worked so hard for this…” “Nothing in this […]