Review: Benjamin Browns @ Forum

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Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery has been around at Forum for 2 years now, yet I’ve never heard of them before ever, until they’ve recently rebranded themselves as The Benjamins and came up with their heart-stopping, eye-catching (and probably blood vessels clogging) Over The Top Milkshakes.

I haven’t heard of them because I’ve visited Forum only once in my entire life.Why? To go to Toysrus. And I never returned because I found out that it’s the same in all toysrus outlets islandwide. No need to go so far. Located a little far off from the main attraction of the Orchard area is Forum, and really, the people I see there are expats, and more.. Expats. But I guess things are going to change now with The Benjamins stepping up their game and probably setting up the milkshake trend here in Singapore.

Do note that this is a hosted meal courtesy of The Benjamins.

The Place
Seriously, The Forum is located at a not so convenient location, just slightly off Orchard MRT. I was grumbling and sweating buckets while strutting my stuff along Orchard Road, past Wheelock place and Far East Plaza, before I got to Forum.

Even then, I was completely lost because The Benjamins was located right at the other end of Forum, just at the entrance/exit where the taxi stand is. Photo 4-8-15 8 28 42 pmAs I stumbled upon the place, I was impressed by how cosy and pretty it looked. It’s like the ideal cafe ambience and setting. Oh so flowery, woody, and homely. Perfect for taking pictures and also sitting around just to chill out.

The Menu
Photo 4-8-15 8 26 07 pm Photo 4-8-15 8 26 24 pm *Note that the prices reflected are on from the previous menu. It has since gone through a revamp, and the prices of the dishes may vary slightly.

The Food

Well.. The Benjamins does not want to be known only for their milkshakes even though it has already taken the Instagram world by storm – bringing all the boys and girls to their yard.

They serve up pretty decent mains as well.

1) 300g Sizzling Beef Chunks ($25++)
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This was served sizzling hot on the hotplate, and made us go “woahhh” with the aroma. Wow just look at those beef chunks. I’m salivating already. Served together with baby potatoes and ratatouille, this dish is really enough to share because it’s gonna be a very filling meal if you were to have this all by yourself!

Our beef chunks varied in its cook – some were overly done while others, under. We attributed this to our negligence because we were too busy taking photos. So now you know, flip your chunks frequently to make sure they are evenly cook. Nevertheless I loved this, because meat. And also it’s well-seasoned. The ratatouille deserves a shout out as well. Yum!

2) 200g Canadian Pork Chop ($25++)
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Wow so fat and chunky. This was well-cooked and really tender as well. Although I thought that this was slightly over seasoned, as it was quite salty. The mashed potatoes though.. Nothing too impressive.

3) The Benjamin Ocean Plate ($26++)
Photo 4-8-15 8 50 55 pm
Ooh, look at that. This Pan seared Salmon with saffron rice and seafood thermidor was the clear winner of the night as everyone fought to finish this plate. Chunky and moist slab of salmon atop of fragrant saffron rice. I preferred the beef though, maybe because I eat salmon for lunch everyday. HAHA!

4) 400g French Duck Confit ($32++)
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Honestly honestly, I thought this fared the worst amongst the mains we’ve tried. Nothing too impressive about this one, and the protein did not stand out to me in its cook or flavors. Besides I thought this dish was WAYY overpriced. I’d rather go to Saveur for a more affordable and better tasting duck confit. The potato gratin was a great distraction from the disappointment from the star of the dish.

Here comes the most exciting part of the post – Over-the-Top Shakes ($16++ each)
Photo 4-8-15 9 30 54 pm (1)
Every cup got me squealing in delight because of its appearance and how sinful it was. We tried 3 flavors:
Nutella Banana
Photo 4-8-15 9 24 52 pm

Just look. Look hard. Look closely. TWO WHOLE chocolate tarts, pretzels, bananas, wafers, biscuits and the smothering amounts of nutella. What in the world. If you’re bulking, go for this. Confirm hit your macros and hit your everything. May even knock you out too. Haha.

Old School VanillaPhoto 4-8-15 9 29 34 pm This cup has all your old school favorites in one. Candy floss, fancy gems, colorful sprinkles, ice cream cone and the huge ass pink thing, which I’ve never eaten before. Eh this was the most outstanding one of all, however, taste wise, this ranked last in our books. The vanilla milkshake was just meh, because it’s just plain vanilla. No oomph to it.

Photo 4-8-15 9 23 42 pmThis is their best seller and indeed so. This was amazingly delicious. I was busy sipping on the other 2 and when I tried this, I just neglected the rest and had this. The avocado blended in coffee gave it a much more creamier texture, and anything with caffeine, bam my favorite! Hahaha! Shiok. This is damn shiok.

Don’t ask me how you’re gonna start drinking these milkshakes because honestly, I don’t know how we did it as well. We strategized. We planned. And in the end we just used our hands and savored each goodie on top of the milkshakes while sipping these sinful ice creams down our throats.

Closing Remarks

The food and drinks at The Benjamins were really decent, and I was very satisfied with everything I had on that night. However, like many, I thought that the prices for their dishes are too high, especially for cafehoppers. I have also told this to them and they are currently revising the prices, and let’s hope that it would be more affordable for commoners like me.

The over the top milkshakes are not just drinks, they are basically sippable desserts. Liquid desserts, if you need a term for it. As usual, the price line for this, gets a little unnerving. $16++ for a glass of milkshake, ah.. That’s tough to swallow (literally as well). I could easily buy a meal, or 2, or even 4 at a hawker, with that amount of money.

Prices aside, the food is really good. And if you have to, get the milkshakes because it’s the in thing now. Haha!

How to get there?
583 Orchard Road
Singapore 238884

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday: 10am to 9pm
Friday and Saturday: 9am to 10pm
Sunday: 9am to 9pm


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