Review: Supermilk @ Tai Seng

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Talk about convenient cafehopping. The Tai Seng stretch might just be the place to go if you’re lazy to travel and yet want to visit many cafes at one shot.

Supermilk joins the gang of 23 Jumpin, The Oven, Caro-mel and MORE at the short stretch of Irving Place, 2 minutes walk away from Tai Seng MRT.

The PlacePhoto 14-8-15 11 38 41 amIn contrast to their dark, tinted exterior, just like many of the cafes on the stretch, the interior of Supermilk left us gaping with anticipation.

Wa this place quite white, minimalistic and quite Instagram worthy ah. They have a decent sized interior, but probably not enough to fit the crazy office crowd on a weekday. I really liked the effort they’ve put into their interior design, which was lacking in the cafes around the area!

The Menu
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We visited them on the 2nd day of their opening and hence, there was the opening special! Very affordable and worth it! I hope they would run the lunch offer forever, because I would love to try out the other dishes on the menu!

There items are priced rather affordablyeven though I was a little disappointed that some of the items, like the bubble waffles were only available on weekends. ):

The Food
Photo 14-8-15 12 02 04 pmThese were the drinks that came along with our set lunch – Apple Juice and Iced Lemon Tea. The much-needed refreshing taste of of our juices and teas aside, don’t you think the cups/flasks/whatever container are just SO PRETTY?! We were fussing over its appearance for a good minute before starting on our drinks.
Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetHazelnut Ice Cream ($3.90) – Supermilk boasts of their homemade ice cream, probably with freshly squeezed milk from the cows they keep in their kitchen, because we waited for 5 minutes for just a single scoop of ice cream. Perhaps it’s just the second day jitters, I definitely hope you don’t have to wait as long as us for our ice cream!

I was surprised to find that as an “Artisan Ice Cream” place, they do not have the ice cream display like what most ice cream parlors do! Perhaps it’s the lack of space but I’d really have loved to pick my ice creams from the display!

Taste wise, I think we would have to once again, give them the benefit of the doubt, because our scoop of ice cream was incredibly sweet. We barely finished 1/5 of the cup. However, we haven’t seen similar comments on their ice creams from the subsequent days, so I guess they have definitely tweaked their recipe, and good job on that!

On to our mains, we ordered 3 of their signature dishes.

1. Oven Baked Chicken Leg ($14.90)
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Look at that LEG. No wonder the server was enthusiastically introducing this to us. So worth it, especially with the Lunch Combo! $12.90 just for this and a drink! The meat was moist and tender, and of course, very filling. I wish they would have a more even marinate though, as some parts tasted a little bland! But still damn shiok!

2. Tunisian Eggs ($13.90)
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Who can resist EGGS. Not me definitely. 24 hour slow-cooked spicy tomato herb sauce, with a side of baguettes. It was tasty, but slightly watery. I was surprised to be pretty full after finishing this. And this dish will definitely be better if they used Merguez sausages, instead of processed hot dogs from NTUC.

3. Sambal Pasta ($12.90)
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The most disappointing dish of the lot. As sambal and heat lovers we 3 were, this did not impress, despite its promising demeanor. The sambal lacked of flavors, and was just mainly spicy. The portion of prawns though. 3 small little shrimps atop a bed of pasta at $12.90, no go.

We saw the other table ordering their burger with charcoal buns, and couldn’t help staring at them a little more, because it looked great. Do tell me how it tastes like, if you happen to have tried it!

Closing Remarks

Supermilk definitely has the potential to survive in the crowded scene on Tai Seng, with its affordable prices and pretty interior. I’m glad they are not serving up the usual brunch menu like Eggs Benedict or Big Breakfasts because there is 23 Jumpin to satisfy our brunch cravings there! As consumers, we want variety and not competition!

I really wish that they would serve up more delicious and unique mains so that we could be spoilt for choice every time we head down to Tai Seng! Hehe!

How to get there?
The Commerze
1 Irving Place
Singapore 369546

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 11.30am to 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9.30am to 11pm

Instagram: @supermilksg

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