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In continuation of the 162-part sitcom of Benny’s birthday (WA SHIT MEANS I HAVE TO CELEBRATE HIS BIRTHDAY 162 TIMES?!), here’s a recount and review of how we celebrated his 27th! Here and Here’s what we did on his 26th!

It was a short celebration this year because of various circumstances, i.e. my explodedknee, which screwed up my initial plans somewhat. However, our spa retreat to the 24 -hour G Spa made up all for it. Yes, a 24/7 spa.

We kick started our day later than usual by doing what Explodingbelly does best – cafehop, to Tian Kee & Co. Finally, after 1.5 years of procrastination.

Photo 23-8-15 4 34 47 pm

But wow, that place is REALLY warm. Like HOT. HUMID. CROWDED. I’ll talk more about them in the subsequent post, so let’s fast forward to our time at G Spa!

G Spa is located at the building, just beside the new outlet of Brawn and Brains! Not the most convenient place to get to, but that also kinda provides the serenity we need from the hustle and bustle along the Geylang stretch. TRY not to be too skeptical when you first encounter the building or start having doubts about being at the wrong place, because chances are, you are at the right spot. The exterior of the building seems really run down, and does not look promising at all. But, please stop being superficial leh. LOOK BEYOND THE BUILDING.Photo 23-8-15 5 49 23 pm

Just take the lift up to the 2nd level.

Photo 23-8-15 5 50 05 pm

And that’s where all of you will start going ooooh ahhh WAAAA.

Photo 23-8-15 5 50 32 pm

WAAA, indeed. Sorry this picture is a little blurred because I really got too excited to head into the spa. SO PRETTY. What dodgy building were you talking about? Haha!

WA HENG, Google Virtual Tours from The Red Marker always saves my ugly shots of the place. PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT. My gosh.

On Google Virtual Tours, contact The Red Marker

For $68 ($58 for members), you get to enter G Spa to enjoy the various facilities for 24 hours! After registration, you’ll then be brought to the changing rooms to keep your stuff in the personal lockers and get changed into your robes! Now, it’s time for you to enjoy everything G Spa has got to offer.

1. SpaPhoto 23-8-15 6 06 22 pm

Hot PoolPhoto 23-8-15 6 07 55 pm

The men’s Spa has a cold pool too, but not for the ladies! This place is really GRAND. Besides the hot pool, there’s a sauna as well.

Photo 23-8-15 6 07 48 pm

Of course showering stalls, and they even provide smaller lockers for your phones and stuff. Everything you need will be in this area – toiletries, disposable underwears, hairdryer, comb, really anything and everything, so don’t worry about forgetting to bring anything over to G Spa! It’s probably as good as home, or better!

Photo 23-8-15 6 18 15 pm

Cold towels are also provided in the mini fridge at the corner of the room.

2. GymPhoto 23-8-15 8 03 40 pm

Not the most extensive gym, of course, but good enough for you cardio bunnies. You could even watch a Live soccer game on the screens while on the treadmill!

3. Relaxation AreaPhoto 23-8-15 8 16 35 pm

This place is actually really dark and chill, I just had to take it with flash, so that you guys can see what’s going on in here! Haha! FREE WIFI, movies, and cable channels at these really comfy seats. I could probably snuggle up in one of these seats and take a snooze. Now, you know which spa you should bring your men to, so that they can wait for you without complaining. Can you imagine, watching a soccer game or movie with free flow food in such a comfortable environment for 24 hours?!

4. Yes, I said FREE FLOW FOOD.Photo 23-8-15 8 16 47 pm

This little shack like looking thing is the counter where you place you can have your drinks at, and also, order your food!

Photo 23-8-15 8 25 01 pm

They also have self-service counters for your dimsums, beverages, and dessert like green bean soup. Uh, the only down side about G Spa is the ugly clothes provided for males.

Photo 23-8-15 6 24 50 pm

Communal dining area, which is a lot cosier and darker than this!

Photo 23-8-15 6 25 07 pm

And here’s the FREE FLOW MENU available 24/7. Hey, did you know that the chef cures his smoked salmon in-house? Wow. And it tasted better than many of the cafes out there. Just wow.

We ordered quite a lot of stuff off the menu, actually. I’m ashamed to show you the amount of food we ate, and I still wasn’t full after that.Photo 23-8-15 8 33 45 pm

Photo 23-8-15 8 35 04 pm

Smoked Salmon Panini with Dill Sauce – The smoked salmon was on point. Generous portions of thick slabs that were not overly salty. They could go a little easier on the dill sauce though. Nevertheless, DAMN SHIOK.

Photo 23-8-15 8 26 49 pm

Dimsum from the self-service counter – Don’t waste your calories. These were actually pretty crappy. Next. Just go for the food on their menu.

Photo 23-8-15 8 22 22 pm

Abalone Fried Rice, was well.. Abalone fried rice. This came with a good serving of shrimps too.

Photo 23-8-15 8 23 26 pm

Bak Kut Teh – I knew I had to order this when I saw it on the menu. I heard it is their “best seller” in here too! I could see why. Flavorful broth, with tender proteins. Hey, they have canned sliced mushrooms in there too! Just the way I like my BKT to be!

Oh the boy ordered Mee Rebus as well. I’m personally not a fan of Mee Rebus, but that dish was bearable, I even thought it was pretty decent, except maybe MORE ingredients in there please!

After this table of food, I was still feeling a little peckish. So we got their daily special – Lamb chop, without the sides, and a tuna salad!

Photo 23-8-15 9 02 19 pm

Photo 23-8-15 9 04 07 pm

Both were YUMS, and I really wanted to try one of every of the dishes on the menu. Haha! Promising, really promising. Free flow of this for an entire day. I CANNOT. I’ll probably gain like 3 kg in a day here.

Additional Services (Top up $)

The prices of all their services and add-ons are available here!

1.MASSAGE, of course.
We enjoyed a 90-minute Gateway to Vitality Massage ($188 for non-members, $155 for members) – A deep tissue massage to release all the knots and tension in our bodies to improve blood circulation. This was one of the best massages I’ve had. Firm and pretty accurate. I’ve had a fair share of torturous massages where the pain was unbearable and the whole session was hell, yet I still feel like crap at the end of the massage. But this was something else.

The masseuse will make you feel relaxed, and at the same time work on all the knots they could feel with their expertise and experience. I enjoyed this thoroughly, and the boy even fell asleep halfway through the massage. The best part? We felt rejuvenated after the massage, and not beat up.

Check out their other massages too, which includes some TCM cupping services!

2. Private RoomsPhoto 23-8-15 6 25 23 pm

They have a variety of rooms available – single, couple and VIP rooms, for booking with an additional charge. I would say go for the VIP room (only VIP rooms go by hourly charges) if you are holding a small party or something! It would be a unique place to hold a birthday celebration actually!Photo 23-8-15 8 18 05 pm

Here’s a look at the interior. There’s a call button to get your orders taken.

Photo 23-8-15 8 18 53 pm

Movies and cable tv available. Desktop computer and a lounging chair. I could sleep here if I wanted to.

These are the only things you will have to pay for, on top of your admission fee, if you decide to enjoy a massage or book a room here at G Spa. $68 for a whole day entry, and the access to all these crazy good facilities? I say, go for it. I don’t think we will be able to find a better deal any where else in Singapore.

If you are looking for a respite, there’s no need to travel out of the country now, because G Spa may just be the place you’ve been looking for! A place to yourself for 24 hours, with unlimited wifi, cable tv, food, and access to the sauna and pools, I can really just live in here. It had truly been an awesome experience for the both of us, and now I know why everyone swears by the fact that G Spa is the best spa in Singapore. I believe that now.

This post is brought to you by G Spa Singapore.

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